Equal odds across the board for tonight’s 2020 NHL Draft Lottery

Tonight is the second part of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery, with equal odds across the board. The Rangers have a 12.5% chance at the top pick, along with the seven other play-in round losers. The first pick was determined to go to one of these teams following the first draft lottery.

Tonight’s lottery is only for the first overall pick. The rest of the draft, (picks 9-15) will be ordered based on regular season standings.

There are eight teams vying for that top pick. Only two had a worse regular season record than the Rangers (Minnesota, Winnipeg). The other five (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Florida, Toronto) all finished with records better than the Rangers. There are three scenarios that can play out tonight for the Rangers.

The first scenario is the Rangers win the top pick. Hooray! That’s the easiest, but also the least likely to happen. This has a 12.5% chance of happening.

The second is one of Minnesota or Winnipeg winning the lottery. In this case, the Rangers would get the 10th overall pick. This has a 25% chance of happening.

The final scenario is one of the other five teams win the lottery. In this case, the Rangers would get the 11th overall pick. This has the highest chance of happening at 62.5%.

With equal odds across the board, this part of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery is simple. Unlike the first one. You can play around with the odds at Tankathon while you wait.

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    • So you’re new here, you get off with a warning. I do not tolerate any kind of discrimination talk about Euro players. First and last warning.

      Second – can you blame any kid who might not want to play in the uncertain 2020-2021 season given the pandemic? It’s not going to get any better here any time soon. Prospects playing overseas actually guarantees playing time (as of now) in September-December. That’s more important than waiting around twiddling thumbs.

  • My bet is on Pittsburgh. Aging star (Crosby) in the weak Pitt Market, they need a torchbearer to carry that team into the future. They seem to have the luck for these “lotteries”.

  • I have faith, perhaps naïve faith, that the lotteries are not rigged. Over time I’ve learned that it is usually impossible for organizations to keep such machinations secret. Usually a disgruntled ex-employee spills the beans or some other unexpected leak takes place and the whole scheme divulged.

    With that in mind I hope that Lady Luck, that most unmovable and resistant woman to the Rangers’ affections, smiles once again upon our team and we land number one.

    If that doesn’t happen, picking at 10 or 11 in a pretty good draft means that they should still get a good player to groom.

  • I’m getting waayyyyy ahead of myself here but say they get the #1. Would you trade it in a package for Eichel? The pick alone isn’t enough as I’m sure Buffalo would want a roster player as well.

    Just a thought as this solidifies the Rangers down the middle for the next decade and they are loaded on the wing. At least compared to center.

  • Very exciting, but how long before the Canadian press starts to cast doubt on the draw. Already Twitter is trending with @RIGGED,,,claiming the ball was heavier than the others and thats why he dropped it. I don’t see how that would make it easier to get sucked up the tube, but hey, they ARE Canadans, right? Whatever, let the tinfoil people have their cry. WE WIN!!!!!!! Playoff experience AND the #1 pick. Only the CUP would have been better!

  • We win !! Lots of possibilities now to add a center too. Expandable players are Strome, Lias, Buch, and our second first round pick and a few others to move up and grab Lundell , Holloway and Perfetti.

      • I think Buch and Georgiev would be moved before Kravtsov, but who knows. They have so many options now! Maybe even try and get Nylander out of Toronto, somehow. And Taylor Hall is out there too. Very exciting time following this team now!

      • If Laff goes to NY than Kreider and Buch will be gone by 2025. Can’t keep playing 45-50 point players next to Zib.. The PP1 will need room to develop these kids with star power.

        The Zib and Panarin era just got a lot brighter.

    • way over payment………

      we have a kid named Barron who will fill in that roll.

      if you want another shot at the center, offer Strome, maybe Lias, and a 3rd to move up, along with our 2-#1 pick………….

      • You really think so Walt? I’m excited to see Barron, but still, hes an unknown.Don’t want to put that much pressure on him yet. I think they need an upgrade at center from outside of the Organization. Strome is just a beneficiary of playing with Bread.Would you look into packaging the second #1 and a few of the kids for Eichel? You’d be set down the middle for years. Lots of options out there. Very exciting time to be a Ranger fan!!!!

        • mickeydee

          Jack is a quality player, but he’s signed long term for some $10 million per year, and that would tie our hands with the cap being flat, and guys like Breadman, Trouba, Kreider signed long term, and Zib will get a major pay increase when his current contract expires in two seasons. That would be hard to manage, so I don’t see how it can be worked out.

          As for Barron, the kid is smart, big and strong, and if I recall correctly, he was the MVP of the Ivy League, on the #1 rated school in the NCAA. He is the real deal, and can displace Howden in a heart beat!!!!!!!!!

          • Hey I hope so!!!! I still think they need an upgrade from outside the Org. at center…….and they have options. Gonna be interesting to see which way they go.

      • Will Need to get to 12-13 to have a crack at Holloway. Still not enough to get from 20 in my view but who knows

  • I posted this on the previous thread, and had some wishful thinking. Well low and behold we got the #1 overall, so take a look at this line up and see what the future could look like. One notable change with it is we will get a tough SOB on the 4th line to protect the kids, someone like Reeves of Vegas, that would round out a terrific team.

    “Aug 10, 2020
    Can you imagine the following line up should we win the lottery pick:

    Alexis Lafrenière-Barron- Vitali Kravtsov


    We got considerably bigger with the addition of Barron, Kravtsov, Miller, and Robertson. After a few seasons of playing on the team, we then put Kakko with Lafreniere on the first line, they could be dynamite together. This line up is young, and add to it what we also get in this draft with the second #1 pick, in a very deep draft, WOW!!!!!!!!

    This assumes we don’t sign both Fast, and Strome. Should they be signed, then we make minor adjustments to the proposed roster!!!!

    My prediction for the second #1 pick is going to be Holloway, from the U of Wisconsin, who plays a very sound 200 foot game, is listed as a center, but can also play both wings……….”

    Stanley Cup Champions 2022-LGR

    • Holloway is a slightly bigger slightly more talented version of Lias. The Rangers need a center prospect with real offensive talent to round out an awesome prospects group.. Perhaps trade up to 10 or 11 to get one. Howden is as good a prospect as Holloway.

      • Orland

        The team has seen the kid many times because he played with Miller, and they seem to like his versatility, and grit. The draft is also loaded with other top prospects at the center position, and we now can control many things because of the flexibility given us by the #1 over all pick. We should be in great shape my friend……………..

    • Walt I’m sure we are going to disagree on this but cup winners are built down the middle. Chytil didn’t even end the playoffs in the center. (Enter your next rant about the Dumb coach).

      When your 2nd biggest offseason decision (behind what to do with Hank) is whether to resign Strome or not just highlights this teams lack of depth down the middle. They have very solid prospects on defense that should be impact players in 2-3 years, with Staal coming off the books in a year. They are absolutely loaded at wing. At center they have Zibanejad, maybe Strome, and Chytil whose best hockey in New York has come while playing wing. I want them to deal from a position of strength to address a position of weakness which is arguably the more important position.

      Would I trade the 2nd 1st round pick + Tony D + a forward for Eichel? Absolutely. This let’s Strome walk. They don’t have to commit 7 million to Tony D and hopefully the other roster player evens out the addition of Eichels contract. Does Buffalo laugh at that trade? Maybe. Perfect world involves Hank retiring and the money definitely works.

      Contenders are strong down the middle. The rangers are not. Change my mind.

      • Spozo

        We don’t disagree, but again Jack is signed to a $10 million dollar deal, and that would force the team to at least match that number for Zibby. Between them, and Kreider, Trouba,, Panaran, that could be some $40-42 million. What do you do with the likes of Kakko, Chytil, and the rest of the future with that kind of money tied up with five players? Listen, I’m not married to ADA, especially with Nils on the way soon enough, but what your proposing will put us in a cap hell within two years, and then we are forced to trade off plenty of young talented kids.

        In closing, that was a cheap shot about the coach comment dude!!!!!!!!!

        • Cmon it wouldn’t be a correspondence between us without a cheap shot!

          Yes I agree $$ is king. I’m just pointing out that this team is currently stacked on the wing and in need down the middle. Whether the journey leads to Eichel or not is up for debate. But they should consider dealing For help down the middle.

          • Spozo

            Alexander Barkov would be the man I’d want to trade for. He’s just 23, comes from Finland, plays a real nice game, can score, and dish out the puck, is big at 6’3″, and is currently not making much money, YET!

            I’d offer our second #1 pick, ADA, and a 3rd in this years draft. If they want more, well Lias, and maybe a second in next years draft may do the job. Then we have a hell of a line up to go against anyone.

            The icing on the cake would be he could be Kakko’s mentor, and a future line of Alexis Lafrenière-Barkov-Kakko would be a wonderful line to have.

    • Jordan Greenway was mentioned for Georgie, and that could be the answer for a big tough kid, who at 23 is still young, at 6’6″ and 230(?) or so, he can go on the 4th line to replace Lemieux, and we still would have a quality goalie to back up the Czar…………He could be the enforcer we may need, maybe not?????????

  • Panarin, Kakko, and Alexis Lafrenière, oh my!

    The Rangers are suddenly loaded with stars and potential stars. Lady Luck has smiled upon Broadway again! The jinx is over my friends.

    • Chytil, Miller, Lundqvist, Igor, Fox, Kravstov, Barron, Jones, Robertson, Henrikssen, Pajuniemi, Gauthier, Khodorenko and others they have a nice balance of top six/bottom six tallent in the pipeline. Really excited. Now Lafreniere is added to the mix!

      • Rangers West

        For years I was the lone wolf hallowing for a youth movement, and stop the insanity of getting everyone’s retreads, and people said I was nuts. All I have to say is I’m crazy as hell, but the future looks damn good to me, and it will be loads of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BEHIND CLOSED DOORS the top management of the NHL are saying to each other …..’I thought we agreed to make sure it would not go to the Rangers “.

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