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NHL extends player quarantine through April 30

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but the NHL has extended the player quarantine through April 30. The previous quarantine was only through April 15, so this was coming as the nation-wide stay at home recommendations are still in effect, and the tri-state area lockdown is in effect through at least April 30.

The NHL is currently working with teams to find availability through August to finish this season, although it is unclear how realistic this is. Bill Daly was very non-committal on that, since they’d need to finish the season and the playoffs, do the entire offseason, and then start the following season with a possible condensed schedule.

The NHL is exploring all options for this season, including playing in empty arenas in North Dakota. More to come on this obviously, considering the heads of the major sports leagues all met in Washington to discuss how to get sports rolling again.

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  • I wonder how COVID-19 infections will be handled under LTIR rules as reports of secondary infections for cleared patients.

    Players might be physically ready to play, but how long will they be held out while asymptomatic?

  • Recently Kevin Hayes dropped gem on the Spittin Chiclets. The league is suppose to resume around July 15th?

    Player’s from different playoff teams have been coming out that only one week of skating is needed. I’m afraid the league will go right into playoffs due to name’s like Crosby and Ovi calling for it. I was 50/50 in thinking that the league would let teams like NYR and NYI squeeze in. If the start date is that far into the summer than I fear the league won’t want to add longer playoff series.. We’ll see…

    My personal experience: All I needed were 2-3 skating days or 1 good practice to get into game shape. Mind you I was always coming from football season, where I had tons of bruises on the legs, twisted ankles and toes that have been stepped on in 20 degree weather for 3 weeks straight.

    • The league is going to play the full season out if July is the date to start. It’s a business.

      32 teams with @ 10 games left, the revenue left on the table for not waiting 2-3 additional weeks… it’s paramount. especially now.

      it means too much money to table the remaining season if we’re only talking about a small amount of time.

      Plus those weeks can be made up without the all star week (which is just not as big a deal for the BIZ as these games are) and the bye week. another waste given the large gaps in placing time teams already end up with… (for example, the NYR season start was so bad this year)

      We all have to hope a large part of this country starts showing huge decreases in the cases. Poor NYC, what a giant dish of germs!


      Dave thanks for the info….

      Stay Safe all


  • IMO, June 1st will be the day that “people can go out.”

    But “assembling?” Months after that, for sure.

    I don’t see the season finishing this year. The football season may be in doubt, no less.

  • I Predict most people will be out and about by first week of June. Sports to start two weeks after in empty arenas. Half full arenas by early July and full house by Aug 1 . NFL will absolutely play on time.

    1- this is an RNA virus and will die in 78F and 50% humidity

    2- Hydroxycloroquine, Zpak, Zinc cocktail works as an early to mid stage therapeutic. My mom was given the drug the same day she tested positive and presented with a high fever, cough and essentially “stuffed “ lungs. She was stable 15 hours later with no fever and all her vitals which were dropping, stabilized

    3- Remdesivir. Yesterday’s phase 3 trials in U Chicago medical center were outstanding for late stage Covid patients literally a day or two away from death.

    A vaccine is years away if ever. These therapeutics are working . In addition, the country probably has already 30-50% of the population infected that will never present any symptoms and will recover symptom free. That is called herd immunity.

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