Equal odds across the board for tonight’s 2020 NHL Draft Lottery

alexis lafreniere

Tonight is the second part of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery, with equal odds across the board. The Rangers have a 12.5% chance at the top pick, along with the seven other play-in round losers. The first pick was determined to go to one of these teams following the first draft lottery.

Tonight’s lottery is only for the first overall pick. The rest of the draft, (picks 9-15) will be ordered based on regular season standings.

There are eight teams vying for that top pick. Only two had a worse regular season record than the Rangers (Minnesota, Winnipeg). The other five (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Florida, Toronto) all finished with records better than the Rangers. There are three scenarios that can play out tonight for the Rangers.

The first scenario is the Rangers win the top pick. Hooray! That’s the easiest, but also the least likely to happen. This has a 12.5% chance of happening.

The second is one of Minnesota or Winnipeg winning the lottery. In this case, the Rangers would get the 10th overall pick. This has a 25% chance of happening.

The final scenario is one of the other five teams win the lottery. In this case, the Rangers would get the 11th overall pick. This has the highest chance of happening at 62.5%.

With equal odds across the board, this part of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery is simple. Unlike the first one. You can play around with the odds at Tankathon while you wait.