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More trade rumors: Does Brock Boeser make sense for the NY Rangers?

Today is a day of trade rumors. Just like Johnny Gaudreau, Brock Boeser has now found himself in trade rumors.

Boeser’s situation is similar to Gaudreau’s. He’s a winger with two years remaining before he contract expires. However unlike Gaudreau, Boeser will be a restricted free agent, albeit with arbitration rights. He also doesn’t come with a near-100 point campaign. On the surface, that means lesser cost and presumably fewer dollars to keep him signed. Again like Gaudreau, the concern is cost and fit.

The Fit

Much like with Gaudreau, Boeser’s fit in New York is questioned because he is a winger. At the very least he is a RW, which isn’t nearly as strong as the Panarin-Kreider punch on the left side. However fit also means future considerations, and Boeser comes with a bit of a conundrum.

Boeser may be a RFA, but his contract was backloaded. He is due $7.5 million in his contract year, which means his qualifying offer is $7.5 million. Can the Rangers afford to pay a 40-50 point RW $7 million as a starting point? That’s more than Kreider for the same production. That is the kind of contract that can sink a rebuild.

The Cost

While the financial cost of Boeser may be tough to stomach, at least the trade cost is a little more manageable. Boeser is not Gaudreau, so these conversations don’t begin with Adam Fox or Kaapo Kakko. They begin with the next level down.

There is a comparable to use here, and that’s the JT Miller trade from Tampa to Vancouver. Vancouver paid 1st and 3rd rounders for Miller. Tampa couldn’t take back salary. In a flat cap era, it’s unlikely many teams want to take back salary, but the Rangers will need to send something back to make this work.

Alex Georgiev is again a likely piece in this theoretical deal, as Vancouver needs a goalie. There’s a chance that Georgiev and a 1st rounder gets it done for Boeser.

If this happens, Ryan Strome is a goner, as the Rangers wouldn’t be able to afford his next deal. Ditto Jesper Fast. That may also put Tony DeAngelo’s next contract in question.

Does it make sense?

This is an interesting one because Boeser’s next deal is the concern, not the current one. There is a fit for Boeser as a middle-six RW behind Pavel Buchnevich. A 50-point winger who is solid defensively has value for a team looking to turn the corner on a rebuild.

That said, Boeser’s next contract is a doozy. That contract is going to be a tough sell, since $7 million is 1RW money, and Boeser is more of a 2RW. The expected flat cap for the foreseeable future doesn’t help in that situation either. This doesn’t seem like the right timing.

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  • Once again, what makes you think a middle six winger is worth a 1st round pick let alone a 1st round pick + a potential starting goalie? That is before you take into account the financial ramifications. Really? Starting to worry about your articles lately.

    • I think people are underestimating Boeser’s value. Until this year, Miller never had as many points in a season as Boeser did in his rookie year, and he’s four years older.

      That said, I agree with the folks below who think trading for the shiny rather than waiting for the kids to develop is a bad idea. We did that with Trouba and early marks…. aren’t good.

      • Trouba did just fine in his inaugural year with the Rangers. He had a bunch of different D partners. Never complained and concentrated on the D side of his game so Fox, D’angelo, could focus more on offense

        • “Trouba did just fine in his inaugural year with the Rangers. He had a bunch of different D partners.”

          In this day and age, 8 million dollar D man should be able to play with anyone. He has flub at every corner as a top pair D man on a new team.

          His roles on the team are only going to continue to diminish.

        • “Trouba did just fine in his inaugural year with the Rangers”

          What would you call disappointment if it was just fine for 8ml per D?

    • Give the guy a break! Not really much to report on . It’s only speculation. I’m sure all of the other teams reporters are doing exactly the same thing

    • Boeser is basically a 30 goal scorer and 55+ player. He is easily better than Kreider right now and only 23 yrs old with injured riddled season’s.

      I would say he is a lot more than some middle six forward.

      • He is younger than Kreider. But it takes someone with a weird Kreider obsession to say silly things like Boeser being easily better. Especially looking at what Kreirder was doing last season, being well on his way to 30 goals or more and 55+ points prior to being hurt.

        • Obviously there is no real comparison.

          Kreider was a 20-21 goal scorer and 45 point player at Boeser age. Meanwhile this kid can put up 6-7 more goals in 20-30 less games lol.

  • I would pass. We have Strome, ADA. Lemieux and Georgiev as RFA’s to sign(or trade) after the play offs. After next season they have to resign(or move) Buch, Chytil, Lindgren, Gauthier and Howden. This won’t be too bad, but they’ll all get raises. In 2 years we need to renegotiate with Z-Bad, Kakko, Fox and Shesterkin and that’s probably going to be expensive. Hank, Staal and Smith will be gone but if the cap stays flat we will use up a lot of that space fairly quickly and we will still need to fill out a rooster. we will also carry about $2.5 mill in dead cap space from 2021-23 seasons . We smartly moved Skjei for that first and got a little ahead of the coming cap crunch that everyone is going to be facing as well as the expansion draft. In my opinion Boeser’s cap hit would not be worth it, especially with the qualifying offer at the end.

  • I would rather pay Buch the $5-6M per on his next contract than have Boeser @ $7.5M+ … plus Kakko and perhaps Kravtsov in the next year or two. Again, another shiny object that makes no sense on the Rangers given their current and immediate future roster and given the cap.

    This is the most important time for us to exhibit patience and wait for kids like Kakko, Kravtsov and Chytil to develop.

    • Tanto

      Yeah it takes more moving parts to develop talent. Where do we put our only top 6 ceiling prospect Krav? His center would most likely be struggling (Chytil still is). That isn’t how I would want to see that kid break into the league. What if he can develop a mature game quickly? His PK center would be either Howden or Mcgegg types. If a young player can’t mingle with Strome than there 5v5 play will most likely suffer. Zib and Panarin are for a certain type of players. The true middle six (2nd&3rd lines)will forever suffer on this team until you they bring in a player or two.

      This is why Kevin Hayes is important for the middle six. He has guy’s who play PP1 going 5v5 with him. He has role players on his side, especially on the PK. Any sheltered talent/rising 3rd liner is manning the PP2. This is what guy’s like Kravs, Chytil, Lem etc needs. This is why Strome is the 2c and needs Fast on his waist.

      This team lacks another 5v5 top 6 presence. One in particular who can center lesser talent while playing against elite talent is a must for any team, especially this one.

  • You lost me at the contract. There is no way you can pay a 50 point guy 7+ million. Thats why we got rid of all those types over the last 2 seasons. We have room to pay a big-time player, but he needs to be the real deal, this guy is Kevin Hayes.

  • This deal makes no sense to me at all. We have Kakko, Kravstov, Gauther all ready to make the next move forward, at 1/6th the cost. To pay a man $7 million for 50 points a season, I’d run like hell away from this deal………………

    • He’s basically a 30 goal scorer and 60 point player…

      Guth and Kravtsov are screwed if they can’t get into that top 6/PP1 slot. Zib is the only 200 ft center who can pk with such inexperience. It doesn’t look like a top 6 center is coming over anytime soon. I would welcome any borderline elite 23 yr old winger to the core. In 60 games he would take more advantage of having Zib as his 1c than Kreider and Buch have.

    • 14 million between Kreider and Trouba?

      That is about 65-75 points when you combine their point totals.

  • The only deals the Rangers can and should make are the ones they have been making over the last season., i.e Keane for Gauthier

    Prospect for Prospect. With the Cap not moving and guys due raises…the ridiculousness of adding “star or name” players will lead to further cap hell and the inability to resign guys when they are suppose to.

    Kevin Hayes at 7mm+ is a tough pill to swallow, but Gorton could have signed him to a deal a year or two before @ 5-6mm a year, but was again, against the cap and had to trade him away because we had top heavy bloated contracts.

    I like Trouba, but sign him to a 3 year deal worth 21mm and if in year 4, he is a stud, then worry about it then…but NYR love handing out these deals like they have no leverage.

    Johnny is a smaller guy, we have a enough of those. Boeser has had some major injuries. Trading for him would sting ever more considering we used JT Miller as a sweetener in a deal. When they are essentially the same players.

  • I’ll stick to my mantra … it all depends on the cost, the cost in talent given up, the impact on team chemistry, the cost of other deals being passed on, the financial implications under a very tight salary cap. If, after ALL of those things are considered, the costs are less than the benefit received, you do the deal. Otherwise, it’s a pass.

    • take it easy, NYR will not trade for him unless Nucks want Strome( why? same reason as this rumor created)

  • In a non-cap era–yes. Grab Boeser and Gaudreau!

    In this cap world we live in? Do not go after either is my feeling. Maybe if they lost in the finals the last two years or wanted a cup repeat–one of them might make sense–but you are looking at a one or two year window before the contract situation becomes hell.

    With this team that means they would hit complete cap hell right as their compete window opens.

    • “but you are looking at a one or two year old window before the contract situation becomes hell.”

      ^Okay but the idea is to add more talent to the core. When you add special talent like Boeser to this roster, it gives a better chance at making one of the first two lines better. It would also help bump Fast down where he is needed for Chytil or the 4th line.

      “With this team that means they would hit complete cap hell right as their compete window opens.”

      The window is now. Anything beyond 2024 is looking rocky for this core. And there were fans who thought Andersson and Chytil were ready for middle six action before they even laced up ahaa.

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