2019-2020 NY Rangers Player Report Card: Filip Chytil

The NY Rangers lucked out by drafting Filip Chytil 21st overall in 2017. If he were born ten days later, he would have been part of the 2018 draft, and likely would have been a top-ten pick in that draft. The Blueshirts have been able to bring Chytil along in a quick but not rushed manner, sliding him into the 3C role this year.

Chytil responded with a 14-9-23 line in 60 games. That projects to a 19-12-31 season over 82 games. When it comes to a young 3C, that’s about expected. The bigger pieces are what Chytil does away from the puck, things that show he might be ready for a promotion to 2C.

When it comes to offense, the Rangers were marginally better with Chytil on the ice. It suggests he has the ability –especially with better linemates– to drive offense. This is generally inferred based on results from limited ice time, and more ice time leads to more points if the underlying numbers are there. They are. As for defensively, he isn’t really a net positive or net negative. That’s actually better than expected, as youngsters usually struggle in this area.

Chytil spent most of his time with Kaapo Kakko, who did have his struggles. This was primarily in a third line role with a rotating LW. It is worth noting that although Kakko struggled, his performance with Chytil was better than expected.

Chytil did spend a good amount of time with Chris Kreider and Pavel Buchnevich as well. That line worked. Based on the above, it looks like Chytil’s numbers were dragged when on the ice with Marc Staal and Brendan Lemieux. Small sample size warning there, of course.

All of this suggests that Chytil would be capable of replacing Ryan Strome as the 2C. Chytil still has a lot of growing to do, and there is no guarantee that he will succeed in that role. It is clear that Chytil is progressing in the right direction. Those flashes of skill should become more than flashes when given more ice time.

Overall, this was a solid second full season for Filip Chytil, and there’s not much more the Rangers could have asked for. Next season will be a big one for the kid, especially if the Rangers pencil him in as the second line center.

Grade: B

Charts provided by Hockeyviz and chartinghockey.

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  • I would have given Chytil a B+ or A-
    You really can’t ask for much more from him in his role last year. As a 2 line center, that’s not enough but in his role he was good. Not great.

  • Career:

    Brett Howdan
    GP G A P +/-
    136 15 27 42 -27

    GP G A P +/-
    144 26 23 49 -34

    It was nice to see him realize that his backside and skating ability can help him maneuver around the boards. He’s good for a 3c role right but imo he’s an NHL winger, not a center. Let him worry about the 170 ft part of the ice.

    I’d add him to a Eichel proposal.

    • If I were a Sabers fan, and I was sort of one by necessity while in college in Buffalo years ago, I’d go to the team’s offices with flaming torches if they traded Eichel. Things are bad enough there without throwing in the towel. I sincerely doubt they are seeking to trade him. For their fans’ sake, I’d hope that they are not that incompetent.

      If they are dumb enough to trade the young man to the Rangers, well, then good for us, and welcome Jack!

      • The only way it happens is if Eichel demands a trade out of Buffalo. If that happens, the bidding war will start, and Buffalo’s not going to let him leave in exchange for the proverbial bag of pucks. I’d say that it starts with a good first round pick, a proven NHL center to take his place, plus sweeteners, and goes up from there.

    • If the Rangers were to win the lottery then I hope to see them aggressively shop for him. If along the lines of Buch, Chytil, Lias and a draft pick can’t work… Then I’d start to add someone like ADA or Nils in a combo of those names.

      Kakko, Kravstov and any other future top 6 winger would benefit greatly.

  • Kid is doing nicely. He is still a baby compared to who he plays against. I expect good things from him in the future. I’d give him a B or B+, based upon his progress and his effort.

  • Filip Chytil is coming along just fine. No need to rush anything, because in due time he’ll produce plenty. The grade is about where it should be, given he really needs to skate with better quality players to show his true potential……………..

    • If Kakko steps up like we all hope he will, and Kravstov joins the team, Chytil may have the line mates he needs.

      • Joe

        That was a potential line I was thinking of myself. They would be in a position to skate as a unit for years……………..

  • I’m thinking B- … at times he’s looked like B+, at other times a C. That doesn’t influence how I think he’ll develop, he’ll be a good one and possibly a solid 2C in the near future. He has all the tools, it’s just a question of letting them mature — he’s just a baby.

  • I think a B grade is just about right. However he gets an A from me for saving the 2017 draft after the Lias Andersson debacle. After examining the entirety of that draft Chytil would have been a very excellent pick at #7. And as someone mentioned Chytil is still a baby.

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