2020 NHL Draft Day 2 Open Thread

It’s Day 2 of the 2020 NHL Draft. Yesterday the Rangers shocked no one by taking Alexis Lafreniere with the first overall pick. The Rangers then traded up from #22 to take Brendan Schneider, a pick that did surprise a few.

The Rangers will have 7 picks today:

  • 3rd round (#92)
  • 4th round (#103)
  • 5th round (#134)
  • 6th round (#165)
  • 7th round (#196, #197, #206)

The Rangers do not have a 2nd rounder yet (Adam Fox trade). They also sent one of their 3rd rounders (#72) to Calgary to trade up last night. I’d expect the Rangers to at least try to get into the 2nd round.

Use this as your open thread for the day. Keep it civil, you know the rules.

Update 11:30: The Ottawa Senators have acquired Matt Murray from Pittsburgh for pick #52 and forward Jonathan Gruden.

Update 11:50: Nick Bonino appears to be headed to Minnesota. Bonino with #37 and #70 to Minnesota for Luke Kunin and #101.

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  • Today I expect Gorton to get busy. Unclear if we will grab a draft pick center or make a deal for a more NHL ready Center. I suspect we walk away from today with a real NHL center

  • Look for Buch and D.Smith to be moved today. Unclear what the return will be, but I suspect we get someone ready to be a 3C or a LD.

    • Buch…..Smitty…..Tony D……all could be in play during the next week or so, and possibly some prospects

      • I don’t know pal . I don’t see it until late in the season around deadline time. Unless u know something? 😉

        • lol czech? me? a rumor monger? No way pal. I’m just an aging Ranger lifer…lol…and I pray that once this hideous virus is finished. we can all meet at MSG once again! Be safe pal.

  • I have a big time concern regarding our team not having enough grit and sandpaper. Sure we have Kreider, Smith for now, Lemieux, and the phenom, who plays with a snarl that is, IMO, similar to Stamkos….However, I do not want to see the phenom getting hit by the goons of our conference. Rumors about a Tom Wilson buyout, which is just a rumor by the way, could immediately fill the void for a tough nose player that can actually chip in and score…..Again, nothing concrete here….just one of about 1000 rumors that we will hear about between today and the start of the season, whenever that is.

  • Lias to LA for their 2nd, draft Will Cuylle with it.

    My model rated him 36th so some value generated, but destruction of value basically trading down for nothing but tears.

    Cuylle didn’t get used this year, plays with an edge: you hope he can be a middle 6 sandpaper winger who can grow into net front PP guy.

    • I forgot about Lias…lol…..We have some players that could be attractive to other teams…We still have slots that have to be filled…

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