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It wouldn’t be the NHL Playoffs without drama. All three series that were 3-1 are now heading to a Game 7, and all three have 2020 draft implications for the NY Rangers. After Carolina lost in the first round, the Rangers were guaranteed a pick in the 20-24 range with their pick. Now with Montreal out, it’s between 21-24. That number will be finalized as all three Game 7’s conclude.

The teams the Rangers are rooting for tonight and tomorrow are the Islanders (yuck), Canucks, and Stars. If all three win their respective Game 7’s, the Rangers get the #21 pick. If two win, it’s the 22nd pick, if one wins, it’s the 23rd pick. In the unfortunate scenario none win, then it’s the #24 pick.

It feels dirty to be rooting for the Islanders, I know. But if there’s a consolation, you’re rooting against the Flyers and against Alain Vigneault. As for the Canucks and the Stars, it’s nice to root for the underdog, right?

It may not feel like a big win for the Rangers to move up three spots, but it increases the value of that second 1st round pick. Each selection the NY Rangers move up in the 2020 draft, the more it is worth. If the Rangers keep the pick, they may not need to trade up. If they move the pick, it may carry more trade value. In the game of maximizing asset value, we are rooting for the Isles, Canucks, and Stars tonight and tomorrow.


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