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Rangers acquire Jacob Trouba from Winnipeg for Neal Pionk and the 20th overall pick

The blockbuster is here, and the cost is less than we thought. Jeff Gorton has pulled a major move, acquiring defenseman Jacob Trouba from the Winnipeg Jets for defenseman Neal Pionk and the 20th overall pick (originally Winnipeg’s) in this year’s draft.

Rumored cost for Trouba was significantly higher, and was rumored as recently as yesterday. This is a huge trade for the Rangers and not only gives them a 1RD for the foreseeable future –assuming he re-signs, which I’m assuming he will– but also rids them of Neal Pionk, who was downright awful.

This, my friends, is a great trade.

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  • Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    We fleeced them LGR!

  • Only Pionk and the pick? Geez…that’s amazing considering what Brooksie said the cost would be. Wow!

  • Well – I hate giving up that pick, but if you look at it from a big picture perspective the pick plus Pionk is kind of a no brainer, even for me.

    • Look at it this way … we’d all be over the moon ecstatic if that 20th pick turned into a legit first pair NHL defenseman, right? Well, it just did. In essence, we gave up Pionk and 3 months of Hayes to get Trouba. Yeah, Dolan will have to pay Trouba a ton of money, but that’s one thing (besides a sharp GM) that he has. I wonder if JD had any influence on the deal?

      • Joe- Gorton has his eye on Trouba for the past two off-seasons. I knew of this personally, This is a great deal and having JD back with the Rangers, this organization is heading in a great direction. Trouba will most likely re-sign with the Rangers.

        Gorton will be trying to get back into the first round and is looking for a player to protect the young players. More moves to come, Rangers are in good hands.

        • I remember your post a few months back and it was really prophetic. Thanks for the insight you give us from time to time. Don’t be a stranger to this blog.

          • Thank you guys, can share this now…I told Tony- Richter1994 about a month ago when I got back from training with my buddy who was in the NHL and has friends in some executive positions now in the NHL. Anyway, he told me the Jets were heading for some cap issues and need to ensure they sign Connor and a few others. Cross reference that what I knew regarding Trouba and the Rangers for some time, plus Coach Quinn type of players he wants, this move had to happen. I have seen Trouba up close a few times, I m not so much on top of the stats and analysis data, but watching Trouba over the past three-seasons, I would always turn around and telll my Ranger buddies how much Trouba is exactly what this team needs on the blue line. As Jeff Gorton mentioned in his presser today, Trouba will slide onto the 1 RD, play big minutes against top lines, will be on the PP and has a bite to him around the net when needed,

            Also, look for Gorton to try to add a certain player to watch over the young players, and move around in this draft a bit to get back into the first rounder for another young d-men prospect.

        • Montana Onyebuchi

          6’2”, 220, likes to fight guy(but isn’t out of control), can actually defend. Needs to get coached up somewhat, but in sheltered minutes he’d put the fear of god.

          As we head to 32 teams, fighting may start creeping back in as roster optimization will start to allow for punchers who can play.

          If you got a chance the best mix of the 2 since Tom Wilson(and you play in the same division as him) having a player like that isn’t the worst thing in the world to take a 5th-7th rd flier on as an overager.

  • Screaming deal. Even if the extension never happens, Rangers came out ahead on that trade.

    When the signing happens, highway robbery.

    But the skeptic in me wonders about the willingness of WPG to dump Trouba means.

      • jake (yes we are on a first name basis now) was playing on a 1-year arbitrator award contract and no there was no restriction on where jets could trade him. but what he could do is ask his agent to tell all the teams he didn’t want to play for that he wouldn’t sign with them.

    • Jacob forced his way here. Mrs. Trouba wanted to be in NYC.

      Jets had no market and got the 20th back, which was the key piece.

      • Tony

        When we think about this transaction, we gave up nothing in reality because we never paid a cent for Hayes, or Pionk, both signed as free agents. Now that is a hell of a thought, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gosh, the cost was a lot less that I imagined it might be. We need to send flowers and a big thank you to Dr. (Mrs.) Trouba!

      • And Gorts got the deal done the right way with a team that had no leverage. Unlike the St. Louis/Callahan deal.

        I am totally blown away by how little it cost.

        Two observations:
        1- The dude better have broad freaking shoulders given the expectations he is going to have weighing him down.

        2- We shall see how much Trouba wants to be a Ranger based on how the extension plays out against the cap and for how long.

        Somebody, maybe Reen, noted how few of these 7 & 8 deals work out reasonably. 8 years is a long time even for someone who is 25.

        • As written prior, he can only sign a 7 year extension as he was not on the roster as of the trade deadline.

          We’re regretting Shatty already, but barring catastrophic injury they’ll get 5 good years out of Trouba.

      • Saying the Jets have cap issues is like saying Trump has a credibility problem.

        Moving Trouba didn’t fix their problems, just made them palatable. They have $25mm to fill out 9 roster spots and 2 of those spots are going to take up $10mm+ of it.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a conditional pick also going to the jets if the rangers extend him. This just seems too light.

      • And the Jets got Kevin Hayes for 25 games. The rangers get this year with Trouba and the chance to extend him. This is such a steal I can’t imagine there isn’t more involved if the rangers extend him. If not then this ranks right behind the Scott Gomez for a Mcdonagh trade.

    • he comes in as an RFA. that would be shocking if the rangers traded #20 without certainty on signing him to the point that a conditional would be meaningful, unless the conditional was that NY gets #20 back if he doesn’t sign 🙂

  • So this trade turns out to be Hayes, and Pionk, for Trouba, and Lemiuex. That my friends is a terrific deal for us now, and the long term. We got rid of a defensman who was very poor, and a soft center who had no backbone for a franchise defender, and a young wing who will fill a necessary role of being an agitator.

    All along I said his wife was the force behind this trade, and her desire to practice medicine in NYC, well that’s it, she won. Thank you Mrs Trouba, or should I say Doctor Trouba. Welcome to the Big Apple.

    The defense will be:

    This defensive corp is one I can live with for a few years until Staal, and Shatty are gone.

    There is enough talent in this draft to enable us to get a decent forward in the second round as well, I just can’t wait for Friday to get here already. Great job on this transaction to the entire staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “So this trade turns out to be Hayes, and Pionk, for Trouba, and Lemiuex. That my friends is a terrific deal for us now, and the long term.”

      Gotta agree with that Walt – way better than what we were thinking.

      Oh Baby!!!!

      • Personally, Gorton was never my problem. Sather was and Clarke is.

        One down (you do remember I called JD In January or so?).

        One to go….

        • Except Gorton and Clarke are a “team” … it goes back a ways, so don’t expect a breakup. Besides, Clarke has done pretty damn well the last 3 years — he worked a long time with limited assets.

    • More to come Wait…….Gorton and JD are not done……more players to be on the move, toughness is coming to the bottom 6, movement during the draft…..Rangers are building a powerhouse sooner than later.

      • AZ

        That is music to my ears………Love the fact that we are gong to get bigger to protect our kids, I guess JD, and JG wouldn’t stand the brand of hockey where they hit you with their purse, Hayes anyone, LOL!!!!!!!!! Like I posted earlier, can’t wait till Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And I would have overpaid by sending those 2 and Andersson, LOL.

    I wanted this guy for 3 years!!


  • Wait til they find out how bad Pionk is…unless he is just a warm body and the 20 is what was really important to them. JG is a Mobster

  • I was on record saying this is not the year to sign big time UFAs, but this trade is hard to argue with. This is an exciting time to be a NYR fan! I’m happy but, like Swarty, I have concern about the extension. More accurately, the cost of said extension.

    • Why? In 2 years we for sure lose Shattenkirk, Staal and Smith — $16.5m … although I suspect there are more moves to come now that the first HUGE domino has fallen. It has to be another d’man to go, one with some salary … I wonder also if this doesn’t entice Panarin just a little bit more to come to NY.

    • I was a naysayer too Joe.

      But I also thought it was going to cost them a forward like Kreider or Buchnevich. Pionk and a 20? Amazing.

  • Pass the crow please. I would never of guess that the Rangers could acquire Trouba for such a bargain. This deal moves the needle in the rebuild.

  • The Jets taking Pionk in this trade shows that analytics and metrics are not as important to GM’s as we might think. Yay!

    • Either that or they wanted an RD and the Rangers insisted that it wasn’t going to be DeAngelo or Fox, no way no how.

      • Tanto… if the Rangers didn’t qualify Pionk as an RFA how many people on this blog would have been pissed? Not me that’s for sure. How about you?

        • Gato, he could be adequate as a very sheltered 3rd pairing guy who gets a little PP time, but he was goner the minute we traded and signed Fox. He’s 23, I don’t doubt he could improve his defensive play a little, but we have much better options for the right side …. maybe this deal is good for him, it let’s him play without all the pressure of a Top 4 guy.

  • Now the battle between DeAngelo and Fox begins. I suspect they sign DeAngelo to a bridge deal as they wait to see if Fox turns into a legitimately good 2nd pairing d’man … Meanwhile Nils Lundkvist waits in the wings.

      • It’s possible, maybe up to the trade deadline. Thing is though he’ll more than likely get 3rd pairing minutes, which can be both good and bad — diminishes his trade value but he might actually perform better (not on the PP though because that time should go to Trouba and DeAngelo). Also on the plus side is if Fox doesn’t play 30 games, we move a 3rd instead of a 2nd — which would be great for next year’s draft.

          • He has a few years to develop … and I still don’t understand why you’re so down on this kid. He’s been playing in the SHL for two years now. Next season he’s being moved up to 1st pairing, as a just turned 19 year old. From what I’ve seen he looks quite good, not flashy mind you but smart.

      • That wasn’t the battle I’m talking about. Just projecting down the line 3-4 years that one of them may have to go, or it’s Lundkvist … I assume Trouba won’t be going anywhere.

  • If Steinbrenner owned the NYR and Bowie Kuhn was the NHL Commissioner, this trade would have been voided.

  • Great trade on Trouba. I hope we sign him. Fox will play 60 games in Hartford and then he is up to Rangers. Smith is on his way out or in Hartford for good. Others will battle for remaining D. One more year of Staal then buyout. Rangers playing this well. Good job Gorton!! BTW, i am not convinced on Skei…you never know

  • Now the hard part begins.

    The 23 man roster (when Kakko comes in) looks to be full and that’s without Claesson, Kravtsov or any other recent signee.

    So the game of musical chairs between Vesey, Strome & Namestnikov has begun in earnest.

    More deals to follow for sure.

  • Good trade for JG and the Rangers. But if they can’t sign Trouba then it won’t look too good even though they can still flip Trouba at the deadline if he doesn’t sign.

    • Lol Booo Czech…terrible take….We fleeced them because the Trouba Wife thing is real…He is here forever

  • AND……If Zuke resigns with Dallas, we get their #1 next year! The draft is still a few days away, and its already been a productive summer! And, obviously, there’s more to come! Would love to see them get back into the first round….they have the means and the motivation to do it. When was the last time we could say that about this organization? It’s exciting!

    • Mickeydee

      And then you have Barron Pecker head who wants to keep the retreads, and bypass all the kids, for sentimental reason. What an ass!!!!!!!! I just waited allllllllllll these years for a rebuild with youth, dreams do come true………

  • There is the distinct possibility, that in one off season, the Rangers will have added Trouba, Fox, Kakko and maybe Pinarin. Just amazing! And its still only JUNE!!!!!!!

    • Offer sheet Marner for the $$ you’d give Panarin.

      Younger than Breadman, hitting his prime thru the length of his deal, production on his deal will be better than the expected value of any 4 1st rd picks you’d be giving up in exchange. Just miss the playoffs at worst next year, playoffs after that.

      A no brainer.

      • I can’t see them giving up 4 #1’s no matter what the projections are for Marner. Too much of a risk for a rebuilding team. Just look at Kevin Durant…it can turn ugly in the blink of an eye. I think they have their eye on Pinarin, just like Trouba; and they are going to try and make it happen.

        • After this draft, what rebuilding?

          They’re gonnna have to ship forwards out before the start of camp or risk losing them on waivers when Kravtsov sticks.

          They have a forward corps that might have 1 player they’d lose, the protected D corps is Skjei/Hajek, ADA & Trouba.

          Sorry to repeat myself, but *none* of the picks you give up combined over their careers will match the points generated by Marner over the life of his contract.

          Goaltending is set unless they give Hank 70+ starts each of the next 2 seasons, your bottom 3 d is largely fungible and the only holes in the lineup(2C) are marginal with a play driver like Marner (or Panarin) on the wing. You’re not finishing worse than 16th.

          I would rather have 7 years of prime rather than 2 of prime along with an unknown descending age curve to follow.

          Like I wrote above, a no brainer.

          • You’re assuming that all these moves(especially adding the kids), will work out. Suppose they don’t; for one reason or another? I just don’t see how a team that is rebuilding(yes—rebuilding…until these prospects have actually shown that they are the real deal) can afford to take such a risk and forfeit #1’s; and any real chance to keep restocking the cupboard to make up for any possible missteps in this retooling. We lived through the years of no #1 picks….never again! IMO, your scenario is NO where near a “no-brainer.”

          • Look at the depth chart up front with Kakko & Marner FFS. They would go from meh at best to rolling 4 lines easily in a year. Most everybody slots down nicely and you can play Lias at 2C without worry with Marner driving play.

            I’m as cynical as they get if you’ve ever read any of my comments: short of a plane crash this team is gonna be in the playoffs and getting better the next 4 years.

            A FUCKING LAYUP.

          • If “ifs” and “buts” we’re candy and nuts, it’d be Xmas every day.

            This is the inflection point where you can rocket forward or do your Winnipeg slow build to nowhere.

            Marner & Kakko fixes your top 6, allows everyone else to slot down to a proper level.

            I was against prior deals for Trouba, but they gave up nothing to go all in on him.

          • And your whole plan is based on “ifs” and “buts”….and that’s my point! They’re not yet at that “inflection point” where they can afford to just give away #1’s for promises and maybes. That’s the kind of thing you do when you’re close. Even with these latest moves, IMO, they’re not there yet.

          • Marner’s output and his age isn’t an “if”.

            His production beats any expected production from all draft picks given up combined.

            As for not recognizing inflection points, thankfully you’re not Gorton.

  • And thankfully, you’re not JD, who plainly said the day he was hired: …”there are no shortcuts..” to this rebuild. I think he recognizes the risks involved in doing what you’re proposing; even if you willfully don’t. You can delude yourself into thinking that everything you say will happen just as you think it will. How many times has that ever happened for this franchise? Why you would want to take that risk just to edge your way into the playoffs and lose in the first round again is beyond me. If your “no brainer” plan doesn’t work out, then what? Another sell-off to recoup the picks? No thank you. Stick with the plan, and let these prospects prove that they are legitimate, before you start tinkering with the future.

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