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San Jose Sharks/Rangers Game Thoughts NYR (6 ) SJ (3 )

The Artemiy Panarin First NYR Hat Trick Game

These west coast games are fun, but man am I going to feel this in the morning. At least the result was desirable for the culture trying to be established in the organization with some wins. Let’s get to the thoughts for this one shall we?

  • Alexander the Great. This guy was absolute found money. I’m very impressed that year after year, he’s shown massive improvement in areas of positioning, and his reflexes seem faster. Some of these saves might have been goals against in his call-up season in 2017-2018. How did no one draft him again??
  • It never fails that when you miss on a grade A chance, the other team is bound to convert on their next grade A chance. Mika’s move to the net was powerful and looked promising, but Jones stood his ground. The short handed goal HAD to come from Hertl of course…can you believe that game was SIX years ago?
  • Artemiy Panarin continues his dominance with his first hat trick as a New York Ranger. This guy is honestly underpaid.
  • What isn’t interesting to watch though this game was that ABYSMAL defensive coverage by Trouba and Skjei on Couture’s goal. I don’t understand why Trouba vacates the net front to help out Skjei when that should either be the center or the winger’s responsibility. You left Georgiev out to dry there and it’s a tie game.
  • Filip Chytil’s stick handling is God-like this season and it showed on that beauty of a between-the-legs deke and subsequent pass and even better finish by Fast.
  • Chris Kreider missing a wide open net…why is this a thing this season?
  • Fox had probably his weakest game as a Ranger tonight, I’m not worried, but he just didn’t seem to be doing what he normally does while holding the puck. I don’t know what he was doing on the power play that allowed Hertl to get a short handed goal.
  • An atrocious line change allows a guy who hadn’t scored since Gretzky played to walk in and wire it past Georgiev. People who played the game, enlighten me, is that on the players coming off or the coach making the change?
  • Kakko continues to get more confident each game and his skill set is coming into fruition. It’s good to see him shooting more and more.
  • Mika Zibanejad was ridiculously missed. Goodness what a display of shooting from him tonight. Jones couldn’t have stopped either of his two goals because of great screens provided by other forwards. Can this guy be named Captain already PLEASE?
  • A big reason the Rangers penalty kill has been better is their goalies are making saves, but since Mika has been back, there’s an upgrade there and the penalty kill is much better.
  • Game, Set, Match, what a game. Worth it to stay up.

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  • Georgiev spells his first name Alexandar. How can you write an article and misspell the goalie’s first name? Shabby. Other illiteracy.

    • Actually, the capitalist pig spells his name Александр, please to write it correctly! ugh! such illiteracy! How can any American read this blog if a name is spelled with incorrect alphabet! (sarcastic).

  • Good takes on the game, Tyler. Fun game to watch (with one eye open) and great to see the Rangers’ best players both play lights out. That splitting the defense move Zibby made was amazing! He had his best game since the first two games of the season. Panarin is simply the best player the Rangers have had in decades! Wow! LGR!

    PS-So glad the Rangers opted not to sign Erik Karlsson. He’s not the same player he was for the Sens.

    • Agreed 100% on avoiding Karlsson signing. He can still play though—I think the big problem for SJ is that they let Pavelski go. Karlsson needs someone to finish, he hasn’t been much of a goal scorer the last 3 years. His roaming style doesn’t mesh well with the Sharks’ offensively. Between Karlsson and Thornton the Sharks have two elite passers, but neither one is a finisher anymore.

      • And to think that I was a lone voice screaming against even the thought of signing that guy. To make matters worse, he still can’t play a lick of defense. San Jose is now stuck with this guy for another 6-7 years(?), at a huge cap hit, good for them!!!!!!!

          • Peter

            Sorry not to think along those lines. At times it seems like I’m a lone voice of what I consider reason, and look beyond the Marquee name, and evaluate a players game in total. Karlsson is nothing but a pretty face who will age soon enough, then he’ll look awfully ugly!!!!!!!
            How many wanted him for the sake of his being a friend of Hank’s???? See what I mean…………

        • You were hardly alone — hell, I was even on the “fence” about signing Panarin to a huge deal so you can imagine where Karlsson was in relationship to that …. somewhere around the Panama Canal. 😉

      • Yes, I’ve heard they miss Pavalski on ice and off, but that’s still surprising when you consider all the older vets on that team. I didn’t understand why they signed Karlsson to that contract after his initial subpar season with them, but that’s their problem.
        Rangers played great for the most part and it was their most spirited game offensively in a while. They dictated play and finished strong. A very good win.

        • Interestingly, Eric Karlsson, he who earns a $14.5 million presently has 24 points in 33 games. Tony DeAngelo, who doesn’t even crack $1 million, has 22 points in 31 games. 🙂

  • Solid win last night. I got home for the third period which was all you needed to see. Funny Mika had 2 nice goals to tie it and win and Bread man has to one up him with a hat trick! you gotta love that…Panarin is worth every penny we pay him.

  • I’m kind of on the fence about who the Rangers should name as the next captain. I was screaming for Mika all summer, but I feel like a lot of great players have emerged on this team (Panarin, dare I say Trouba?). Still seems like Mika is the clear choice, but I’m kind of glad that they waited. Thoughts?

  • I don’t understand why Trouba vacates the net front to help out Skjei when that should either be the center or the winger’s responsibility. You left Georgiev out to dry there and it’s a tie game

    This is precisely why Trouba needs a true left handed d men with him. He does not trust his partner in the defensive zone and is trying to do too much.

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