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To sell or not to sell; That is the question

Should the NY Rangers be sellers at the trade deadline this season?

As the season stretches through December, focus will shift to the trade deadline and what the Rangers will do. There are decent assets on the Blueshirts that could fetch another haul, and Chris Kreider is the “consolation” prize for a team that misses out on Taylor Hall. The question, though, is whether or not the Rangers should sell.

As of the writing of this post, which does not include last night’s results, the Rangers sit in fourth in the wild card race, four points behind Carolina and sport a 15-11-3 record. That’s essentially a game over .500. There’s a lot of talk about playoffs, but the recent 6-3-1 run has clouded the underlying numbers that the Rangers haven’t really been that good recently. Alex Georgiev is that door in the water in Titanic, and all of the Rangers are just clinging on for dear life. Two people can fit on it, but that’s it.

While the run is certainly fun to watch, I’m bracing for the bottom to fall out. If and when it does (sorry, Georgiev isn’t going to sport a .960 SV% for the rest of the season), then we should see teams like Tampa, Toronto, and possibly Columbus pass them. At best it puts them fifth from the bottom. At worst fourth from the bottom, and ahead of Ottawa, New Jersey, and Detroit.

David Quinn and Jeff Gorton are on record stating they don’t want to sell at the deadline. After all, last year when the Rangers dealt Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello, the Rangers were deflated and were atrocious to end the year. It’s demoralizing when your team sells at the deadline, and I certainly understand where they are coming from.

On the flip side, the Rangers have at least two UFAs that will fetch something decent at the deadline in Kreider and Jesper Fast. They also have Ryan Strome as a key RFA. All three will be due raises, but at the very least Kreider and Fast are also part of the leadership core and have been here for quite some time. Strome’s 6-20-26 line right now is also tantalizing for other teams.

Assuming the Rangers deal from just UFAs, the return ranges from a pair of good picks to a pick and a prospect for Kreider, and a mid-high pick for Fast. Is that enough to have the same demoralizing effect on the team as the last two years? We know they won’t be buyers, so the only other option is to stand pat and not move anyone. Is that worth missing out on more assets? How long does this impact players? Does it even matter right now?

Tough questions to answer. But perhaps the most important question has nothing to do with the deadline, and more with the players themselves. Are Kreider and Fast viewed by management as members of the leadership core to help the Rangers turn the corner?

If the answer is yes, then don’t expect them to be moved. If the answer is no, then, well, so long.

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  • Depends on your definition of “sell.”

    Is trading CK, a pending FA who the Rangers don’t want to pay $40M, selling? Is trading Fast, another player who they probably will not want to pay, selling?

    I think the return dictates whether they are truly selling or not. If the Rangers get NHL ready players in return for whomever they end up trading, that play this year for them, then I do not consider that “selling.” I would if the goal is to load up on picks and prospects.

    So, to be determined, I guess.

    • Sell…This build is not only about short term, but for our future…I know us Ranger fans are anal……and have not even sniffed a cup since 1994, but JD stated this is about building a GILBRALTER rock solid foundation not just from the NHL, but from all tiers of Ranger affiliates……So with all due respect here….if the opportunity to obtain young talent and or draft picks….I am all for it…..Even if it means moving Kreider……and others not named out prized prospects…..I know many are concerned that we will waste Panarin and by the time we are ready to contend, he will be trending downwards, but I don’t think this will be the case…..

      • It will be interesting to see what the Rangers would want in return.

        If this were REALLY a long-term rebuild, then Panarin and Trouba are not here. And neither is any other vet over 27 years of age.

        But I think that they are shooting for the playoffs. But no way do they “rent” anyone to attain that goal. Those days are over.

    • Jesper Fast will most likely stay. JG will be play musical chairs to try and build this team.

      It’s a continuing of a sell off since the letter came out. They might end up with a NHL player or two but regardless it’s a sell off. That’s called targeting for a specific need which is a fine strategy.

      Besides what NHL player’s would this team get in return for Kreider, Smith etc? Again it might be strategy if they plan to get role players to fill out the bottom 6 but I think we can expect prospects and draft picks this post deadline.

      Is it some kind of moral win if this season’s sell off go towards NHL ready player’s?

      • I don’t know about Fast, only because if he wants $3M+ per, I don’t know that the Rangers give it to him.

        I think that CK is valuable and he could bring back a good prospect that is NHL ready. Even more so if the team trading for him can lock him up long-term.

  • The Rangers probably already know what Fast and Kreider will sign for. IF it works for their budget, they stay. IF not, they go. Too bad options don’t apply to Lundqvist.

    • Aka Kreider is gone because coming from reports, Rangers haven’t even tried to sit down with his camp. Elliot and a lot of other talking heads have exposed that along with Brooks. It’s a real shame that Colorado already scoff at the idea of wasting a 1st rd pick on Kreider. I feel like that kind of stained future negotiations where teams will follow and not give up much for him. So now it feels like the only offers that will be presented are a really late 1st rd type of package or something along lines for a Josh Andersson.

  • Agree with your points here, but it’s a little different this year having brought in Panarin and Trouba. They bring long term stability. I would trade Kreider. I can’t see us signing him to a long term deal. And no point in having him walk for nothing. I’m fine with more draft picks but maybe it’s time for something bigger. Toronto has too many high priced forwards and something will have to give. Do they take a run at someone like Nylander? Kreider, Georgiev, plus? I think we’re at a point in the rebuild to do a trade like that. As for Fast, I’d try and keep him. Strome is an RFA who can be traded at the draft if we feel like that is the best move. He’ll need a contract and probably have higher value in February, but they can wait.

    • Andy who’s we and so with us are you a member of the Rangers organization. It would be a good idea if the Rangers kept Strome . The Rangers are getting close some games great the next night what happen . They proved on any given night they can play with anyone . Not that far out of the playoff s picture what do they have. 33 or 34 points the rangers are headed in rightbdirection

  • If they “sell” it won’t be like the past two years. Kreider just doesn’t merit a long term contract for over 6mil/year. And Fast, unless he signs for under 2mil/year won’t fit into their cap either. What they should be looking to add is a few more forwards like Lemieux rather than a few more finesse players. Since most of their D-core outside of Trouba (or Smith if he plays D) don’t play heavy they need to have at least 3 big, tough forwards. Kreids could be that type of player but he just doesn’t show it enough and Fast’s role should be filled by a Patrick Maroon type player in my opinion. They run the risk of fielding too many finesse type players in their lineup and the better teams will intimidate them physically, especially if they make the playoffs. You need a good mix. Maybe they get a little creative and trade for some of these kind of players that are young and controllable $wise. Perhaps they can combine a Hajek with a Fast or a Howden/Andersson with a Fast and bring back some heavy body’s that are greasy goal players?

  • Keep Fast, versatile defensive, and all out hustle. Not to mention cheaper. Kreider looks average this year, does his disappearing act, and hasn’t contributed much with his 6 goals, and yet the Rangers have 15 wins. He is getting older and, I believe, is not worth a long-term contract at what he will be asking. Definitely time to cut the cords and get a decent draft pick or prospect while we can. We’re not going to win the cup this year anyway.

  • Strome needs to be moved IMO. 26 points in 30 games is a Panarin aided aberration. I’m just hoping that JG is not looking at Strome as a cost-effective asset contractually. He is merely fools gold IMHO and may bring back something of value in a trade.

    • I disagree. I think Strome’s game is strong night in and night out…and not just when he plays with Panarin. He’s versatile and produces…and he’s only 26. If Howden was putting up Strome’s line every game Ranger fans would be ecstatic. Strome’s a keeper. DQ loves him almost as much as Howden and they will lock him up for 4 years/4-4.5 season.

      • Strome’s on pace to finish with about 68-75 points if he stays healthy. These days numbers like that usually equate to a salary north of $6.5 million annually. If he scores 70 points, he’ll likely want more than 4 years for his term. That’s a risky play in my opinion. While Strome has been a fine Ranger, he’s likely at his peak right now, and it’s not a smart move to pay premium dollars for a player’s declining years. Remember that Kevin Hayes got 7 years at $7 million per without ever having broken 60 points. Strome is headed towards that financial neighborhood, unfortunately, for NYR.

        I’d rather trade Strome and use the $$ to bridge-deal Tony DeAngelo, who can then be flipped as well if necessary.

        • Good points. I don’t really value him in the 6.5-7mil neighborhood. I’m hoping after bouncing around a few organizations he appreciates the Rangers taking a flyer on him (helping him rejuvenate his career), and signs with them for less.

      • Strome is wooden log, not top 6 and will ask, thx to 🍞 as top 6, they had to get rid of him 3 weeks ago, he is a bad skater, soft and chocker, he is trending last 3 week down, and by trade deadline….

      • The problem is Strome, is that he is scoring points, but if you watch closely, he misses on a lot of opportunities that he is given to score goals.

        He’s been set up a lot by Panarin and Strome either whiffs or shoots wide, as opposed to burying opportunities.

        He’s a “nice” player, but not worthy of the $5M per that would be required to sign him long-term. I would rather Kakko or Krav play in that top 6 role, at their ELC $$.

  • I’m a big fan of Kreider, but what has he done lately for us? This season he has been AWOL more than ever, his scoring is lacking, and he wants a pay raise? I think not!!!!!!!

    Would I trade him, yes I would for the right return, but I’d never give him a 5 to 7 year contract @ $6 mil or more. He has a huge frame on him, but doesn’t use it the way he could, and plays Houdini more times than not. I’ll miss him, as stated before I’m a fan, but I’m also a realist……………

    Fast will sign a very reasonable contract, and should be signed for three years or so. His return wouldn’t be that great, but his influence on the kids is enormous. He is a role model, never takes a shift off, and is liked by the locker room.

    Strome has been a decent player for us. He is versatile, and works well with Panarian, and can fill many roles. He is a player I’d keep, but can be traded for a reasonable return, so if someone makes an offer that we can’t refuse, we shouldn’t refuse!!

    All of the above will be dictated by where we are in the standings, and as much as I hate saying this, Georgiev may also be on the block, and he may be packaged for a nice pick, and player. Decisions will be made, tough as they may be, when the time is right, let’s just hope they are the right ones!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good post, Walt. When Kreider is locked in few players are as dynamic. They problem is he’s locked in every fifth game or so it seems! This is a guy who’s playing for a contract next year. He should be playing like his pants are on fire every game. They way his season is going he’s going to score u see 20 goals this season. Not good enough. He leaves us Rangers fans craving more out of him.

    • Lately? He has been primarily a 20-21 goal scorer for more than half of his career. Sorry dude but he’s been overrated since his first NHL season. I remember when my varsity coach called him the Dwight Howard of the NHL back in 2014 lol.

      • How’s that Hayes Jets jersey fitting you? Did your coach have anything to say about gutless overpaid centers? How’s that Hayes Flyer jersey fitting you?

    • Sigh, CK is a real conundrum. There is NO ONE in the entire Ranger organization that has CK’s combination of size, speed, and skill. No one. If playing “the right way” he is a complete beast.

      Ah, but therein lies the “rub”, right? How often does that type of play come out? 50%? 25%? This year? I say 10%. He’s playing like “dead man walking.” Like a player that knows he’s a goner, like Zuc last year at this time of the season.

      So, it’s very disheartening that a player, playing for a UFA contract, whether here or wherever, is playing like this so far. Is it worth 6/7 years at $6/7M per? Or, maybe more?

      I would give him a 5 year, $35M “take it or leave it” offer. CK has the physique to play a very solid 4 years, which would be most of the contract. But based on the way he’s playing now, if I were the Rangers, I would be lighting up the phone lines and get the biggest haul that I could, and move on.

      That’s not what I would prefer, but that’s what CK is offering, by the way he’s playing. It’s a shame. He should be our Landeskog or a more consistent Evander Kane.

  • I want a line form of Kreider Strome and Fast now till February to see if they r worth a raise or should be traded for draft picks and cap space

    • Strome is not dynamic. Enough to play with Kreids, and Fast is not offensive weapon…. It’s going to be Krylovs rubble The Swan, the Crowfish and the Pike

  • The Rangers will need cap room to re-sign ADA and Lemieux this summer. Re-upping UFA Kred and Fast are luxuries the Rangers can’t afford. RFA Strome should be offered a 1 yr show me deal, this will give their other young centers another year in the pros to develop.

  • Kreider has sure been playing like he’s expecting to get traded. He’s been my favorite player since he was drafted. But playing like this is not worth a long-term deal with big money. He’s in a contract year and probably more invisible than he’s been in the last 4 seasons or so. He’s off the top line, so he should also be eating up these 2nd/3rd pair d-men. I thought he’d be pushing 30+ goals this season for sure and make it very hard to trade him.

    But that’s not happening. He’s the definition of inconsistency this year. He’s invisible for 3-4 games at a time, and looks like he’s back to being unsure how to use his size and speed. I did not want to trade him before. But unfortunately, his game this season says he should be moved. I don’t think he would be in the top-6 for much longer here. He is what he is now, and will only regress from here.

    But please, please, PLEASE bring back some grit. There’s way too much soft skill on this roster. We get by sometimes during the season on a random Tues night and things like that. But put this team in a Playoff series against an aggressive, heavy team with skill, and they will run us out of the building. And probably injure a player or two…

    • Yep this team lacks push-back and grit. That’s why I was 100% in favor of trading Kevin “grit-less” Hayes especially for that $$$$! This is probably the reason we’re seeing so much of Brendon Smith as a forward this season. Even Kreider turns his back more than he engages opponents, by the way I hope he’s gone by the deadline. I’m hoping guys with size like Barron and Miller can gives us some of that grit next year.

  • Keep Fast, trade Kreider … pretty sure Fast will sign a team friendly moderate length deal (like 3 years) around $3M per, he just strikes me as the type of guy who would do that rather than chase a few more dollars. Re: Kreider, I love the guy but 7 @ 7 or 6 @ 7 just strikes me as a little too much money for a little too long a period of time. He’s not getting any better, that ship has sailed … and I don’t think his skills will degrade too much over the course of the next few years, but on the back end I worry.

  • You have to consider moving all pending free agents. Now whether you move them for picks, young players in another organization, or some blueline help is another issue. Guessing Gorton will get a clearer picture of our chances after the next 12 games or so. Our Hartford club may be getting some attention as well. We may want to use a guy like Boo Nieves as a sweetener.

    I read somewhere that Toronto may need to move a stud like Nylander due to salary concerns. I would be all over that opportunity, if it is indeed a real possibility.

    To me, Taylor Hall is the top prize and then there is Krieder

      • He could be a great player for us – has lots of upside and we need more talent, not just youth.
        Yes he is highly paid, but may be worth it if Toronto holds some salary

        • $7M per cap hit? No thank you, he’s worth $5-5.5M … and to be honest it looks like he’s regressed some since he signed that deal. I also think he isn’t the type of player we should be focused on, we should be looking at BIG fast skating forwards with an edge to their game to compliment our high level skill.

    • Kreider isn’t doing this team any favors or justice with his pla in the last 4 years. Right now he sure doesn’t feel like the alternative to Hall. Colorado and STL had beats hovering all over the Kreider rumors at different times. Both sides dragged him down and begged not to waste chips on a Chris Kreider trade.
      ^ Dude that’s not good circulation of news for a pending FA. Usually beats welcome a possibility of adding to their teams that they write about. Rumors follow like about how the Avs laughed at the idea of giving up their B list prospect or a 1st rd pick.

      I think Johnny Hockey is more of a alternative for teams who lose out on Hall. I could see GM’ s wanting to save their $$ for a player like that in the near future..

  • Get the best value for Kreider, Gorg, ADA, Strome, Fast, and Smith. I really like Gorg and ADA but realize our depth plus the picks we get outweigh the reasons for keeping them. Love Fast as a 4th liner but we can’t be overspending on that line. I think we could get a 3rd rounder for Fast. Strome’s value will never be higher (maybe a 2nd if we are lucky)

    I’d be more interested in picks or 2019 drafted prospects as I don’t want 1) any problems with Salary cap in the next 3-6 years, and 2) any problems in protecting everyone for the expansion draft.

    • We don’t have to trade ADA or Georgiev at the deadline and I’m not sure we would get true value for either at this point …. besides, they could both be part of the future … and Fast is a quiet leader who ALWAYS plays the right way. If we can keep him for less than $3m per @ 3 years I think you do it. Stability is important and Fast is one of those glue players who sets the right example both in the dressing room and out on the ice.

      Strome is an issue though, guess it just depends on the $s and for how long (plus whether he wants a burdensome NTC) … with Kreider on the other hand, I suspect he’ll look for 6-7 years around $7m+ plus an NTC/NMC — if that’s even close I think he needs to go, but not for less than a 1st rounder or a Top prospect (I wouldn’t look for quantity in the deal, just quality).

      Sure we could accumulate a few 2nds and 3rds by trading these players, but 2nds and 3rds are real crap shoots. I would focus on 1sts and/or really legit forward prospects.

      • Having multiple 2nd Rounders will be very useful in moving up in the 1st round. 3rd rounders are clearly crap shoots so less concerns with their accumulation.

        ADA and Gorg will definitely bring back value. Many teams need a #1 goalie and an offensive D. They are both expendable otherwise I would keep them. Lundqvist is not retiring and Shesty is not playing another year in the AHL.

        • you don’t trade RFAs at the deadline, you trade UFAs, why you may lose them and isn’t worth paying them what their ask is.
          this is about asset management to that end RFAs are more cost effective as you have some control over cost, total control if no arbitration rights are available. Both GORG and ADA have arbitration rights.
          lunqusit either needs to be traded or bought out, even with a nmc he can still be persuaded to waive it. His time on this team is past, you buy him out in the offseason, save $3000000 against the cap next year, have $1500000 in dead space 21-22.
          to trade gorg for you have him on the roster is ridiculous on its face! he only has one year left on his contract and you are going to trade a 23 year old potential # 1 goalie?
          If staal doesn’t retire he should be bought out as well, save $2133333 next year have $ 1066667 dead space 21-22

          • jack,you said it potentially a number 1 elsewhere i like gorg and he could a good goalie but not with the rangers he is out of options,besides every one knows it was going to be igor who was going to be in charge come next year and the king is not going anywhere,he might be older but he can still play up to his standarts

        • If you’re getting a 2nd rounder for either than you’re being underpaid — better to hold on to both. ADA is still working on shedding the stigma attached to him, it will need a little time … Georgiev can still increase his value … and who knows if a goalie goes down in the new year.

          Bottom line I wish Hank would see the writing on the wall and do what’s best for the team he supposedly loves so much. Honestly he should retire at the end of the season and be offered a job as an Ass. GM (or something of similar stature) — if the team next year looks like it can TRULY compete we can consider putting him on the roster (although seriously, what are the odds that this team can win the SC next season?) so he can etch his name on the SC. Go out on a high I say, don’t drag it out.

  • I like Stome’s game a lot. He has been productive offensively and has a bit of an edge to his game. I think he fits in well on the club.
    I know a lot believe that his production is solely based upon being paired with Panarin, and that certainly is a big factor in this season’s production, but the Rangers did not have Panarin last season and Strome was pretty productive despite being bounced around on different lines and mostly playing wing. If he does register a 60 point season this year that would be a great thing. Yes, he’d want to be paid, but I think the Rangers at least should consider keeping him around if the cost is feasible.

    I’d like to keep ADA because despite occasionally being stunod, the kid has offensive skills that are undeniable. Players with his skill level are not easy to come by. I think it is possible to retain him but it will obviously depend on other moves the club makes.

    Kreider hits, Kreider puts his body in front of the net and fights to stay there, and is just plain fast. He has proven that he can net at least 25 goals in a season. I’d keep him if financially feasible but I realize that it might not be possible with the cap and if he wants a long term deal at 29 years old.. I think that his slow start will be a thing of the past in a few weeks and his trade value should be better..

    I’d like to keep Georgiev. I think that he is the real deal and I also do not believe that goalies fetch a fair return in trades. Igor hasn’t proved himself in the NHL yet, although there is every reason to believe that he will, and Hank will be 38 in a couple of months. If possible, keep Georgiev. If not, include him in a package that brings back a nice return.

    I also like Brendan Lemieux a lot. Guys like him are sorely needed on teams to supply spark and emotion. He can also play the game at a satisfactory level. Sign him up.

    Fast in the quintessential fourth liner who can fill in anywhere. You keep guys like him around if you can afford him. That is the question.

  • We need a tough SOB, who can provide some black and blues and also score….Cam Neely clone please……Without the injuries…I’m not asking for much…lol

  • Many have stated that Georgiev is the real deal, while others have stated that we don’t know if he can carry the full load over a season…..So with Igor itching to come up to the big club…What do we do here? Hank is obviously towards the end of his horizon as an elite goalie…..and he will not accept a trade anywhere as of this point in time… do we trade Georgiev? I cannot see Igor spending two seasons in the AHL..Not going to happen….So there are some tough decisions to be made by leadership and my hunch is that Georgiev will be traded…. Igor will be up after G is moved…..

    • Rocky, how do we know Shesty can carry a full load over the course of a season and into the playoffs? He hasn’t played 1 NHL game and the KHL plays 62 games plus a shortened playoff run. In fact Shesty has never played more than 44 games (including playoffs in a season) … Georgiev has done that twice (44 and 47) in his career. I would submit to you that any questions you have re: Georgiev are the same questions you would have with Shesty — the difference being we’ve at least seen Georgiev play almost 60 games in the NHL.

        • You can say that but you’ve never seen him play in one NHL game. You look at his contemporaries from the KHL, guys who put up similar numbers … they aren’t lighting the League up. Now I agree he looks great and I would even be willing to bet on that, but it isn’t 100% … it may not even be 85-90%. Goaltending is part magic and magic always scares me just a bit. 😉

    • Agree,Igor is the real deal as they said in sports,no place for Gorg i think he may be a good goalie just like C Talbot was,but he was never was going to take the mantle.from Hank,besides there is another goalie in the pipeline he stiil in college once Hank retires he will be with main club,i hope when that happens will have a real coach

        • No, Talbot wasn’t an NHL player at age 23—but his results in his first 53 games as a Ranger surpass what Georgiev has done in his first 52 starts as a Ranger by a wide margin. Talbot has declined a lot since leaving NY, but don’t discount what he did while he was here.

          You keep insisting Georgiev is a starter, while failing to acknowledge that Allaire has routinely turned backups into 1A NHL goaltender material while they’ve been with NYR. That magic appears to stay with Allaire after these former backups have left. Georgiev is the guy to trade if Hank won’t waive his NMC. Shesterkin is the future for NYR.

  • If were selling I’d start with buch. Heading for another 45 point campaign. Also the type of player (soft, non shooting) they should be staying away from.

  • Tbh it’s way too early to absolutely answer this question. Because if the playoffs are close enough … I’m not taking a second rounder and b prospect for strome or kreider.

  • JG states the goal is to make the playoffs this year. They are two years into the rebuild, and have more or less the young core they want to move forward with. His goal is building a winning culture and giving some of these young guys the experience and spark their careers need by fighting through playoff series. I don’t think this deadline will be a sell for future picks type of deadline. The Rangers want to compete this year, even if they ultimately won’t contend.

  • This is as close as they get imo and that has come and pass. CBJ and Ottawa could easily pass this team or be in a tie as early as next week. Toronto and Tampa are already off. Buffalo seems to have regain some traction. Team’s ahead will most likely stay ahead of the NYR. Another lottery pick would do wonders for this club so I’m all for that.

    I know what you mean about the return for Kreider. That’s why you should prepare yourself for a NHL player like Josh Andersson type in return for him.

    As for Buch, I’ve been preaching that since 2018. He will be a inconsistent low 50s type of player with a poor 170 ft game. Everything that he had said to the media in the past sounds like a head case to me. He has trashed both of his NHL coaches over in Russia, talked about none team friendly problems like only worrying about putting up points. I can’t even picture how his game is going to look in a contract year next season. I think JG, JD and Drury are going to put pumps the breaks on this Eruo/Russian makeup and bring in more NA/Canadian guy’s. Regardless of all that, I don’t expect Buch to last as a NYR.

    I played on a line with a boarding school kid who was from overseas. It was at camp but he kept claiming that within 2-3 years he’ll go back to Europe and play in the KHL. He reminded me of Buch. Dudes like that rather skate around and and make backwards figure 8. Never could do anything that the coach asked him to handle in between periods. That takes a toll on the linemates, the bench and most importantly, the goalie.

    • Your guarantee that Hayes wouldn’t be traded worked out well. Are you able to consistently see NYR’s future?

    • Buch works hard and has changed his game over the course of the last couple of years. Of course it’s hard to break 60 points though when the coach constantly changes lines and is quick to demote you to a Siberian line.

    • I disagree about Buch. But I do agree that we shouldn’t be forcing an 8th seed first round sweep when we could get into the lottery again and really do this rebuild right.

      • 100% agree…which is why I’m consistently pissed off at some of DQ’s decisions that sure look to be “win-now” moves. I guess it’s hard to fault him on one hand, of course he wants his coaching record to be better… but on the other hand, I assume he’s got at least one more year after this left on his leash, short of getting fired for misconduct or something like that. I mean, the Ottawa series alone was grounds for dismissal for AV, and they still gave him another year. Quinn might even have another two seasons after this on his leash no matter what, again barring any outrageous behavior leading to his firing.

  • CK is a part time player always has been anyway. if you can get a full time NHL player who doesn’t disappear every other game go for it.

    • That’s setting a pretty low bar. Whatever you think about Kreider, he’ll have some serious value come the trade deadline (after Hall of course) — especially in light of the fact that the Rangers will easily be able to absorb half his already low salary cap hit.

  • As much as I hate to say it, we gotta do our best to trade King Henrik at the deadline. There’s already two heirs ready for battle it out for his throne. This team is rebuilding. By staying, he’ll only waste his last years in the show missing the playoffs and hampering the development of two all-world young netminders. While it would suck to see Hank go, I’d be so happy to see him finally hoist the cup, even in another jersey.

    • I think that Hank simply loves it in New York. He had a chance to be traded to a contending team when the Rangers announced the rebuild and refused the opportunity. I believe he means to retire as a Ranger and he will probably remain with the organization in some capacity when his playing career is over. I have the feeling (through observation and nothing else) that he is never going to leave.

      • He should do the right thing and retire on a relative high note at the end of the season. We’re not winning the SC this year or next — just being realistic here, it’s going to take another 3-4 years to be more than pretenders.

    • His call. He’s earned that. I don’t sweat it too much.

      Even if he does give Gorton the green light, even if the Rangers retain half salary, still might be easier said than done. Using CapFriendly’s projected cap space, the list of teams that could fit half of Hank’s hit under cap right now if they change nothing about their roster until the end of the year are as follows, with what one might assume their interest level and why in parenthesis, and then Hank’s presumed interest level in going there in brackets if the team chance is higher than none:

      Kings (None, not contenders.)
      Jets (Little to none, 6th in GA as-is. [None, Winnipeg doesn’t strike me as a place Hank longs to live.])
      Avalanche (None, Hellebuyuck is set there for years.)
      Islanders (None, Varlamov is set there for years.)
      Senators (None, not contenders.)
      Blue Jackets (None, not contenders.)

      It’s just hard to me to see Hank going anywhere, for those various reasons. But, hey, I suppose stranger things have happened. And injuries certainly can happen, making unforeseen teams get desperate. If he’s happy staying a Rangers, I’m happy for him. I really think we as fans owe him major gratitude for most playoff appearances/advancements in the last 15 years. Has earned every penny of that contract, and still playing at a solid level even if not elite anymore.

      Who knows, maybe he will sign a super cheap sweetheart deal to be the backup after next season and still get to hoist that Cup. Again, stranger things have happened, and a man can dream!

      • Egelstein—Hellebuyck is Winnipeg’s starter, not Colorado’s. And if Hank is traded at the deadline, there’s a much smaller amount of salary for the acquiring team to handle on their cap, I believe.

    • I agree with you guys that Hank has earned the right to stay and retire a Ranger, and I’d love to see him stick around with the team in some capacity. You got to think that, while rightfully attributed to Benoit Allaire, part of why all these random back-ups have blossomed as Rangers is partially due to working with Hank, too.

      We all love Hank. We all know without him that 2012 team, the 2014 team, the 2015 team, don’t achieve squat. That said, we all know what’s best for this team’s immediate future, too.

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