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McKenzie: Rangers will be in on Jacob Trouba

The Rangers and their connection to Jacob Trouba will not go away. Bob McKenzie, on his most recent podcast, stated that Trouba will be made available and that the Rangers will be heavily involved. Trouba and the Rangers have been linked for quite some time. The Rangers need a top pair defenseman, even if he does have some holes to his game, and the Jets need cap relief and depth. There’s a match to be made here, so it’s only logical that these two teams are linked.

In the linked post above, Pat broke down who/what Trouba is and will bring to the Rangers. The logical thought process is a straight up Chris Kreider for Trouba swap, but I don’t think that makes sense for either team. The Jets need cap space while needing to fill out the roster, and one player with a $4.625 million cap hit isn’t going to cut it. Winnipeg’s best asset to get this cap space — by attaching another contract — is Trouba. A swap like that, in my opinion, is a logical first step but doesn’t necessarily account for other factors.

Looking at what the Jets would want to attach to free up cap space, only Mathieu Perreault (good player) and Dmitry Kulikov (bad player) make sense here. Perreault is a valuable piece, even if overpaid, but Kulikov and his $4.3 million cap hit this season is useless. The thing is, the Rangers are already jammed on the blue line, so adding Kulikov with the intention of him playing doesn’t seem right. However, acquiring Kulikov and then buying him out ($1.4 million this year and next) is a very enticing option for the Rangers. Dead cap space they don’t need in order to acquire Trouba, sign me up. Of course, assuming the price is right.

With the assumption that Kreider is off the table, let’s add a few other assumptions. Winnipeg will be shedding about $11 million in expected salary with Trouba and Kulikov. Add that to Winnipeg’s $25 million in cap space, and they have enough to re-sign Laine and Connor (let’s say $20 million total) while also adding pieces back from the Rangers to fill out the roster. Jimmy Vesey seems like the most valuable piece, at least in perceived value, among the Vesey/Strome/Namestnikov trio. Let’s assume he’s included. You have to give to get here, so let’s throw in Brett Howden and Dallas’ 2nd round pick. That’s about $3 million coming back to Winnipeg. That leaves them with about $13 million in cap space to fill out the roster. At this point I’m at a loss for what else makes sense. I have a difficult time valuing cap space, which is the main driver here for the Jets. It makes you wonder if that is enough. I don’t think it is, but again what do I know?

As for Trouba and his expected $7 million salary, it fits right in if/when the Rangers trade Kevin Shattenkirk. I’m sure that’s a trade-off most will take anyway. Acquiring Trouba accomplishes Jeff Gorton’s goals of keeping the Rangers young, addressing blue line issues, and accelerating the rebuild. That’s the trifecta. You have to give to get here, though, and that’s the wild card.

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  • Fine, if the Ranger’s FO thinks Trouba accelerates the rebuild I’m good with it. But, someone has to go and I’m skeptical that anyone wants Shattenkirk. So that probably leaves ADA and Pionk, and my biggest fear is managements’s favorable perception of Pionk and wariness of ADA and his possibility of recidivist behavior.

    I hope not, but you have to at least wonder what Gorton, Quinn etc are thinking at this point, especially if Shattenkirk cannot be moved.

    • Trouba was invisible in the playoffs, and while he had a good year on offense, his defensive game is mediocre. There is lots of promising Dmen in the 1st round of this year draft. I like to see the Rangers develop their own Blueline rather then give the farm away to acquire someone else’s cast aways.

        • He did diddly squat in the playoffs. Another big name player and if the Rangers did land Trouba the blueseatbloggers will turn on him in a New York minute.

        • … and set to become a free agent at the end of next season who will be asking $8.5m+ per year … and who will block the progression of ADA and Fox. I won’t say he isn’t at all physical, but he’s hardly a MEAN defenseman.

      • Castaway? lol.

        50 pts would have made him one of our top scorers on the team.

        Plays in all situations, would play 25 minutes per night, can get the team out of the D zone with a lot less stress than they do now, and he’s young and going into his prime.

        His D is ok but with a better Ranger forward group that can possess the puck and solid goaltending, he would be our top pair D man for years.

        And before you say to me how talented the Jets’ team is, I will tell you that something is very wrong with that team. Nothing short of a Cup appearance should be acceptable. So I honestly believe that the way they played actually was a detriment to Trouba’s D game.

        I think a Skjei-Trouba top pair would be a very good one.

    • I resisted commenting but this last one , I couldn’t resist .laughable comment. Trouba is overrated. He isn’t bad by any stretch but paying him 8.5 miltoer year would managerial misconduct. He did nothing in the playoffs. Zero , zilch , nada for the second year in a row. His 50 points this year is an anomaly as much as Skjei getting 39 points was. By the way, Skjei 39 point rookie season was more points then any other season Trouba had. Hard pass!!!

        • No. We go with the players we have in the system like Fox. We don’t overpay both in terms of players and cap space for a guy who has had 1 good season and been awful in the playoffs. You think he is worth 8.5 million a year? That’s what he is going to want. I predict Fox will get 50 points faster then Trouba will again.

          • Summarizing what JD said on the radio, I really don’t think he’s too psyched on the UFA or trade market right now. The possible only move, I believe, is the taking on of a bad contract plus assets to increase the talent pool. I’m not sure, based on his words, if Panarin is even in play. We will see.

          • And your precious Pionk…Fox hasnt played 1 shift in the NHL yet. We are not getting Trouba for offense…We are getting him because he is a legit top pair shut down D man. I am glad you are not the GM

          • All 30 teams line up for Trouba all 7 days of the week and twice on Sunday…Not the same for 24 next Month Pionk

          • He isn’t even close to a shut down top pair defenseman. Pietrangelo, Parayko are shut down defensemen. Trouba isn’t in the same class as them. Not even close

  • Wait, so you want to trade Kreider, Vesey. Howden and a 2nd round pick for Trouba and a bad contract (Perrault is “meh”, Kulikov just adds to our defensive logjam, but at least we can buy him out)? Anyway, this is just crazy talk. You’re creating so many holes just to satisfy ONE need. Sure you have to give to get but you’re being overly generous — and Trouba is going to ask for $8.5m+ if you want to sign him long term, which of course is the plan. This proposal smells a little bit like the Nash deal, we got the best player in the deal but we killed our depth …. besides, I’m leery of trading Howden who down the stretch resembled the Howden of the first 20-25 games.

    Any trade for Trouba has to start with either Pionk or Shattenkirk at 50% retained salary … after that things get murky. You’re going to miss Kreider if you move him, trust me (or don’t lol) — he’s the one guy who consistently sets up shop in front of the net on the PP. He may not RUN the PP, but he’s integral to its success. If Kreider is reasonable about resigning then I’m inclined to keep him — in which case I might substitute Winnipeg’s 1st round pick and add one of Vesey, Namestnikov or Strome (Namestnikov at 50% salary retained).

  • I won’t be surprised if he’s a Ranger. It will be dependent on what other teams offer. He’s hard to value, especally without a long term deal defined ahead of any trade. But the Jets will need nhl talent back. And they’re not going to have to just give him away. Shatty will need to be moved if Trouba comes in, with salary retention he could bring back something. Maybe a fit with Toronto for Kadri in return? If we retain half his salary.

  • “As for Trouba and his expected $7 million salary, it fits right in if/when the Rangers trade Kevin Shattenkirk. I’m sure that’s a trade-off most will take anyway. Acquiring Trouba accomplishes Jeff Gorton’s goals of keeping the Rangers young, addressing blue line issues, and accelerating the rebuild”.

    I’d make a trade for Trouba, but Kreider won’t be included due to cap issues. They can trade Vesevy, Pionk, and a second pick, for Jake, and Perrault, that is more than plenty especially because not too many teams are located in, and around the city. Due you see his wife want to be in NJ while she does her residency? Hell no that won’t work. Will he want to play for the Micky Mouse operation in Brooklyn, probably not again. The Jets are in a jam, we have them by the short hairs, just put on the squeeze when you negotiate with them!!!!!!!! It’s put up, or we wait till next season………

  • Yes Trouba is an upgrade, however, I am not not in the camp that thinks getting him is what the Rangers need. I think they can make it through another season or two as their young players develop on defense. Better wingers will take a lot of pressure off the blue line. There are a lot of defensemen in the Rangers’ pipeline right now. I’d like them to concentrate on forwards.

    The bottom line to me is get Trouba if you don’t have to trade someone like Kreider or your best young players and you don’t have to pay him more than 7 million a year. But understand that he is not going to make the team a contender by himself.

    • If you want to buy up a few UFA years you’re going to have to do better than $7m a year, he’ll be looking for $8-9m. I say Shattenkirk @50% salary retention (if he would go there) or Pionk, send back Winnipeg’s 1st rounder and throw in a forward out of Namestnikov, Vesey or Strome for Trouba and Perrault (or Kulikov). Otherwise, PASS.

      • This seems like way too much for something we just don’t need right now. let’s evaluate the kids this year, we don’t need UFAs this year. Come on, JD, you know it!

  • Adding anyone who’s not a Superstar is insane at this point. They don’t know what they have in so many areas it’s crazy to add anyone. You would then have to overpay Trouba and you’ve not made the playoffs. The Cup is still so far away God patience please. The next two years find out about the kids especially on defense. Continue to collect grow and develop talent. You will have a better idea of who’s who and what’s needed to WIN a CUP.

  • Jeff P

    Here is a part of a scouting report that may be of interest:

    Kaliyev has immense skill. His ability to score goals is amongst the best in this class. He also has high-end hockey sense, and his playmaking abilities are starting to rival his goal-scoring skills. However, there are also big questions about his effort level and his defensive game. Kaliyev is the classic boom or bust prospect. He could become an elite-level goal scorer, or he could flame out entirely, or land almost anywhere in between. Development will need to be a priority here. In terms of playing style, he is comparable to Alex Kovalev, however, this is a style comparison only and not one based on skill or ability.

    Like I post before I’d be willing to draft this kid for all the upside he has. I also believe that with DQ as coach, he could develop this kid into an all around player. Time will tell who we get, but I’d really consider Art.

    I posted this earlier this morning on the other thread, thought you may be interested my friend……

    • right on with this kid Walt. He’s the real deal and I’d love to see take a flyer on Kaliyev. We need a natural goal scorer like him.

    • Don’t get me wrong, if he’s there at 20, I’d take him. He’ll be gone by 15. However, I’d still take Caufield over him.
      In his D-1 year, he scored more goals than anyone other than Matthews (by 1 goal) IN THEIR DRAFT YEAR. In his
      draft year, he outscored Matthews by 16. Caufield is 4th all-time in PPG in USNTDP history. You can argue that Hughes has had a lot to do with that, but that’s a two way street – you can argue that Caufield contributed to Hughes’s historic numbers.

      • Jeff

        You have your opinion, and I respect it, but we are on different pages, and that’s fine too!!!!!!!!

  • If they trade for Trouba–they have to keep that first round pick from the Hayes trade. Does Pionk have perceived value? Is it possible the Jets would take Vessey, Pionk and Day–thinking they are getting nice young pieces? Or would the Jets know they are getting garbage?

    On another note, I was getting really excited about Hughes falling to two. Although I like Kakko’s game more–and I like Ovi over Crosby–I think Hughes will eventually make others a lot better. Just like Crosby does for his team. Only Hughes is a good person and Crosby is not–so there’s that. Either way–I’ll be stoked to have Kakko–was just hoping Hughes might fall.

  • I would be fine not getting Trouba and trading for a third first round pick trying to leave the 1st round with Kakko (Maybe Hughes), Seider and Broberg. If it is possible–I’d be way more in to that than Trouba–to be honest.

  • “Sharks coach Peter DeBoer told the Sporting News “I think the two hardest, heaviest teams are in the Finals…everybody talks about skill and speed and there’s room for small players, but I don’t think it’s an accident. There’s no space. They’re heavy. They’re hard. They’re organized.”

    Blue line station has an article on “What the Rangers need” and this quote from it I found interesting. Yesterday I said that give me the big guys with skill over a smaller player. This was regarding Caufield, and I said I’d go after the size if the man is skilled. Bottom line, the quote above from DeBoer seems to echo my sentiment. Thought that if anyone was interested in reading this article, it’s worth it………..

    • Walt, it’s true … then again you pick the BEST player available, regardless of size. There’s plenty of time to tinker with the specifics later — maybe that means trading a really good small guy for s good big guy. It’s the same for position, you shouldn’t draft for that — just trade a prospect from one position for another position. Teams are built in 3 parts, drafting (like Kravtsov), trading (like Fox) and free agent signings (like Georgiev).

  • My take on Truba is pretty simple and straight forward.
    Full disclosure; I am not as enamoured with him as some on this board are. I am very content with evaluating the young defensive talent that we have. With or without him, we are not winning the SC next year. And he most likely will be available for nothing other than Dolan’s money after next season.
    We should NOT overpay for him. If he’s traded to another team, so be it.
    I would NOT make our first round #20 pick as part of the trade package, and I’m sure that’s one thing Jets will want in return. They will also want a young low cost D-man and the only one I wouldn’t mind seeing leaving via trade is Pionk. The rest of our young defensive group, including ADA, should be a non starter.
    JG, just please do NOT overpay, you’ve done a masterful job acquiring young assets that need to be evaluated BEFORE we start trading them away…….. We are a few years away at best, from being a legitimate SC contende. PATIENCE!

  • If they can get one or both of Seider and Broberg plus Miller–I’d be willing to bet that, at the very least, one of these three will be better than Trouba.

    • In all honesty I think ADA can be better than Trouba (who never had more than 33 points in a season before last year, just saying).The only thing he’s really lacking is the size, but he makes up for that with his feisty nature and willingness to stick up for his teammates. I will say this though for Trouba, he’s a bit more of a goal scorer than we’ve seen from Tony so far in his career, then again we’ve never seen Tony play 82 games.

      • I enjoy watching ADA play hockey, I like edgy players. He has great wheels and makes sharp crisp tape to tape passes. He is getting better with getting his shot through a crowd and battles hard along the boards. It was a huge mistake by Quinn playing Pionk over DeAngelo last season. Pionk should of started the season in Hartford.

        • Bloom I spoke too soon, I disagree, Quinn is a good coach, and ADA got what he deserved. Even he admitted to it!

          • …and because of it, we are all happy that he is on our side, however with reservations on possible recidivism, as mentioned previously. Point is…Quinn is a good coach.

          • He is a good coach Joe, but he has to value performance just as much as “maturity” — in other words Pionk should have been benched and scratched just like DeAngelo …. and Vesey should have scratched just like Buch, etc. I mean aside from Zibby and Kreider, every single player on the team should have experienced the Press Box at least once. He also still needs to prove that he’s a good tactician (both system-wise and on the bench) as well … but there’s no doubt he’s a good communicator/motivator and is establishing the right culture.

          • I understand your thinking, but Vesey and Pionk don’t seem to be as valuable to the Org. as say, ADA and Buch. Part of coaching is getting the players you need to move to the next level to increase their level of play and ethics. Some, again Vesey and Pionk, might not really benefit from a benching. They may already reached their peak. I don’t think you just bench for any reason but rather as a teaching moment.

        • Can you imagine Avery under DQ? lol

          … but back to ADA, there’s no quit in him … you go to war with a kid like that IMO. If the other 5 d’men had the same attitude we would have never been able to draft Kakko. 😉

  • Granted, I have not watched much of jets hockey over the years but troubas numbers don’t nec scream #1 d at me. However at a cost of vesey, hometown boy howden and 2nd, sure. (I even ran a pole and 63% of 178 voters would include lias.) Question will come down to how much cap hell/space is a factor in these trades. I would NOT give up 20oa or a premium prospect .

    • … again, a lot to give up for a 25 year old that isn’t elite (but very very good) and is one year from free agency. Besides, I’m not willing to give up on Howden, especially with all the other value people suggest we throw in.

  • The Rangers biggest glaring hole right now isn’t a number 2-3 dman. It’s a number 2c. That’s where JG should be looking . I would rather make a deal to get another 1st or move up 5-10 spots if possible and get one of the many centers in this draft, most of which are 2c prospects. Anderson and Chytil aren’t going to be centers in the NHL. Howden looks like a really good 3c with potential to develop in a 2c. His biggest issue is lack of weight and a quicker first step. Hopefully he has working on both during the off-season.

  • Assuming we dont get Hughes then I agree…I read too much bs out there that we should just put Chytil out there as the 2c…Lias might not be on the team in 3 weeks

    • Tony – I know you are big on Trouba. In my rose colored glasses, which I don’t wear much, I see this team making a big leap next season. Quinn is the real deal and there is major upgrade in talent coming through the pipeline beginning next year.

      But how much better are they going to be next year with Trouba than without him (and the assets given up)?

      There is a strong possibility that newbies Lindgren, Fox, Hajek, Rykov play well enough to make the team. Thus you need to pick the best seven from DeAngelo, Shattenkirk, Staal, Skjei, Poink, Smith, Claesson, and the newbies.

      Right now we have 11D plus whoever else could have a strong camp for 7 spots. It’s obvious some of these bodies have to go. Some of the young ones may/will need Hartford time, and that leaves a lot trade potential.

      Trouba is certainly a good player but he is going into his UFA year. Chatter is he wants to come here. But I really struggle with giving up #1 picks and highly rated prospects for him now, when you can have him next year for nothing.

      I know I am the contrarian on this but if I’m JG I go after Trouba hard next year.

      This year I would like to see all those youngsters come into camp and force the brass into some tough decisions on the Vets.

      Some of them have to go via trade or go to Hartford. I just don’t understand why we would be taking money back to trade one of the best power-play guys in the league though. Personally, I would give Shatty until the trade deadline to see how the changes effect him. Make your decision at the deadline when he has some value for someone looking for a puck-moving R-Dman.

      • Hey Pal, I get a lot of push back on the Trouba issue, from a lot of Ranger fans, so I understand.

        Quite simply, there is no Ranger D man on the current roster that can shine Trouba’s skates. He’s as close to a complete D man as the Rangers will have now and into the future. Could be the anchor for the other younger D men.

        If the Rangers have this:


        Then that’s a playoff worthy D corps, IMO. You would be getting a true top pair D man at 25 and just going into his prime. Sign for a 7 x 7 contract and he plays at a high level for most of that contract.

        I have been reading opinions from Jets’ fans and most agree he is a legit top pair D man, and would be a good get. If not for their cap issues, and for the fact that Jacob does not want to play there, the Jets would try very hard to re-sign him. So it’s not like the Jets WANT to trade him, they have no choice, and teams know it.

        Honestly, I really believe that the Rangers will make the playoffs, IF they sign Panarin. They get Panarin AND Trouba without giving up the farm (which I do not believe that they will have to), then it’s a lock (barring injuries).

        Again, not one team winning the Cup EVER won it without players outside the team. Not one. While I love the injection of youth and the build up of picks, it’s time to make a few moves that maintains the integrity of going with younger players, and allows the team to compete now.

        Thinking that just staying within the org will lead us to the promised land is delusional. Panarin would be the best player we would have since Jagr, and Trouba would be the best D man we would have since an injury-free McD. There are no one currently in the Rangers’ org that even compare to these 2 players at their respective positions.

        So yes, IMO, Trouba is worth the effort to get. Without making a “stupid” trade and without giving him a “stupid” contract. Lindgren, Andersson, and #20 pick for the trade, and 7 x 7 for the contract.

        Again, I’m in the minority, but I don’t care, lol, I think he’s that good. Fans don’t like him because he’s not flashy. We don’t need flashy, we need steady, someone that can give us 25 minutes per night, every night. And play in all situations.

        • People keep saying Trouba will take $7m, I’m here to tell you it will be over $8 and probably more like $8.5m — he will take $7m for this year, but his UFA years will cost dearly … so take off those rose colored glasses. 🙂

        • Richter idk about you but I surely hope the days of giving up a lot for not flashy are over. See Brendan smith. Or even skjei’s over sized deal.

          • Smith is not near in Trouba’s class, not even close. What I meant was that Trouba is not Karlsson or Burns flashy.

            Those players make around $10M per these days, Trouba will not get that, but he is a legit top pair D man.

        • Agree Richter…. Lindgren, Andersson and a pick for Trouba..Our D needs an upgrade and Trouba fits the bill…

  • Word on the street is CBJ is willing to listen to offers on dman Ryan Murray. He is still young at 25 and plays a very heady poise game of hockey. His price tag would much more realistic then overhyped Trouba and yet give the Rangers the stability that they are looking for on their blueline.

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