NY Rangers win 2020 NHL draft lottery, will draft first overall

The NY Rangers have won the 2020 draft lottery, and will select 1st overall at this year’s draft. The last time the NY Rangers selected from this draft position was in 1965 when they selected Andre Veilleux, who played zero NHL games.

This marks the second straight year that the Rangers will pick in the top two, having landed Kaapo Kakko last year.

Welcome to Broadway, Alexis Lafreniere. The kid had a 12.5% chance of coming to New York, and it hit.

Let this sink in. The NY Rangers will draft from the top position on the 2020 NHL Draft.

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    • Yeah, college coach vs. veteran NHL coach with two mo. of prep. We were not going to fair well.
      However, No. 1 here we come!

      Still can’t believe! Two in a row. Yeah, we got Kakko 2nd, but he was my 1st choice. LGR!

  • It’s hard to see this off season being as productive as last off season. But what a great start! Now if we can get a center with the second pick we’ll be in great shape. LGR!!!

  • Hi all,

    Lundqvist retires, staal bought out, smith gone that frees up cap space. The Rangers must must must hold onto Igor and Alexander as the goalie tandem. Figure 3-5 years of them as the goalie tandem rangers can get 90-100 plus points per season, meaning they are in the playoffs fighting for division titles, presidents trophies, etc.

    The Rangers need to toughen up, no more soft players, solid def partner for trouba, depth on the 3rd and 4th line and a cup winner or two the rangers can seriously contend in a year or two.

    From my observation, Jagr, Gaborik, even Nash to an extent were all expected to do all or too much for the team. Panarin needs support, it will be a lot easier for the Rangers to go deep if they have 3 solid lines. We need a justin williams type player, and also naming kreider or mika captain would solidify the team.

    Coaching wise, mark messier running the PP sounds really good, but sadly may not happen. Keenan won here cause he made the team believe they can win. Messier behind the bench giving the players that glance and working with players on the ice on faceoffs would help 120%. Messier would light a fire under kreiders ass, kreider needs to know he can dominate games, use his size and strength.

    The pieces are falling into place, Rangers have to do it right, cup expectations can be a reality in 2021-2023. We gotta have faith, we can do this!!!! Hope you are all safe and sound getting through this pandemic. Thankfully some rinks are open and I can skate, i love the game.

    • We have Haley and is TG still available, we can trade for Lucic maybe our 1st from Canes. We will be in good shape to win

  • I can’t believe we won that. Thought for sure we were picking 9-11. Unreal.
    Any Jeff Gorton Haters our there can commence feasting on their shoe. I have been defending that man since he took the job.
    He’s a cap man. He’s great at navigating the cap. Young talent is how you do that.
    He did the rebuild the right way. The way low budget teams do it. He then will have the money, when ready to grab that final piece via free agency or the pieces to add it via trade.

    • Didn’t JG have that good luck charm given to him by the family of PO, Steven McDonald? If I’m right in remembering, he had something that he brought to the table, last year, and we wound up getting the 2nd overall pick in the Draft.

  • The lottery was obviously rigged because Bettman got it wrong, again. “Ah, what team was picked?”

    Tavares was right, right before the Ranger’s ping pong ball went up, the Leafs’ was there before the Rangers, and bounced out, lol.

    Just wow!!

  • How about this line for the future—Barron, Kacko, LaFreniere? Makes me want to cry…….
    Now…Gordo just needs to add more sandpaper to the mix and this thing gets very interesting…..

    • Joe Cafardo

      Last night Spozo and I had an exchange of thoughts, and this was my response to his suggestion regarding Jack Eichel. It appears that we both have a good feeling about Barkov. Agree, and a thumbs up……………….


      Alexander Barkov would be the man I’d want to trade for. He’s just 23, comes from Finland, plays a real nice game, can score, and dish out the puck, is big at 6’3″, and is currently not making much money, YET!

      I’d offer our second #1 pick, ADA, and a 3rd in this years draft. If they want more, well Lias, and maybe a second in next years draft may do the job. Then we have a hell of a line up to go against anyone.

      The icing on the cake would be he could be Kakko’s mentor, and a future line of Alexis Lafrenière-Barkov-Kakko would be a wonderful line to have.

      I just realized you said Barron, my thought’s go a bit further, LOL!!!!!

      • One very big problem with this trade idea. We won’t be able to resign both Zib and Barkov in 22/23. You would have to shed Trouba contract. I’d also argue having 3 highly priced forwards in 22/23 on the roster (Cap) would make us look like the 2021/ Maple Leafs.

        • You have to wonder about where Kreider fits in down the road.( one to three seasons from now) Lafreniere and Panarin both project above him. According to Brooks Barron is being looked at for LW and add in Lemieux. They make good sense for bottom 6 LW’s. Does it make sense to pay Kreider $6.5 mill to be a 3 LW? Because in a year or 2 that’s probably what you are talking about.

          • In a year or two? Try next season buddy lol, don’t forget Kakko probably needs PP1 time. You also don’t put your next McDavid and Matthews tier player on the PP2 with guys like Chytil, Buch and Trouba.

            100% you load up the PP1 and top line.

      • I like to see the Rangers groom Lafreniere as a pivot and keep their picks and Tony D. Build through the draft and keep the club together.

  • I think if Gorton is smart, he will realize, there will be 5-6, teams really desperate to make major changes. The Oilers, Leafs, Wild, Preds, Panthers & Sabres will need drastic changes.

    To Oilers, Buch, Georgie & Lias for Puljujarvi, Raphel Lavoie & 2nd round Pick.

    To Wild, already stated Georgie for Jordan Greenway.

    To Preds, Buch & Tarmo Reunanen for Eeli Tolvaven, Yakov Trenin & 2nd.

    To Panthers – Buch, Chytil, Lias, Tarmo Reunanen(maybe Zac Jones, if they want more) & 1st for Serron Noel, Barkov & 3rd.

    To Sabres – Buch, Georgie & Tarmo Reunanen for Ristolainen & 2nd.

    • Ristolainen? Like we need another relatively “expensive” RD?

      Despite the results of the play in round we should tread lightly this summer. With the addition of the 1st pick in the draft the pressure to make big changes is gone, the focus should be solely on relieving cap pressure for next season and beyond — trying to get Hank to retire. I would have suggested Staal as well, but I’m sure they’re “happy” with him (much to the dismay of many fans). If Hank goes and frees up $8.5M I might suggest they keep Smith, at least his versatility has some value.

      Just replacing a guy like Di Giuseppe with Lafreniere and having a young 3rd line with Lafreniere-Chytil-Kakko will be a major improvement for next year.

      • Huh? Neither Laff or Kakko will remain on the 3rd line. If advertise was spot on for him than NO CHANCE IN HELL will he play on the 3rd line and with Chytil as his center. Long term: I see JD/JG going out to try find a better middle six 6 center. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Buch pushed down to the 3rd, Panarin moves up with Strome centering the “kids line”

      • tanto

        I read an article where the suggestion was made to move Kakko to the first line, and Buch to third, or trade him. Have Panarian go to the right wing, and have Lafreniere skate with him, with Strome(?). Kravs goes to the left side, with Chytil, and Buch/Gauthier. Those would be our top three lines, and plenty of options available to us. With the #1 over all pick, this opened up a world of moves that can be made to help the team. With Barron on the 4th, Lemieux, and Holden/? would round out the line up!!!!!!!!!!

        • IMO it makes little sense to move Buch to the 3rd line, if that’s the case then just trade him. Why hurt his value on the 3rd line? Besides, it’s not the worse thing in the world to have players like Kakko, Kravs, etc. play on a 3rd line to get “broken in”. The issue for me is DQ’s deployment of the 3rd and 4th lines, ice time-wise.

    • I would be looking to deal with Ottawa. They have 4 second round picks. And I would be targeting Shane Pinto. He’s probably not NHL ready just yet, but he’s going to be a very good center.

      • I keep hearing this is a really deep draft. for those in the know would you trade #1 for Ottawa’s #3 and #5? Is that fair, if not what is?

        Perhaps we can give them Smith (he helps them get to the cap floor) or better yet Stall and a 3rd for one of their 2nds

        I’m just spitballing here and curious to hear what those in the know think

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