2019-2020 NY Rangers Player Report Card: Greg McKegg

The last forward on the list that played enough games* with the Rangers this season to warrant a report card is Greg McKegg. Signed to be a depth center, the Rangers knew what they were getting in McKegg. He was signed as a 4C, possibly 13F, to round out the bottom six. He was never going to be a big scorer. Just a strong defensive center who could chip in here and there.

*-Phil Di Giuseppe, Micheal Haley, and Julien Gauthier didn’t play enough games.

McKegg wound up putting up 5-4-9 in 53 games. Surprisingly enough, that puts him around Di Giuseppe’s scoring pace (1-3-4 in 20 games). Chipping in ten points from a predominately fourth line role, especially on this team, is an added benefit to his role with the team.

McKegg’s 5-4-9 line is nice, but let’s not confuse it with sustainable offensive production. McKegg didn’t drive offense at all this season. Then again, his most consistent linemates this season were a combination of Brendan Smith (a defenseman), Brett Howden (not good), and Brendan Lemieux (sneaky bad). Defensively, McKegg didn’t move the needle much. He was a net-positive, but barely. That’s about what you get for his role.

McKegg did have some serious valleys in his season long look. It’s interesting that as the Rangers performed better, McKegg performed worse. Yet as the Rangers played worse, McKegg looked better. There isn’t much to it, just interesting.

Overall, McKegg was exactly as advertised for the Rangers. He was a little better than net-neutral defensively. He was a net-negative offensively, but chipped in a little more than expected. Given his linemates, it makes you wonder how he would have looked with a few more NHLers on his line.

Grade: C+

Charts provided by Hockeyviz and chartinghockey.

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  • That’s a fair grade. He was signed to be a depth piece, nothing more. I thought his defensive play was better than the rankings rate him, but the overall TOI makes it basically irrelevant.

  • We could fill his role with any kid including Boo, but still have no idea of that signing.
    The grade? I don’t care

    • Wrong.

      I use to think Boo had a future here and Vinny L just needed a coach to believe in him. Well one never recovered from a knee injury and the one had numerous chances under Quinn’s first year. Those guys and anyone else in the AHL right now can’t even bring what McKegg does every 20+ games or so. The farm team hasn’t developed a bottom 6 role player since Jesper Fast, calling upon someone down there to center the 4th line with a little pk is huge stretch. You can’t develop crap with other crap.

      JG/JD thought that a Kevin Hayes version at D was more sensible but Jacob Trouba isn’t that kind of player. So now besides the trouble at D, the forward depth is in shambles, could use Hayes a lot right now. He could have played his productive game on so many different levels for this team. You develop someone like the Goat next to him on the pk, 5v5 and PP2, not on a bad 4th line or struggling 3rd line. The deployment that you would get with KH would open up more room for Zib and Chytil/Strome. You can put role players on his line and he’ll get them career seasons while you leave Strome with Panarin…But now Philly has that luxury to develop kids/role players with him while they still have an all kids line and a 1st line to work with.

      Now JG has no choice but to use Strome types on the PK meanwhile the depth roles like the PP2 remains at a JV level, Than pick your poison as the 4c who probably shouldn’t be trusted in any kind of situation. Hartford players right now have nobody to play with when they get recalled, that hurts development. I’m afraid that Kravtsov and Kakko will be hurt the most. JG has to go out and waist resources for a top 9 center with defensive responsibility and pk skills. We’ll be lucky if he can be a consistent, 3c with 35 point production that will probably need PP2 time.

      • Kevin Hayes was a good solid signing. While he was in NY he was a good Ranger but as an older player making $7+ mil per season, the Rangers could do better. Gorton doesn’t decide who plays on the 2PP or PK units but he chose to keep Kreider around. Had he paid Hayes, Kreider would be on another team.
        I liked Hayes but for his size, you’d like to see a little more grit in his game. Kreider is just as big as Hayes, skates like the wind and plays with some jam. Up front the Rangers are fine going forward. They are growing together as a group or cohesive unit. The bigger issue is the back end. Specifically, the left side. The Rangers have the hard part set. They have the right side set up and they have the mobile, puck moving Dmen on hand. They need the big mean lefty that makes it hell to play net front in the Rangers end of the ice. I was hoping Hajek would be that guy. Maybe even Rykov

  • “Given his linemates, it makes you wonder how he would have looked with a few more NHLers on his line.” If he had a few more NHLers on his line, he wouldn’t be a fourth line center.

  • He’s been solid and a standup guy for the position he plays in the spot on the team he has I think that says it all

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