Full Rangers/Hurricanes play in schedule announced

The full schedule for the play in round between the NY Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes has been released.

The Rangers and Canes will be the first game to kick off the play-in round on August 1. If I’m reading the above properly, it looks like the Rangers will always have the first play-in game.

Here’s the full schedule:

  • Game 1: August 1
  • Game 2: August 3
  • Game 3: August 4
  • Game 4*: August 6
  • Game 5*: August 8

The Rangers will be the visitor for games 1, 2, and 5, meaning they will only get last line change in Games 3 and 4.

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  • I guess it’s nice to see this finally set in stone and to have an extension on the CBA as to avoid another strike/lockout. Even though it was something of a foregone conclusion, it’s still nice to hear the league and players are working together for the greater good.

    • This could be a huge opportunity for the NHL.

      The NHL might be the only one of the 4 major pro sports leagues to even be playing. It would be smart for NBC to nationalize this tournament and broadcast 2 or 3 games per day. Similar to how the NFL does Sunday’s.
      We need some sports and this might just be a perfect time for the NHL to broaden the fan base some.

      • The idea of growing hockey within the United States is a dreamland imo. This sport isn’t going to get anymore more popular than this. Until top athlete’s kids like Lebron Jr learn that hockey is the best sport, don’t expect to attract a special demographic within the state side. I would guess that about half of the NHL fan base have never played a honest shift in competitive puck.

        The only scenario that could “broaden the fan base” would be to keep adding professional teams to none traditional hockey. Seattle, Washington state and the rise in LVGK should help spread the game to a degree.

    • Since they don’t have programming, it makes sense to televise as many games as they can. I would guess NBCSN should be wall to wall and they should use NBC too.

  • Although I thought the best move for the league was to just start the new season in October , I am excited for some summer hockey. LGR

    • They said that the games would start at noon, but they did not assign game times for specific games yet, that is correct.

      • Knowing the love that Bettman has for the NYR, I would think that Ranger games will start at 3:30am..est…

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