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Jesper Fast out tomorrow, Fogarty or Kravtsov to play

As expected, Jesper Fast is unlikely to play in tomorrow’s Game 2. At today’s practice, both Steven Fogarty and Vitali Kravtsov took Fast’s spot in the lineup.

If the Rangers are going to blow things up, then Fogarty will likely be on the fourth line. If they are looking for minimal impact, then it’s Kravtsov on the second line.

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      • The future is most deff now Bloomer.. Post 2025 will be ugly if this team has another 2017-19 hits/misses of prospects. The D core won’t be in full stride until the mid 2020s (assuming ADA is gone).

        Kravs moblity and skating reminds me of Kyle Connor or William Nylander. It’s like the kid barley puts his back into his skating which makes for good bobbing and weaving in high traffic area’s. He had amazing escape ability with the puck when I saw him skate for team Russia.

        I say load up the top line with Zib and Panarin. Than give Strome Kakko and Kravs, he knows English quite well. Let Buch play on the 3rd line with Chytil.

  • Kravtsov should be the one to play and it isn’t even close. Fogarty is awful and is just another body out there. Kravtsov has talent and is a major part of the future. He has the ability to make an impact and really should get a shot because he worked his ass of after doing some stupid things to start his career.

  • Losing the tenacious Mr. Fast in my opinion does not mean you slot in Fogarty, who is simply less talented in every respect.

    Go for Kravstov who might not replace Fast defensively, but has hands that Fogarty simply cannot come close to at all.

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