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Minnesota Wild/Rangers Game Thoughts

The return of Mats Zuccarello

This game was everything that you could have asked for as a fan of the Rangers. Long stretches of dominant possession, shots, cycling, and decent ability to stand up the opposition. This was also an emotional night for many for the Hockey Fights Cancer night and for the return of our favorite hobbit: Mats Zuccarello. Let’s break this one down and get to the thoughts shall we?

  • Year after year, this organization absolutely kills it with the Hockey fights cancer pre-game ceremonies. Seeing kids going through what they are going through really puts things into perspective. Especially now that I’m a father myself, I cannot imagine what those families have to go through when kids are suffering that young. Here’s to finding a cure one day!
  • I had to see the tribute for Mats Zuccarello unfortunately via Twitter because MSG decided that–arguably the most important night on a Rangers fan’s calendar other than opening day–didn’t need to air the video tribute in full. That’s some straight clownery on their part and should be ashamed of themselves seeing as how much of a fan favorite Zuccarello was whilst here in New York.
  • Hank came to play in this one and it is beautiful to see him still able to perform at this level given his age, truly remarkable athlete and it is just unreal that he is now officially a top 5 goalie of all time in wins.
  • Brady Skjei LOVES scoring against the Minnesota Wild and I always find it hilarious when guys score against the team from the state they were born.
  • In the same breathe, man does Ryan Donato love scoring against the Rangers…
  • Artemiy Panarin also continues to show his offensive dominance with yet another assist on the Skjei goal. That contract is a beauty and I still have to pinch myself from time to time that this guy gets to play for this team.
  • I could watch Kakko protect the puck and out muscle everyone all day long.
  • At the quarter mark if the season, is anyone else just SLIGHTLY concerned about Jacob Trouba? This guy was such a stud in Winnipeg and I find myself waiting for what I saw there here in New York. This goes back to the staff on hand I suppose and how they are executing the systems they are taught in practice, but Trouba is on pace for some pretty low point totals for a guy making THAT much money to not only defend, but score/create scoring.
  • I found Chris Kreider guys! That’s exactly what this team needs him to do in the clutch and to help raise his trade value. Hopefully he goes on a tear a la Zuccarello last season.
  • Adam Fox is undeniably the Rangers best defenseman, those moves right up into overtime were absolute filth against the Wild defenders. If only he made that shot…
  • For a low scoring affair–in comparison to Saturday’s matchup–this was a pretty entertaining game on all fronts. You as a fan of course want to see the numerous chances from the 2nd period converted to goals, but I found myself being more excited and glued to the screen anytime the Rangers had the puck tonight.
  • Seemed fitting for this game to end in OT, what a snipe by Tony DeAngelo

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    • Do not confuse what the fans want vs what the Rangers will do, big difference.

      We can want him here all we want, but I don’t think the Rangers pay him, so…

  • I don’t want to trade him. He seems to be thriving here and with Stall on the way out and hopefully Miller and Lundkvist coming up sooner rather than later things are looking up.

    They seem to be finding their way and the kids are learning how to be pros. I hope we don’t win too much so we can snag another draft stud.

    Boy Kelly

  • Great assessment of the game, Tyler. You’re right about the Rangers doing a great job with Hockey Fights Cancer every year. A lot of heart warming stories that put things into perspective. The game itself was a fun one to watch, as the Rangers dominated play in the offensive zone like no other game this year. Not gonna lie, it was looking like one of those games after the Wild went up 2-1. Happy they pulled it out. A lot of great individual games on Rangers. Buch was robbed on that crazy skate save by Stalock! Tony D is for realz! Let’s make it 3 in a row! LGR!

  • While the game was frustrating at times (the Wild is not a very fast team at all), I did like that the Rangers won a close checking, defensively played game. Grinding out a win. So I thought it was a good win in that way.

    Wow, the goalies were very good in this game, both of them. Stalock made several big time stops, the big one on Buch after Buch one-timed a shot right in front. Unreal save, right in front of my seats at that end of the ice. Remarkable.

    Fox, just wow, first pair D man, IMO. Just great acquisition.

    I wish that Fast had a little more offense in his game. Sigh…

    What a great night to be at MSG: Fight against cancer and Zuc’s return. MSG is a money machine, but they do know how to do things right. Between the stories of cancer triumphs and Zuc, there was not a dry eye in the place. Great stuff!!

    Keep it going boys, tomorrow night. LGR!!

  • Nice game, nice win. Can they possibly win 3 in a row? Defense was good against a slow team.

  • Nov 25, 2019 at 9:45 pm
    Hank’s victory #455, Tony D delivers!!!!!! Congrats Hank……………..
    The above is what I posted last night, just let that settle in for a while!!!!

  • Richter1994 – well, that about says it all. So…
    My daughter sat with me last night to watch Zuuc’s return (in her Zuuc game jersey of course) and was so sad at the purported tribute the MSG broadcast showed. Glad to know there was at least more to note of his NYR career somewhere. Maybe she can track it down. Fox is just so smooth and consistently solid all the time. Not advocating, just asking – does he have all star potential in the future? Nice to see the Rangers have two really good rookies in the lineup between Kakko and Fox.

  • trouba is on pace for 40 points , averaging about 3 shots a game (64 in 22) only-1 on a middling defensive team…. eating a lot of mins. I don’t think hes been as bad as you make it.

    • Would agree with you 100% on this point. Trouba is this team’s best overall defenseman, and he’s been producing of late despite being banged up.

      Rangers’ RD isn’t a problem anymore. Fox, DeAngelo, and Trouba are a seriously talented crew.

      • Agree on RHD… LHD is the problem

        Lindgren competent nothing great or flashy. Ok second pair guy, v. good third pair.
        Staal enough on him
        Skjei more bad than good .. would be decent third pair d-man, nothing more.
        Hajek plays like he doesn’t want to screw up, not too aggressive needs more confidence IMO … maybe time in Hartford.

        I really want to see what we have in Rykov.

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