Rangers/Isles set for exhibition; Times for play in set

The Rangers and Islanders are set for their exhibition game before the play in round, as is the schedule. They will square off on July 29 at 8pm.

The schedule for the play in series between the Rangers and Hurricanes is also set. The first two games will be at noon, meaning the Rangers and Canes get the first game of the postseason. Games 4 and 5 are still TBD start times, presumably because the league will want to see how many teams are left.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the play in round goes, as there is only one game for each of the play in teams. It sounds like there will be some sloppy hockey early on, and perhaps luck will have a larger role in these series. Whichever team finds the hot goalie or the hot shooter, that may be enough to take the play in round.

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  • Has there been any talk about how these will be televised? MSG for at least the first round I would guess?

  • Isle will look very different with Casey Cizikas and Pageau in the lineup at the same time.

    Their forecheck should give a good indication on where our D men are at. I want to see the Isle up a goal going into the 3rd. Fox and ADA need to be able to break other team’s zone forecheck inside the neutral zone. Their partners need to be able to read west and east.

  • Yeah, the first game will almost certainly be sloppy, but it being an Islander vs. Ranger game means it’ll also be intense and hard hitting, which is a good thing. That will knock the rust off real quick and get the players fired up for the playoff games. IMHO, a rested Kappo Kakko, one who’s finally comfortable in his place on with the team, could be a big factor in these games, too.

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