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Rangers received multiple offers to trade top pick

Per Frank Seravalli, the Rangers have received a lot of calls over the past two months regarding a possible trade for the top pick.

This isn’t overly surprising. I’d have to assume calls like this happen regularly. As of now, the Rangers haven’t had any intentions of trading the top pick.

That offer from LA must have been interesting. There are a few good arguments for Quinton Byfield as the top pick, and that’s presumably who will go second overall.

This also shows us that the Rangers plan on taking Alexis Lafreniere with the top pick. If they were leaning another way, they’d trade the pick.

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  • If that offer from LA included Alex Turcotte, I would have considered it — but LA would have been stupid to include him, so I highly doubt the offer was genuinely worthwhile.

    • If LA is hell bent one the number 1 overall , it would have to include Turcotte or Villardi, the number two overall pick and 2nd rounders this and next year

      Is this an exorbitant price? Yep, but that’s what it would probably take to move Gorton off Lafreniere

      So, Tanto you’re not that far off no matter what others say

  • As a GM, you have to make an inquiry. The more interest from other teams, shows the value of the pick to Gorton. Gorton can slot LaFren into the lineup Day 1 if he proves he is as good as advertised. He may push another winger out of the top 9, making that player available later in round 1. I really think this may be one of the more active initial day of drafting.

  • lmao…….until we pick and sweater LaFrenchise in NYR blue, these rumors will continue. Just order your LaFren jerseys today……

  • I’m already thinking past the Draft day and onto pre season…..

    All I know is that NO WAY IN HELL is Laffy going to play on the third line and w/Chytil as his center lol. Quinn, JG and JD would all be looking foolish to not set up a franchise player with Zib/5v5 and Panarin/PP1.. The league alone will pressure the management into clearing room (roster and $$ wise) in order to set Laffy up to succeed early on to win the Calder trophy. Now add in the idea of Kakko emerging… Yeah guys like Buch and Kreider are as good as gone… Me thinks one of them will be added in a package this off-season.

    Kreider will be on the market very shortly… He is going to be blocking a much better scorer… Zib is easily a 30-35 goal scorer and Kreider has proven that he can’t keep up with that skillset during these past two season’s. It’s a miracle how Zibby can be a 70+ point producer next to a bunch of 45-50 point linemates (Buch and Kreids).. Laffy could probably set Zib up to be a 95-100+ point guy.

    So yes I think Laffy is 100% going to be a NYR..

    • Kreider has a full no movement clause until 2023-24, then a modified NMC. He’s not going anywhere for a long time.

      I actually think you stumbled onto something accurate – Ideally ALF won’t be playing with Chytil as his center. For all his apparent talent Filip did not make any winger better when he was their center. Unless he improves significantly he is a drag on his line-mates. In fact he has yet to prove center is his best position.

      • First off- My original comment wasn’t about Chytil and his lack of play. He isn’t worth 2 paragraphs explaining his shortcomings. Either you’re like Ritcher1994 and claim he’s 2c ready (without any substance)… Or else you’re like me and know by experience that he can’t hack a top 6 center role.. His dz and nz play for sure can make it harder on his wingers. D men deep in their own zone with Chytil on the ice means all the slots will be open, easy shooting lanes for the points, no jail breaks when a D man needs help along the boards etc etc.. I won’t even touch his nz play with and without the puck.

        As for Kreider, let’s put it this way… I see him gone WELL BEFORE he would enter the middle of that contract. Do the math Orlando… You have both Fox and Laffy that JG will most likely want to lock up on bargain type- long term deals.. You also have to pay Zib for turning into a elite 1c. Ignor will need to get paid as well as the other’s..

        The fact that LA already offered their pick (Byfield) and JG/JD declined is a huge tell tale sign of the roster building on their part. They had an out and they still rather add another top 6 LW to the roster while probably still looking for that 2c. That screams towards Kreids future on Broadway. Add to the fact that he would have been gone if the Avs thought he was worth the trade. That alone told me how he probably isn’t viewed as a long term fixture. It didn’t help how Quinn praises everyone in the top 9 except for Buch and Kreids.

        Do you really think Kakko is going to be on the PP2 forever? Both him and Laffy make Kreider expendable for the PP alone, they will probably try out Kakko down low. Kreider is as good as gone bro.. They will find a way to move him before 2023. You won’t see him on the roster by 2024-25.

        • Very hard to write about players…they are people…and for good reason, GMs’ generally don’t give up trades to social media for comment. I do believe that certain contracts dont take effect until the day before 20-21 starts so maybe some windows are already open.
          Everyone enjoy the anticipation and LGR!

  • The first 3 things l’d do if l was the Rangers GM
    1. Draft Alexis Lafreniere
    2. Franchise-Tag Brendan Lemieux
    3. Sign Joe Finley to build the young defense around (Thank GOD Almighty that Staal is gone).

  • There are no good arguments for trading Lefreniere. He significantly better than the number two pick tonight

    • Hey Pal……miles better than the rest of the players in this draft, and this draft is plenty deep…What does this tell you about this kid? Ask Scotty Bowman what he thinks of LaFren…Miles better….

      • I am more interested in them trying to trade up for Lundell. It would be sweet to come away with a perennial Selke nominee who can score 25g and add 35-45 assists for the next 10 years

  • Here’s a hot 100 ranking of the players and their values, adjusting for size and league using nNHLe. If a player played in 2 leagues, I used a weighted blend. It doesn’t account for poor skaters and it discounts defencemen considerably.

    Anything above 30 is generational, anything above 15 is 1st line, 11-15 2nd, 5-10, 3rd, 0-4 replacement level. Add 5 points to the D and you’ll be in the ballpark equivalence range.

    LAFRENIERE, ALEXIS 26.83899699
    BYFIELD, QUINTON 20.66156068
    STUETZLE, TIM 19.77761125
    JARVIS, SETH 18.06829564
    LUNDELL, ANTON 18.028859
    FOERSTER, TYSON 17.76187242
    ZARY, CONNOR 17.50364398
    PERFETTI, COLE 17.41761194
    MERCER, DAWSON 17.29638173
    HOLTZ, ALEXANDER 16.1797642
    AMIROV, RODION 14.62335744
    QUINN, JACK 14.39408529
    FINLEY, JACK 13.39859623
    BOURQUE, MAVRIK 13.01662768
    CHROMIAK, MARTIN 12.72762177
    ROBINS, TRISTEN 11.32436441
    BRISSON, BRENDAN 11.15811978
    MYSAK, JAN 11.00997739
    KHUSNUTDINOV, MARAT 10.9519089
    DRYSDALE, JAMIE 10.56295669
    ROSSI, MARCO 10.27117966
    FRANCIS, RYAN 10.20283912
    SUNI, OLIVER 9.786571697
    SOURDIF, JUSTIN 9.771206975
    LAPIERRE, HENDRIX 9.76561195
    DUFOUR, WILLIAM 9.628943498
    RAYMOND, LUCAS 9.621289122
    NOVAK, PAVEL 9.090791956
    PYTLIK, JAROMIR 8.924688087
    TORGERSSON, DANIEL 8.757174606
    KERINS, RORY 8.544313563
    TULLIO, TYLER 7.945170188
    KNAK, SIMON 7.934384707
    CARDWELL, ETHAN 7.550763984
    BARRON, JUSTIN 7.474078587
    CUYLLE, WILLIAM 7.304828899
    COLANGELO, SAM 6.886310384
    SEBRANGO, DONOVAN 6.882683148
    ANSONS, RAIVIS 6.653807373
    NEIGHBOURS, JAKE 6.642073383
    HIRVONEN, RONI 6.518997252
    BORDELEAU, THOMAS 6.355902307
    JARVENTIE, ROBY 6.23068405
    O’ROURKE, RYAN 6.196050451
    WIESBLATT, OZZY 5.572166719
    STRANGES, ANTONIO 5.534837393
    SCHNEIDER, BRADEN 5.328658108
    GUSHCHIN, DANIL 5.188937619
    NIEDERBACH, THEODOR 5.064210642
    PUUTIO, KASPER 4.867825182
    PERREAULT, JACOB 4.85643613
    PONOMAREV, VASILIY 4.849978604
    EVANGELISTA, LUKE 4.842143323
    BIONDI, BLAKE 4.616208984
    CORMIER, LUKAS 4.373098993
    GUHLE, KAIDEN 4.363091237
    KUZNETSOV, YAN 4.270229925
    GREIG, RIDLY 4.160506471
    REICHEL, LUKAS 4.01189747
    BERARD, BRETT 3.970765717
    MCCLENNON, CONNOR 3.861102953
    THOMPSON, JACK 3.800012518
    UENS, ZACHARY 3.798614823
    SLAGGERT, LANDON 3.773948472
    LAFERRIERE, ALEX 3.703902129
    SEDOFF, CHRISTOFFER 3.610651375
    FOUDY, JEAN-LUC 3.429365206
    SEELEY, RONAN 2.586491463
    VILLENEUVE, WILLIAM 2.406443275
    SANDERSON, JAKE 2.379998684
    TUCH, LUKE 2.262640463
    COE, BRANDON 2.227290081
    POIRIER, JEREMIE 2.14490459
    ROCHETTE, THEO 1.808372997
    GONCALVES, GAGE 1.396765166
    MILLER, MITCHELL 1.364916101
    GUNLER, NOEL 0.918355673
    VIERLING, EVAN 0.713837018
    YODER, CHASE 0.67276185
    AMBROSIO, COLBY 0.52210218
    FABER, BROCK 0.378866742
    EDWARDS, ETHAN 0.211604946
    COTTON, ALEX -0.214598548
    REID, LUKE -0.516540856
    COSTANTINI, MATTEO -0.631105249
    FOWLER, HAYDEN -1.023782121
    SMILANIC, TY -1.083147148
    GRANS, HELGE -1.11785251
    BENNING, MICHAEL -1.242429403
    KAISER, WYATT -1.392188715
    KLEVEN, TYLER -1.434529452
    HANAS, CROSS -1.438152624
    KUNZ, JACKSON -1.67552867
    SOKOLOV, EGOR -1.848947317
    JEFFERIES, ALEX -1.8925893
    PETERSON, DYLAN -2.039514565
    FARRELL, SEAN -2.528749861
    HUNT, DAEMON -3.10886953
    RAFKIN, RUBEN -3.201396648
    POWELL, EAMON -3.506909577
    RATZLAFF, JAKE -3.981074104
    CALISTI, ROBERT -4.6234642
    NICKL, THIMO -4.986657276
    KOSIOR, LANDON -5.000246204
    HOLLOWAY, DYLAN -5.159344146
    DURAN, RILEY -5.306970865
    WALLINDER, WILLIAM -5.415285268
    PETERKA, JOHN-JASON -5.630851509
    JURMO, JONI -7.170976838
    NIEMELA, TOPI -7.801141238
    TRUSCOTT, JACOB -9.059748022
    VIRO, EEMIL -9.737607553
    WISDOM, ZAYDE -9.792507452
    SAVOIE, CARTER -10.67067888
    MOORE, IAN -10.762166
    MUKHAMADULLIN, SHAKIR -12.22166696
    ANDRAE, EMIL -12.66253317
    SHLAINE, ARTEM -14.47705935
    DICKINSON, TANNER -17.08643283
    SCHINGOETHE, WYATT -19.27571426

    • Is this a predictive model derived only from statistics, or did you or someone actually watch these guys play, or at least video, in coming up with these numbers?

      • Have seen 20 of these players live: would have been more, but U-18s being cancelled squashed that.

        The model and I disagree at times and needs some work when it comes to a player like Marco Rossi(small but stout) and D in general, but in the back testing it’s been solid.

  • Alexis Lafreniere is going to be a New York Ranger, there should be no doubt about that. Of course, Clarke could always try to go off the board 😀 !

  • If LA actually did call, I hope Gorton’s reply was. ” Not on your life, #1 is not available, but what will it take to get the #2 from you? Our #22 plus Kreider? ” Solves a plethora of problem with the NY roster and cap, but mainly looking at how the top 3 lines play out nicely without Kreider and with ALF and Byfield. Still have a lot of holes to fill, but this does fill out the top 3 lines. Contrary to what people say about the Rangers, I think we should prepare for 2021 season being a rough ride. They are still a year away from being a wildcard playoff team, and if things work out another year away from being in the top 3 in the metro. Stay the rebuild course.

  • I wonder if they could get Hanifin with salary retained for the 22nd and some other pieces? They need a center too. I wounder if they can find a way to get both in trades tomorrow and today. Unlikely but interesting. I am glad Domi was traded and is out of play.

    It would be funny if they got Skjei back with 50% salary retention. I wouldn’t want them to do that–but it would be funny. Until the season started.

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