Igor Shesterkin likely to be the starting goalie for NY Rangers

At today’s practice, Igor Shesterkin was in his own net, while Henrik Lundqvist and Alex Georgiev shared a net. This likely means that Shesterkin will be the starting goalie for the NY Rangers during the play-in round.

This was somewhat expected given how Shesterkin performed in his call up. However there was a valid argument for Lundqvist since he had owned the Carolina Hurricanes this season and throughout his career.

A valid assumption would be that Lundqvist will be the backup for at least the play-in round.

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  • Indeed, this is the most logical move. Shesty was rolling before the shutdown, and unless he is performing poorly in this “pre-season”, there really is no reason to move away from him.

  • Hard to see it going any other way. Out of respect for the King it was identified as a competition. According to all reports Shesty seemed sharpest anyway – not a surprise.

    Will be interesting what the Hank decides to do about next season. His contract will be a huge albatross with the cap not increasing.

    • Orland

      Let’s not forget that Igor was down in Florida during the shutdown, and played with a bunch of Russians, including Ovie, hence the additional sharpness by the kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s the right move, I guess, but Hank has a ridiculous career record against the Canes, including this year. And the playoff experience.

    But DQ made it pretty clear who his starting goalie is.

    • Hank does have a ridiculously good record vs. the Canes, but Igor is clearly No. 1 based on recent performance, that is for sure. If the kid stumbles in game 1, it is early enough in his career for him to be yanked in favor of Hank without long term effects. I think it is the right move.

      • Peter, if for no other reason, Shesty played down the stretch and Hank did not.

        The die was cast back in Feb/Mar.

      • Per Jan Levine:

        “The Rangers have won 31 of 37 meetings with Carolina since Feb. 22, 2011. During that time, Lundqvist is 24-4-0 with a 1.73 goals-against average, a .947 save percentage and one shutout.”

  • Since this is a mis mosh of a playoff and the fact that Henrik deserves to make his case for next season, I would start the king. He either makes his case for next year or if he flops out of the gate and the hand writing would be on the wall. To me this playoff means squat and I wouldn’t expect the rangers to be in the finals anyway. Let him start game one. I think the organization owes him that respect. Three things could happen. He gets pulled. He stands on his head. He wins but was shacky.

    • Hank might own the canes, but Hank is also 38 years old…Igor is ridiculously good and we have not seen Igor’s best work yet. I have been touting this kid forever….Never a bad report and nothing but scouting raves….Igor is the real deal and will deliver us that cup that has been eluding us since Messier…1994…..

      • Igor is overrated. he wasn’t even a starter in the KHL. lol y’all gonna be so disappointed when he just bleeds goals.

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