David Quinn’s greatest achievement this year is Tony DeAngelo

David Quinn was hired to develop the youth of this team and elevate their game. We’ve seen what he’s done with Pavel Buchnevich, as he is now playing and producing to expectations. Filip Chytil is starting to show more consistency in his game as well. However when it comes to the Quinn effect, the biggest impact thus far has been on Tony DeAngelo.

DeAngelo, when acquired, looked like a throw-in for the 7th overall pick in the Derek Stepan trade. The Rangers being his third team before the age of 21, it looked to be DeAngelo’s last chance. His on-ice issues with slurs against teammates, opponents, and refs were well documented, and it appeared that these issues would prevent him from reaching his first round potential.

The start of the year wasn’t any better for DeAngelo, as he was bounced between third pairing and the press box, and there appeared to be no end in sight. Then he hit a patch of solid play late in 2018, only to be benched again for issues that he and Quinn handled on their own (no details were given, it’s not worth speculating). Once back into the lineup, DeAngelo has been a kid on fire, showing exactly why he was taken in the first round. He now has a line of 4-21-25 in 48 games, with 11 of those assists coming in the past 12 games (13 in the past 16 games). Offensively, he has taken off and has earned his 20 minutes of ice time per game, up from 12-16.

The above tweet is no hyperbole. DeAngelo is the single best defenseman in the league at carrying/passing the puck out of the defensive zone, through the neutral zone, and into the offensive zone. The kid’s talent was never in doubt, just his commitment and attitude. Suffice it to say, Quinn got through to him and the Rangers are reaping the rewards.

He’s also trending up in overall contributions on the ice, and is now 15th in the league (among defensemen) in 5v5 points/60. All this while barely playing as much as the other guys on the list.As CJ said, if he continues to figure out the rest of his game, he could be lethal on the ice.

DeAngelo isn’t perfect. He’s among the worst defensemen in the league at defending the blue line for zone entries, which is a big aspect of a defenseman’s game. His in-zone coverage is certainly not amazing, but we’ve seen him mauling guys in front, something the Rangers haven’t had in a while. He’s not the best in his own zone, yet, but the positives on the ice far outweigh the negatives.

Considering the number of teams and coaches that gave up on DeAngelo, a significant amount of credit needs to go to DQ for how DeAngelo has turned it around. The Rangers play better when he is in the lineup.

The Blueshirts also win more when DeAngelo is in the lineup. Usually I don’t like to leverage records with/without a player in the lineup because there are so many other variables in hockey, but this stat coincides with Rob’s post yesterday about how hockey is a linkage sport. When your better players play more, your team performs better. DeAngelo is one of the best defensemen on the team right now, and when he plays more, the Rangers perform better, thus win more.

This is exactly what David Quinn was brought in to do. His job was to take the pure talent that the Rangers have and mold it into consistent effort on the ice. That in turn leads to consistent production. There’s a reason why DeAngelo was taken in the first round, just as there are reasons why he was traded twice before his 21st birthday. It seems that DQ has finally made DeAngelo realize what he could be if he cut the proverbial crap. We can look at Buchnevich, Chytil, and possibly Lias Andersson as other success stories in DQ’s first year, but the work with DeAngelo is by far his greatest achievement.

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  • For 20+ games he had an attitude problem. the next 10 games he was making strides and seemed to be correcting the issue. the last 20 games he’s been where we thought he’d be at the beginning of the season.
    I’ll need more than 20 good games to make this assessment.

    With that said, I’d think Shattenkirk should just hang his head everytime DeAngelo or Pionk walk into the room.

    • Considering that even a diminished Shattenkirk is still a much better player than the overwhelmed and undersized Pionk, your statement is ridiculous.

      Shattenkirk has been hurt or recovering from surgery during his entire tenure, and he’s still got much better possession numbers than Pionk. Other than Pionk’s hot offensive start to the season, he’s been utterly horrible back there for the Rangers, literally one of the worst defensemen in the entire NHL. Shatty has more points, better overall possession numbers, and better 5-on-5 numbers than Pionk. I really don’t know what the hell you’re watching.

      • Shattenkrik has been stealing money from the Rangers for 2 seasons. How much longer does he get a pass for injuries? 1 more year? maybe 2? Pionk is a rookie. He had a great start but eventually playing with an anchor on your back effects every one. It will also effect ADA. Pionk has looked like a different player playing with Hajek the last 4 games. Shattenkirk is paid almost 7 million dollars a year and he has 1 whole point more then Pionk. Lets put him in the HOF.

        • Nobody said put him in the hall of fame, just that he’s better than Pionk. Learn how to read, numbers don’t lie.

        • Speaking of numbers Czech, 6.6 mil vs 900 k , sticking a rookie kid to play top pair minutes not very smart. Paying at best a 3rd pair D top pair money even more stupid.

          • Nobody’s discussing contracts, but statistical measurements. I know you are likely in an opiate haze, Sieve, which further removes you from reality, but Shatty is outperforming Pionk in all major categories except power play points.

            I agree Shattenkirk has been a big disappointment overall, and that his contract sucks. But to say Pionk is better than him this year just isn’t true.

          • Pionk just kinda came about , he was a nothing so what can you hold against a rookie ? We seen Shatty sucked and still signed him. Drop the pill shit already , I had surgeries , they gave me pain meds end of story .

          • Nothing cooler than a crybaby with an oxy issue. Maybe you should boast less about pounding opiates and I won’t mock you for it. That way you don’t become a junkie, you just stay a crybaby.

          • Do the stat #’s have a bunch of *** next to Pionk’s name ? Showing he mostly played with the traffic cone as top d pairing against other teams top lines?

    • I was with you until the Shattenkirk dump.

      On DeAngelo, yes there is such marked improvement. Now let’s see some consistency on play with the puck and learning to tie up the stick in front and not just push and shove.

      While Pionk still can’t muscle anybody, I did see a few times this week where Neal tied up the opponents stick first while trying to find a loose rebound and prevent second chances in close. That was absent from his game previously.

      • Ridiculous ADA has been very good since the start of the season. Screwing with his confidence is exactly what the nutcase Ranger coaching staff did! You have to give players rope they gave it to Pionk. Called room to grow. NOT 8 games of sitting in the press box! You people are hilarious

  • Tony D has matured under Quinn, but maybe the kid finally figured out this was his last chance. Would love to see the same magic happen with all the sub-23 y/o’s on this team. Remember, Quin was a good college coach, and these kids are not that far removed from college age. They need some nurturing and tough love – and Quinn seems to know how to deliver both without holding a grudge.

  • A cautionary note on Buchnevich (and I’m one of his biggest fans), he’s done this before. Numerous times over the course of the last couple of years he’s gone on these streaks of high performance. At some point though he either gets injured or shifted around to another line, his play declines for a time and then like magic he finds his groove again. This is what makes him a frustrating talent. Hopefully this time is the charm, no switching him to the 4th line or injury to break his momentum.

    Re: ADA … if from day 1 you didn’t see the kid had more talent in one hand than most d’men have in their whole body, you were blinded. Hopefully the extra curricular issues are a thing of the past and we can all move on with Tony D being an integral part of the rebuild for many years to come. Maybe his allowance of zone entries isn’t great (actually which d’man on the Rangers is under Ruff???), but his play otherwise in the defensive zone is more than adequate (mistakes included). He should be signed to a long term deal this summer, it will be far cheaper than any deal signed after next year. Is there some risk involved, always … but the benefits far outweigh the risk in my opinion. The same to a slightly lesser degree might be said about Buch. Bridge deals are nice TODAY, but they usually cause issues down the road. Signing your young talent earlier rather than later saves money overall, even if an occasional error is made.

    Next to Lastly, Lias may not be racking up any points, but his game has improved markedly. It’s ironic that the kid who was suppose to be more NHL ready (than Chytil) actually wasn’t, but that doesn’t mean his ceiling is any lower NOW than it was the day they drafted him.

    Lastly, hope we hear Kravtsov signs this weekend, practices for a week or so, gets accustomed to his surroundings and then plays 10 games.

    • Tanto

      We agree on your entire post, what you say???????

      As for ADA, I liked him from the get go and was pissed off that he sat while lesser talented d-men played. The kid has wheels, has a nice shot, and gives you a greater effort than most of the other d-man. Personally, I’m glad that the light bulb went on over his head, and the rest will be history!!!!!!!!!!

      • His effort/compete level is great and he has the heart of a lion — I wouldn’t be surprised if someday we saw him take on Zdeno Chara (or the future equivalent thereof lol). I still think Quinn might have been a little hard on him, but I won’t argue against the results.

    • Good points Tanto—would agree with the ADA stuff in particular, but maybe a 4 year deal at most. The Buchnevich thing is spot on, hopefully he stays healthy for the rest of the season and hits 40 points.

      I’ve liked Andersson’s game a lot this 2nd go round, he and Lemieux have established chemistry and are tenacious forecheckers.

    • Despite your cautionary note, I’d make signing Buch as much of a priority as signing Tony D, if not more so. He was here for the growing pains, I want him here for the payoff…which I believe will come.

      • I was almost going to leave out the “to a slightly lesser degree”, but Buch is Russian. I kid, I kid … if you can keep enough talent under $5m per year you can build a great team.

    • great write up and love the point about not doing the bridge deals. With the cap space we have we need to get the key guys signed longer term.

  • When I saw Tony D playing with Arizona before the Rangers traded for him, his offensive talent and his aggressive play was very apparent. The Coyotes weren’t playing any defense to speak of, so Tony was leading the rush up the ice constantly. When he came to the Rangers, however, AV almost ruined the kid. Thank goodness for Quinn, because the man has developed Tony properly. His great improvement in a short time bodes well for more improvement in the future.

    I think Buchnevich has had the talent too. He needed conditioning when he first arrived and AV’s usage of him didn’t seem to be built with any plan in mind. Quinn has been turning him around too and I am optimistic that Buchnevich will grow quickly.

    Quinn is doing what he was brought in to do. I’d sign both of those kids because they both have the skills to succeed in the NHL and the right coach to help them get there.

    • Peter

      ” AV almost ruined the kid”

      It’s not like he didn’t try!!!

      On many occasions E3 and I went round, and round on AV, where he went as far as to say he was a HOF coach. I find it ironic, the guy hasn’t been approached by any team to take over a head coach job. Wonder why?????????

  • DQ did not teach Tony DeAngelo anything he didn’t already have. DQ tried to keep him from playing because of his conservative positions.

  • I called out Quinn many times when it came to benching DeAngelo.

    Some games Tony D was benched for making a mistake in the prior game (which I disagreed with) and there times that he was benched for being insubordinate (which I agreed with). But the bottom line is the end result, which is where we are now.

    That being said, no way I give Tony D. a long-term contract as or esteemed friend Tanto suggests. Tony D. is too combustible right now. Give him a nice 2 year “show me” bridge contract. By then, everyone will know the deal with him, long-term.

  • This guy moves the puck out of the defensive zone consistently, or makes short deft passes to teammates that get them out of the defensive zone. Anybody that has watched the NY Rangers this season and last know that they consistently do not clear their zone, forget about getting out with clear possession. Apparently, there is a stat for that nowadays and I am not surprised that he is at the top of it. The Rangers a much better team with him in the lineup for this skil they sorely need and the fact that the guy is a competitor. He is not being benched because of lack of effort. He is much bettor than Pionk and has a way higher ceiling. If they give up on this kid, they will regret it because they are very light on talent. And I am betting he will be gone for some player who had a distant relative in the NHL 25 years ago as is Sather’s way.

    On another note, Glen Sather has been the GM since 2000 I think. Only Lundqvist in the 7th round (Lucky, especially since they grabbed a goalie in the 6th round as well that year), and Marc Stall one year somehow, have made an all star team. Why does anyone think with him in charge they will regroup? Lias Andersson is a bust (Oscar Lindberg jr.?) and Chytyl I am not sold on but at least he has hands. I don’t feel positive

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