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McKenzie: Rangers will likely trade Chris Kreider and Jimmy Vesey

Per Bob McKenzie on SiriusXM (courtesy of Tom Urtz Jr.), the Rangers are likely to trade both Jimmy Vesey and Chris Kreider tonight. There’s a lot of trade chatter, but McKenzie singled out these two as likely to move.

As always, there is nothing wrong with trading players who may not be a part of the future. However considering it’s Kreider, the return is going to be highly scrutinized for years to come. It will be like trading Derek Stepan or Ryan McDonagh. It’s one of those where Jeff Gorton will need to hit a homerun.

Packaging these two together could lead to interesting results, possibly a top-ten pick and then some. Time will tell, though.

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  1. If Gorton is trading away Kreider or packaging him in a deal, he had better get a 1st round draft pick. If he cannot get a 1st round pick, I’d rather keep Kreider. His combined size & speed are unrivaled in the NHL.
    You need to have some veteran players on the team to go along with the youth.

    1. Have to agree with you here, and to be trading to get Panarian rubs me the wrong way. We will know before the night is over!!!!!!

  2. I am OK on trading Vesey, but not Kreider, who one day I feel will put it all together and be the second coming of Cam Neely, the ultimate power forward.

    1. I have thought that for years Bobby. And I have always thought that he would be the one to come back and bury the Rangers if they trade him.

      I am now at peace with trading him under the right circumstances..

      1. Hey Swarty, I see your point, but Kreider has a physical presence to his game that few in the NHL can match. He is a genetic freak , I am thinking now that he will be turned to as one of the leaders of this young group , he may turn into the monster that he has the ability to be? . I love the fact we have Trouba in tow, he also has the physical presence, but also a very nasty side to him, maybe he will rub off on Kreider? . Trouba & Kreider in the same line up, on the prowl, will make the Rangers a team that will cause others to say Oh Boy, LETS PLAY NICE WITH THESE GUY’S.

    2. We have been saying the same thing for 6 years. He is what he is at this point. Which isn’t bad by the way but he isn’t more than what we’ve seen!

      1. Bingo. The days of “waiting for the next level” are over.

        Asking for Hayes’ contract, which I would not blame Kreider for, will expedite the exit plan.

    3. We would not be trading Kreider if we didn’t sign Smith and Staal was trade worthy. Kreider by default if they want a shot at Panarin

    4. Bobby

      By the end of the day, July 2nd, we will be a much tougher team to play against. I suspect that is one of the reason’s Vesey is being traded, need room for bottom six guys that play hard, with snarl, and aren’t afraid to play physical. Probably one of the main reason we didn’t try to resign Hayes, soft as Jello!!!!

  3. Trade him, he goes from a world beater to disappearing for shifts or games no biggie..after saying goodby to zuuk don’t care about anyone left

  4. Kreider shouldn’t be traded unless the pick coming back is a Top 10 and I don’t mean the 9th or 10th pick. 😉

    1. … and who will hold down the fort on the left side? Who will play with Trouba (not to mention they’re close buddies). Skjei is still young with a contract, Kreider is … who the hell knows what he wants.

  5. My gut tells me they trade these guys for the pick that gets us Matt Boldy.
    I’m so pumped for tonight!

  6. It’s offical, we got our man, Kakko. I just love it, and the way Shero milked the pick of Hughes!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My evening is made, we got our guy, and man is he put together standing up there with JG!!!!!

    1. It was dumb not to, and what was Stevie Y drinking last night? Even Seider was shocked.

    1. I read somewhere that he said it has 0 effect on him. They diagnosed it when he was 12-13 and he’s done nothing differently since then.

  7. Another article that wouldn’t have happened if hank just let us trade him

    He is obstructing the rebuild.

    1. Hank has earned legendary status and will not be disrespected…..I agree that it hurts from a salary cap standpoint, but it is what it is…It will always be Hank’s call if he stays or goes….

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