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Vegas Golden Knights/Rangers Game Thoughts

Get the Shutout, Georgie

This game man…this game. Absolutely stellar performance by Alexander Georgiev and the offense to back him up. The high danger chances converted for the Rangers vs the Knights was the key here, but an exciting game nevertheless. Let’s get to the thoughts shall we?!

  • Literally 10 seconds into the game, Georgiev has to make a high danger save. Is there anything more on-brand than that for the 2019-2020 New York Rangers?
  • What more can you say about the incredible skill set of Artemiy Panarin. The guy is an elite hockey player in every aspect of his game. Subban did not have a great night in goal by his standards, but a filthy shot eluded him and it was what got the rout going.
  • The Rangers were hilariously outshot in this game, but all it takes sometimes is converting on big spots like they did on the 4 minute power play tonight with a little bit of puck luck for the rebound to go right to Trouba’s stick, but an even better shot to beat Subban.
  • You absolutely hate to see what happened to Cody Glass. Lemieux in my opinion showed no intention on that elbow, but that was careless in all aspects. This game is fast though and hits like that will occasionally happen. Lemieux answered for it later with a scrap with Carrier, but you hope Glass is okay.
  • Last week’s game was definitely avenged tonight and it was good to see that the team looked to be having fun when they would pan down the bench.
  • David Quinn has gotten a lot of criticism this season for his decision making with the lineups, but the kids did alright tonight.
  • Kakko showed a little more on the power play tonight than he has in a while. It was good to see he at least was firing a few one-timers on Subban.
  • There’s fun to be had that Georgiev might have to be traded, but would it really be the worst thing for the Rangers to keep him and he be Shesterkin’s backup when Igor eventually makes the NHL? Hank is this team’s goalie, but Georgiev/Shesterkin is most likely your future tandem. Worst case, you could still let Igor tear up the AHL next season and see. There are some difficult decisions coming for Gorton and company regarding this with the cap and what makes sense for the future of the Rangers.
  • Those are some pretty brutal delay of game calls against the Rangers that went off the glass both times. How do you manage to miss that?
  • Kreider is just lighting money on fire every game, but it was good to see him get a goal tonight. I’m starting to worry he won’t fetch the kind of package we were hoping for later on at the deadline. furthermore, who on earth is going to give him the bag this summer?
  • Sign Jesper Fast, that’s it, that’s the thought. He’s not the flashiest player on the ice, but he just gets the job done.
  • It’s nice to have the play of Mika Zibanejad back on the both 5v5 and special teams again.
  • So is Hank ever going to get a shutout ever again? Good for Georgiev though!
  • We needed this kind of win, the team’s first in Vegas. This one was fun to watch.

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  • Jesper scored his 4th goal of the season. That’s one more goal then converted defenceman Brendan Smith. Fast is a depth player, not a player that the Rangers should overpay for in the offseason. Bread had his usual productive night and I thought Strome and ADA had good outings. But the star tonight was the Ranger between the pipes. Gorton must be fielding many calls from other GMs on the status of Georgiev.

    • Fast is a checking machine who rarely makes mistakes. His mission is to disrupt the other team’s offense, and he’s damn good at it. That may be your definition of a “depth player”, but I think he deserves more respect than that.

      • Fast defensive game is overrated. Just because a hockey player is offensively inept doesn’t make them a defensive specialist by default. I admire Fast work ethic, but there are many Jesper Fast type hockey players in the AHL and over in Europe.

        • Yes, Fast haters keep pointing that out …. without any evidence to back it up. Such are the times now …

  • Ryan Strome had a couple of assists. ADA made a play on the first goal that most can’t make. Trouba and Fox had nice games. They looked far, far different than the last time they played the Knights! Georgiev is real hot!

    • Loved Tony’s play on that first goal. I will admit, it certainly faked me out from my couch.

  • Last night was a very good night for the entire defense. Did any of you realize that every defensman scored last night? Sure enough, they did, and also played sound defense. Georgie stood on his head, would hate to lose the guy. Another small tidbit of info, the Rangers have the most points from their defense than any other team in the NHL, good for them!!!!!!!!

    • “Original top prospect Igor Shesterkin was set to take the reins from Henrik Lundqvist, but the emergence of Alexandar Georgiev in net over the last three years might be forcing the Rangers to think long and hard about their plans.
      Should New York want to go with the original plan—Shesterkin—they must move on from Georgiev and that could happen as soon as this season. Georgiev is now just three games until he is no longer waiver exempt which would force them to move him sooner than they would like.”
      This from Dom Renna’s article on ESNY this morning, this is why I said I’d hate to lose this kid, he’s so cool under pressure!!!!!!!!!

    • The D issue is really in the neutral zone.

      What do the Isles have that we don’t? They have a defensive minded coach who knows that slowing the opponents in the neutral zone takes pressure off the back end, including the goalie.

      While our team has no defensive neutral zone structure, as Paul Maurice implied, and Trouba has basically said in his comments.

      Look at where we are and look at where the Isles are, with probably less overall player talent.

      • I have been saying the same thing for months Tony. Allowing the opposition easy zone entry puts too much pressure on the defensemen and goalie.

        • Way too easy my friend.

          And I don’t care who you have on the back end, if the opponents are entering our D zone with a full head of steam, no D men are going to be able to stop the onslaught.

          Our D are obviously talented, well most of them, lol. They are producing points.

  • No doubt Georgiev is one solid goalie and would arguably make for a solid #1 on half the teams in the NHL, but you have to be crazy not to trade him in an effort to improve this team up the middle. With Benoit Allair (spelling?) around I have no doubt Shesty will be a top 10 nhl goalie in just a year or two and most importantly will develop yet another solid backup that continues to create trade value down the road. After being bogged down with a large contract that past few years at the position, you would be crazy to go with Gorgiev when Shesty will be a screaming bargain through Panarin and Trouba’s contracts. Because of the expansion, we can’t have our cake and eat it too. Georgiev would only take a bridge deal anyway unless we over spend. We can’t have our cake and eat it too with the expansion draft coming. Besides, Georgiev will only take a bridge unless we overpay.

  • Georgiev, cool as a cucumber. He seems to move with ease, and effortlessness. He improves with every game and proves himself. The kid is already a beast. DO NOT TRADE HIM! Really hate to say it, but old Hank is now in the way of two great goalies on the rise.

    • Thing is, he’s looked that way from the very first minute we saw him play. The kid has oozed confidence, poise and economy of motion from the start — he has all the tools. This isn’t Cam Talbot (no offense intended), he’s much more.

  • Keep BOTH Shesty and Georgiev and let them fight it out — at least until either Huska or Wall prove themselves to be NHL capable …. I’m not convinced that Georgi loses this battle, well not till I see Shesty play 50+ games in the NHL.

    • What if they’re not interested in “fighting it out”? What if both of them believe that they have a legitimate shot at being a number one NHL goaltender right now? Do you want us to have two disgruntled goaltenders sitting at opposite ends of the bench, glaring at each other, with their agents trying to get them out of NYC?

      • Excellent point, Joe. Carrying 3 goalies at the NHL isn’t a possibility for any successful team.

        And Tanto, you sound all in on Georgiev—but just to remind you of not putting the cart before the horse: Cam Talbot’s first 53 starts in his 2 seasons as a Ranger goalie were little short of amazing. He went 33-15-5 with a 2.08 GAA and .931 SV%. Obviously those numbers were a reflection of better Ranger squads, but I’d be wary of keeping 3 goalies around who deserve NHL playing time. There’s at least 3-4 contenders who’d improve with either Ranger goalie between the pipes. Allaire has consistently gotten excellent results from Ranger backups, who’ve then dropped off in play or struggled with injury after leaving NYR.

      • Joe, now you care? They can think that all they want but they are cost controlled and a long way from UFA status — they need to fight it out. I find it humorous though that you’re concerned about a goalie who has not played 1 minute in the NHL … and that you might be ready to anoint him the successor to the King. Let him earn that “title”.

        FAR … you can’t compare the two:

        1) Talbot played behind better teams;
        2) Georgi was playing in the NHL when Talbot was just a Junior in College, he has at least 4-5 years of “development” on Talbot who was a nice late bloomer.

        Honestly if Shesty deserves a shot then let Hank suffer, unless Hank plays better than Georgi — which I don’t think has been the case over the last year+.

  • “So is Hank ever going to get a shutout ever again? Good for Georgiev though!”
    Counting the playoffs, on his current contract, INCLUDING the playoffs, Hank has 14 of the 30 Ranger shutouts. Think about that.

    • In defense of Lundqvist, in previous years (his prime), his partners have got the easier games. I know Gorg got some thought games last year but over all i think this is the first year in Henry’s history where his partner gets legit games.

      • Easy to say, but not true. Last year was actually the least balanced year when Georgiev got much tougher games than Hank. And the year before, Georgiev got most of the games at the end of the year after the team was weakened by trading guys away. In earlier years, while Hank may have had a slightly tougher schedule, it was not significant. A lot of games Talbot and Raanta played were simply when Hank was injured – and at one time when Hank was slumping. Talbot even played in Montreal when Hank was regularly losing there.

        Truth is that AV never gave Hank tougher assignments on purpose. Hank was more likely to play in rivalry games, so more likely to play against the Devils or Flyers, while being less likely to play against western teams, be they good or poor. Yes, Skapski got easier assignments intentionally but were are talking about two games here.

  • Bottom line guys, which likely makes our team better:

    Shesty+someone’s 2nd Rounder+Future FA or Prospect as Goalie Backup (under Allaire tutelage)

    Keep in mind, if we get another 2nd rounder for Kreider (1st rounder is lone gone now) or DeAngelo our ability to move up in the draft goes up dramatically. Another words, our 1st rounder + 2 second rounders, I presume moves us up to a Top 4-6 pick. Example, 15th, 47th, and 58th for #5 (1750pts vs 1700pts of trade value). I would take that any day, especially with the expansion draft or the risk of really pissing off the Shesty camp and/or killing his value in any trade market by wasting away in AHL another season.

    BTW, how about Ryan Graves season? WT….?! PLEASE no prospects sent our way in any trades mentioned above.

    • It’s quite possible one of Huska or Wall pushes for the backup role in a couple of years, the last thing we need is another goalie prospect, we’re loaded.

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