Lineup Changes

Quick hits on the NY Rangers lineup for tonight, plus Taylor Hall

How injuries are impacting today's lineup against Anaheim

The Rangers lineup may look a little different this afternoon as they deal with a few injuries.

It looks like the club remembered that Brendan Smith does actually play defense. Smith has been nothing short of a professional during his entire stay in New York, moving to forward without a peep and producing, at the very least, passable results. He’s far from the worst option on left defense too.

As for the forwards, it doesn’t look like the club is going to have major injuries to deal with, which is good.

I wonder what will happen if Smith looks good on defense…just food for thought.

One last item – Taylor Hall was a healthy scratch for the Devils last night, and a trade appears imminent. That is a deal that will have major impact on Chris Kreider’s value.

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  • Smith has indeed been a pro about the way he has been treated by the Rangers. If he looks good, anyone would be an improvement, will Staal get yet another shot at playing when he is healthy?
    As for Hall, he should get a nice return, probably not what the Devils paid, but a nice return just the same. If Christ is traded, well that opens up a spot for another kid one would hope!!!!

    • The Devils basically stole him for Adam Larsson. They’ll get a good return on him. Trading Kreider should be somewhat more viable after Hall is gone. Who will be the next LW on the top 6, I wonder?

      • At the very least. Maybe even a Stanley Cup. Oh ,,, even better …. eternal life and a lifetime NYR contract for Panarin!

    • That guy who kills the Rangers, Pageau, is a pending FA for the Sens. He’s having a good year getting top 6 minutes. He’s 27 and has 16 goals so far this year. Oh and he plays center. He should fetch a great return for Ottawa.

  • Taylor Hall is a much more dynamic player than CK, sorry to say. Hall is a game changer, and CK, while he should be a game changer, is not.

    If CK is merely a rental, then a low first round pick should be coming back, an maybe a low level prospect.

    I hope that Smith’s forward instincts do not kick in, and he puts one into his own net.

    • Looks like the Yutes are the front runners for Hall. Raanta included to go to the Devs, since they need a goalie?

      Surprising since the Avs have the assets to make a deal here.

  • Hmmm, that makes some sense there … that Raanta is part of the trade package (not to mention the positive effect on Hall’s cap/salary hit), in which case I suspect it’s Hall and a goalie going back (like Domingue).

  • Nothing short of a professional, besides that he showed up too fat and out of shape to play in the NHL the year after signing his big contract.

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