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NHL seems dead-set on resuming season – is that really the best decision?

The NHL seems to have already made their decision on the 2019-2020 season, and will do whatever it takes to resume play as soon as legally allowed. Whether or not social distancing rules are lifted, the NHL is looking at playing in empty arenas. North Dakota has been mentioned a lot, and New Hampshire has come into the conversation as well.

When this takes place, we don’t know. It seems the league wants to conclude the regular season and have a full playoffs as well, The only thing we know for certain is that the player quarantine is through April 30, and will likely be extended further to be in sync with some states. New York has the quarantine through May 15.

When we last looked at this topic three weeks ago, the concern for me was player contracts. It appears that won’t be an obstacle, and arena logistics shouldn’t be a big obstacle either since most of these arenas only host concerts in the summer.

Using that same June 1 target date to relaunch, the players have said they “only need one week” to get things going again. The regular season had three weeks left, so that takes us to July. The playoffs usually last two months, taking us to the end of August.

As for the 2020-2021 season, if the above plan comes to fruition, the league likely needs six weeks for the offseason activities and then the usual month of camp/preseason. That takes the season opener to the middle of November. Since the league has experience generating condensed schedules, that shouldn’t be an issue.

The issue now is the salary cap, which may stay at $81.5 million for next season. But that’s a story for another day.

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  • I would love to see them come back, but lots of hoops to jump through to make it happen. Have to wonder when they do the draft and when free agency starts under that timeline? Almost sounds like it would be Labor Day?

  • One of the game’s early greats—Bad Joe Hall—died in 1919 amidst the flu pandemic raging across the globe at the time. Who’s gonna lace up their skates to do the same thing now?

    Players today are far more educated, have much more money, and have a union to protect themselves against potentially lethal decisions. Just because 15-20% of the US voting public is stupid enough to risk the health of themselves and their families to follow the orders of a deranged lunatic con man doesn’t mean that hockey players will follow suit. All it takes is one half of one team to refuse to play, and the league will wind up in court for months on end. The season should be cancelled.

    • Keep your fear mongering and your left wing propaganda to yourself. No politics.

      • Yeah! When there’s a fire and the cops and fire fighter won’t let me in I threaten to sue!

    • Yeah, let’s stay in our houses forever. You might want to die in your basement, but not me! There has to be a plan and every plan will be fluid.

  • Literally the entire NHL wants to resume in some sort of fashion. Guy’s from bubble teams want to even see this. The hard part here are the franchise name’s like Crosby and Ovi who want to go straight into the playoffs.

    I think only Drew Doughty and Far Cry don’t want to see this happen lol.

    • No, Mint/Avery, you idiot, I’m tired of seeing people die from this virus when they don’t have to. Is there ever a point where you reach some sort of maturity as a person? Opening the NHL up before this virus is contained will cause unnecessary death. But I’m assuming you’re cool with that, as long as Kevin Hayes doesn’t get the virus.

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          • I am not Czech either. The only fascist on this blog that I see is you. You are an ignorant moron. My mom who is 79 recovered thanks to the HCQ cocktail. So have thousands of people. Do some research first before you sprout CNN and MSNBC talking points. I came on here to say that there are therapeutics that are working but you have an agenda . You would rather people die than take either of these two drugs. All I can say to you is stay home in your basement and don’t ever come out. The world won’t miss you and your kind

          • Believe me, you’ll be gone before me. Especially with your wonderful take on modern medicine, taken right from the world’s most dangerous idiot.

          • Lol. My take? I have clients who are doctors and pharmacists . I have family members who work in NYC hospitals . They have all told me that when this drug cocktail is prescribed in early to mid infection that it works. My mom is is going to be discharged on Tuesday and was given the meds on Wednesday. It works.

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            You know, when you actually think about it, it’s you who’s the fascist. You’re clearly intolerant of anyone who has a different opinion than you do, comrade.

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      • Who’s said anything about opening before it is deemed safe?? Grow up, Dude!

    • When they become commish, they can make that decision, or they can just stay home. Either or, I’m fine with it. I’m certainly not looking for leadership on this from Ovie and Sid. Actually now that you mention it, they would be the last guys, right above, Far Queue.

        • While I’m glad to hear of any recovery from this virus, there are people dying from improper chloroquine usage. Yet here you are touting it. The feds just arrested a sketchball doctor yesterday for selling the EXACT SAME drug package that you claim cured your own mother.

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  • Yes, there are lots pf people and groups that want to see the season resume in some fashion. And, yes, there are lots of people and groups that are concerned about their, and the public’s, safety when it does. And, no, these groups are not mutually exclusive. Players want to play, but they’re worried about their own health, and the risk to their families if they bring a case of COVID19 home after the games. Arena workers and TV crews certainly would like to start drawing paychecks again, but they have the same concerns as the players. Cities and their arenas would love to have more revenue coming in, but what about the risk to the public? The games should not start again until ALL of these groups are satisfied that it can happen without risking a resurgence of the virus, even a limited revival. Only then should we even consider resuming what is, at its essence, nothing but entertainment.

  • The USA will restart in the next 15-60 days based on the situation in each state. People may have to wear masks and gloves to public places such as arenas and stadiums for a time being. But we will restart the country regardless of the fear monger on this blog.

  • The cap can be $84mm, $88mm or $200mm next year, but escrow will claw it back to what the revenues actually are.

    Due to CBA 50.4(d)(iv)(D), the PA has the option to up the escrow next season to make sure the 50-50 true up number over the life of the deal, the league will do it contractually in the last year of the CBA.

    Meanwhile, in the stimulus bill that recently passed, there’s language that will allow 18(at least) American teams operating as pass through companies(LLC, LP, S Corp.) to write off all losses against profits generated elsewhere. Not only this year, but prior & future years. So the only issue teams will have is short term cash flow, which I think they can handle.

    So when billionaires are crying poverty, realize that they’re just using it as leverage.

    Hopefully this one doesn’t go into the ether like the last one did.

    • The PPP (payroll protection relief) went to only 20% of the small businesses in this country, my firm, who is still currently paying our employees, got shut out because of Capital One’s incompetence, because they were not ready for application submission. So adding another $250B would be about $750B short of what the govt really needs to add to this program for it to be really meaningful to small businesses that really need this.

      But the point is, with the banks getting a % of the loans that were funded, you can be sure that the much bigger loans went to the head of the list, which were probably for companies that may not need the loan as much as other smaller businesses. Like usual, in these situations.

      • Hey pal ! Hope you are safe. I am sorry you got shut out due to Capital One’s incompetence. It appears that only BOFA and the small community banks and credit unions were prepared to go. JPM and Citi got their chit together a few days later. This loan is for companies with less than 500 employees and is an SBA sponsored loan. It is 100% risk free to the banks and will be purchased away from their balance sheets. The fees to banks are

        5% for co’s with sales of $350,000
        2-4% for companies with sales of $500,000 -$1,000,000
        1% for companies that do over $1,000,000

        If anything, the banks would smarter to do 3 smaller loans than one bigger one.

        The treasury secretary wanted these loans to be run straight through a web site created by the SBA but were forced to accept the flawed process that you experienced by a certain political party . The same one that is currently blocking a replenishment of the funds so that your company can get approved or reapply. That party also insisted that enhanced unemployment benefits be handled by the state’s bureaucracies instead of directly from the feds.

        I agree with you that the 350 billion isn’t enough and that it should have been up to a trillion . But they are trying to replenish it and are being held up by a $13 dollar a pint of ice cream eating moron who is showing off her $24,000 refrigerator in her kitchen. She isn’t in a hurry because she is worth $100,000,000 dollars and doesn’t get the plight that most Americans are going through.

        I hope your company makes it pal.

        • Thanks pal, I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

          We will “make it” because we are a strong firm, thank God, but that does not mean that there will not be financial ramifications to all of us, to “make it.” Getting this loan, whether forgiven or not, would have helped to float us and buy us some time until business starts up again. Because even when business starts up, it will take a long time for “normal business” to commence.

          They need to add a trillion dollars, and then small businesses all across the country will at least have a chance.

          • And 1% of $4M is better than 5% of $50,000.

            The loan process is the same no matter the amount of the loan.

          • I don’t disagree . It isn’t perfect hence why it should have been done directly through the SBA and treasury.

          • I agree. First obstacle is the moron in San Francisco. If they can get her to heal, it would be a start

          • You calling someone a moron, that’s rich. Go do a shot of chloroquine, you brainwashed ghoul.

  • I don’t think the regular season should be restarted or completed, as much as I would love it to happen.

    If some games should be possible this summer, I think a 4-team round-robin tournament where each time plays the other three twice. Elaborate tie-breaker rules. No extra games beyond this.

    I think it’s likely the virus will rebound in the fall enough that the regular season will be delayed until late November.

  • The CDC has considerable proof that the virus does not do well in extreme heat.

    To follow up that proof, Florida (currently temps in the 90s) and Texas (always warm this time of year, for the most part) have started the “opening” process.

    I think that the hope is that once temps get over 70 that the number of cases will really start to decline.

    That being said, the WORST thing that can be done is to open things up only to have to shut them down again. This cannot happen IMO. So, better to lock down for a few weeks more than re-open too soon, IMO.

    IDK that the players will risk the safety of their families at this point.

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