NY Rangers guaranteed selection between picks 20-24 in 2020 draft

The Carolina Hurricanes lost their first round series to the Boston Bruins last night, a best-case scenario for the Rangers. As part of the Brady Skjei trade, the Rangers will receive the worse of Carolina’s two first rounders. Since the Toronto Maple Leafs –the other first rounder owned by the Canes– lost in the play-in round, the Rangers were guaranteed Carolina’s pick. With The Canes loss, the NY Rangers are guaranteed a selection between picks 20-24 in the 2020 NHL Draft.

While the exact pick isn’t known yet, HSM here has laid out all the scenarios. It’s worth noting that the third round here is the Conference Finals (Final Four). Yes, this means selling your soul to route for a few teams you would never root for.

These scenarios take a hit because only one of Dallas/Calgary can advance to the 2nd round. Meaning the Eastern Conference Final needs to be Isles/Habs and the Western Conference Final needs to be Vancouver/whoever wins that Dallas/Calgary series. Doable, but that means major upsets. I don’t see anyone beating Colorado in the West, and Vegas looks damn good too.

Also worth noting that Montreal is down 3-2 to the top seed Flyers in the East. Unless they come back, that #20 possibility is out the window. If/When that happens, then it’s Isles/Flyers in the second round, and that’s where selling your soul comes into play. Prepare to root for the Isles. Although that blow is softened because it’s against the Flyers.

As of now, the NY Rangers are guaranteed a selection between picks 20-24 in the 2020 NHL Draft. However pick #20 is very quickly going out the door. The Rangers are going to be creative with the pick, since all signs are pointing to this being either #23 or #24. In addition to the first overall, of course.

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  • We should get creative with this pick and package someone (hopefully Lias and Howden) to move the pick up to somewhere around the 10 pick

    • Why does everyone use garbage as a trade asset? Lias will get you a bag of pucks. If we hate Howden,are other GM’s that blind?

      • True–but as part of a package–they could work–but I agree–on their own you’ll get a half eaten hot dog.

    • well, the #20 pick and an nhl defenseman recently landed NYR trouba’s RFA rights. that’s going to be a tough putt to trade a higher pick and a spare part (or howden, who may be a spare part depending whom you ask! for a top-10 pick. don’t see NSH, MIN, or WPG needing either of those guys so badly.

  • I think in sticking at our slot 20-24 we are probably looking at these players. Would love to see Connor Zary slide down. But I think we will be in this player pool range,no particular order Dylan Holloway,Jacob Perrault,Brenden Brisson and Tyson Foerster. My pick out of these would be Holloway.

    • no way Holloway last to 22-24. If Rangers keep the pick they should select Jake Neighbours.

      “Neighbours is a strong forward who plays a 200-foot game. He is effective on the forecheck, getting in quickly and creating havoc in the zone. Willing to play in the dirty areas of the ice.

      Neighbours is a puck possession monster. He uses his body to protect the puck down low and extend plays. He wins battles in the corners and gets the puck to teammates. With excellent stickhandling ability, Neighbours can extend plays and give his linemates the time to get open.

      His game is reminiscent of Chris Kunitz

      Sign me up!

        • Another guy to consider is Will Cuylle.

          Cuylle’s game is reminiscent of Ryan Malone.

          Another guy to keep an eye out for.

          We can not continue to focus on the same type of prospect every year. Skill will only take you so far.

  • This is supposedly a deep draft, but the best players are really the top 15. I am sure we can get some kind of quality at 22ish. If we want to add another center or a LD, there should be someone of quality available. Would not move Georgi for moving 6 spots up.

  • Looks like it will be 21 or 22, I’m fine with that. Preferably a center will be the “best player available” at that spot … and someone will “slip through”.

    • It will be pick 24, no way 2-3 teams that are supposed to select above us will get to the conf finals.

    • Tanto, you misunderstood Dave. Officially this is still the first round and teams only get to the third round by winning this round and the next. Fair chance none of those five teams do it.
      I would say 22 is optimistic, 24 is pessimistic.

  • With the 22nd pick of the draft, the NY Rangers select Ukanov Romanov, goalie from Belarus. No other team has this player in the top 100. Thanks Gordie!

  • Miller extended his point streak to six games. He’s up to five goals and 10 points in nine playoff contests. That puts him in a five-way tie for fifth place in the scoring race.

    what a disgrace this guy is no longer on our team….watching him and Graves makes me ill…

    • It would be nice to hear the young guys rave about Kreider in the same manner that JT’s teammates do about his leadership quality.

  • I have a trade wonder. As amazing as it would be to use some assets to get the second from LA and have the 1 and 2 picks–I don’t think there’s any way for that to happen–without one of the GMs being fired.

    So a more pragmatic idea–could the Rangers get Staal and Greenway from the Wild? I know–but Staal has, I believe, 1 year left at just over 3 million. Way cheaper than Strome and no long term commitment. He’s put up between 70 and fifty points the past 3 seasons. Greenway is young, 6’6″ and plays physical–and was coached by Quinn at BC. He could be a long term piece for the middle or bottom six and is the type of player the team needs for playoff success. Just curious if this or deal like it might make more sense. I think the Rangers could make that happen–and still be able to keep their second first. Maybe two of Buch, Georgiev (Wall is going to be the better goalie), Lias, Hajek or a 2nd?

    • Hard No! We already had the elder Staal here in NY….. Epic fail! Why rehash old failures? I, for one, am super glad you’re not the GM. And in what world do you have a trade with the Kings that gives us the 1st AND 2nd picks in the draft?!?!

  • We talk a lot about trading up, and I would be fine with doing that, but how about trading down? Maybe offer the pick to SJ for The Tampa first (28-31) and pick # 34? Marat Khusnutdinov should be available with the late first and some quality players always slip to the early second round. Brendan Brisson, Justin Barron, Justin Sourdif, Ridley Grieg just to name a few.

    • i think San Jose needs all the picks they can get…i doubt they would trade up….unless they love someone.

      • I would think that too, but they also seem to think this year was a fluke and they will be able to compete next year. And they need a goal tender. So Georgiev could be included and we get back a defenseman. Dave had suggested Mario Ferrao the other day. He would be an interesting choice. Anaheim is another team you could look to do this with too.

        • The Rangers need more brawn…not another 5’11 185 guy.

          The Rangers are/will be loaded with talent, between, Bread, Laff, Kappo, Zib, Strome, Buch, Kratsov,etc.

          We scored the 5th most goals per game.

          We gave up the 9th most goals per game & 3rd most in post season.

    • A few years ago we needed quantity. Now, we need quality. Trade up, not down.

  • If this was all happening back in the summer of 2018… Kappo, Laffy and Panarin etc makes future decisions much more easy to accept.. 100% JG accepts that Avs deal to send CK to Colorado, then the team saves more $$ to retain ADA and Fast. JD must be regretting those Trouba and Kreider deals right about now. It will be all about taking advantage of Zib and Panarin before they reach 30-31 yrs old. The roster will need to drastically change to re-up Zib in a couple of years. JG got lucky with the Kappo and Laffy top draft picks, mix in with Panarin, those guys and hopefully Kravs will easily replace both Kreider and Buch.

    If JG doesn’t win GM of the year between 2022-25 than he will have had to mess up along the way.

  • Not sure I’m seeing how we get pick #24. I’m counting 31 teams, 8 will advance. That leaves us at 23 if Carolina has the best record of the losing teams.

    • The teams that advance to the conference finals get picks 28-31. However, picks 16-27 go to the playoff teams who do not make the conference finals in reverse order of record. So, for example, if the Islanders beat Washington and then lose to Philadelphia in the next round, the islanders pick before Carolina, which in turn picks before Washington.

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