2019 NHL Draft Day Two Open Thread

The Rangers were rather quiet yesterday, despite rumors. They selected Kaapo Kakko as #2 overall, as expected. Rounds 2-7 will begin at 11am 1pm (stupid west coast) today, and the Rangers have seven picks:

  • Two 2nds (#49 from Dallas, #58 from Tampa)
  • 3rd (#68)
  • 4th (#112 from Columbus)
  • 5th (#130)
  • 6th (#161)
  • 7th (#205 from Columbus)

There’s still room for the Rangers to make trades, although I expect that anything significant will wait until the Artemi Panarin sweepstakes are over.

Use this as your open thread. As always, keep it civil please.

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    • I was going to ask if folks think #49 & #58 would be enough to get #32 or so?

      I know a lot of you were thinking Kaliyev for #20 when we had it. He’s dropping for a reason. Is he worth a shot at trading up?

      • I think it’s worth betting on the talent. I was thinking 49 and 68/Vesey if he’s still on the board after the first several picks. I have no idea of pick values though.

      • Good morning! I like it Swarty, but I unfortunately think that won’t get it done, it’ll cost a bit more, The talk this morning with all the personnel here is the cap issue, expansion and free agency. I see no news on NYR anywhere, other than NYR fans here seem to want to keep Kreider, heard nothing at all on Jimmy, but that doesn’t mean the phones won’t ring later. Should be an awesome Day 2.

    • GMs have no visibility on what the cap ceiling will be going into next season. This put a damper on trade activity in the first round. Bettman needs to figure his shit out.

      • It’s $500k difference between numbers right now.

        The bigger problem is that’s $1mm less than the league had projected at the last BOG meeting.

  • Should I admit how jealous I was AFTER we drafted KK? It’s like I wanted another 2-3 players selected in that first round. Yes I know, I’m a greedy horrible person. lol

  • Hoglander Hoglander Hoglander

    I fear these kids will be gone by the time we pick in the 2nd round. Jeff should have given up Dallas’ or TB’s pick instead of our own for Fox … but that’s easy for me to say.

  • The run on D continues and they’re grabbing 4th rounders in the 2nd.

    No one know anything about defence.

  • Hearing Jesse Pulvi (however you spell his name from Oilers) for Howden and Robertson, the guy the Rangers picked at 49.

    • Puljujarvi.

      I don’t know why, but I can spell Finnish names pretty easily once I hear it. Very phonetic I guess.

      I’m not sure I’d deal Howden for him straight up. Nothing about the player, just about leverage.

          • Gorton pulled back, does not want to give up Howden in this deal.

            Now, Vesey, is another matter. Stay tuned.

        • I like Howden despite his fall off in the middle of the season … and Robertson is a real good pick for the 2nd round. Puljujarvi is interesting, but he scares me a bit. You would think with a new coach in Edmonton that he would give it a shot there, instead he demands a trade.

          • When I saw him play his rookie year, he looked just fine.

            Definitely some injury issues, but the Oilers could screw up a 2 car parade.

      • I watched Slepets play at the WJC, he’s been passed over before (20 year old) but he’s got an engine that never stops, he’s excellent shorthanded … this would have been a pick I wish we had made late. I really like where Carolina is going, he could turn out to be a great bottom 6 player.

    • Montana Onyebuchi or Dustin Wolf.

      Stay at home defender who can drop the gloves or a great goaltender who is getting buried because he’s only 6’

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