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Three questions for the mailbag this week. As always, use the widget on the right to email your questions for the mailbag.

Felix asks: With the plethora of high end defensemen in this year’s draft, how does Sean Day stack up against these guys, and does it make more sense to draft a forward instead?

This is a two part question, so let me answer the last bit first, and then get to Sean Day. I’ll explain more in a later question, but I don’t think the system status should dictate what the Rangers draft, especially at #9 overall. Take the best player available, no matter what.

As for Sean Day, I have to admit I haven’t watched that much of him. He has elite potential, and was just one of four players (at the time) given exceptional status at 15 years old to play in the CHL. He is a very balanced defenseman with high-end speed, skating, and offensive instincts. He would probably be in the top-ten discussion if he were in the draft this year.

Dave asks: What do you think of the David Quinn hiring?

I wish there was more context to this question. But the short answer is I like that he’s known as a guy who can develop players. From what I’ve heard, I like his high level idea for how to run a team (more carry-in, less dump and chase, more north-south). Other than that, I don’t know much about him.

The long answer you can read here.

Tim asks: Who do you want the Rangers to take at #9?

This is a tough question. Ideally, the Rangers target Ottawa’s #4 pick in a salary dump involving Bobby Ryan (I’ll get into that in a different post). I say this because I am of the belief that Brady Tkachuk will be way over drafted by Montreal at #3 overall, which means one of Zadina or Svechnikov fall to #4. Of course, don’t make this deal until you see Montreal take Tkachuk at #3.

If that doesn’t happen, then BPA is the best approach. Tkachuk at 9 is great value. Adam Boqvist has numbers that rival Erik Karlsson’s at that age/league, and he looks like he might fall. I like Quinn Hughes and Evan Noah Dobson. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer in that “consensus top-nine.”

My only fear is they go off the board for a reach because they really like a guy (think Boston in 2015) that would otherwise fall to them later in the first. I think they learned their McIlrath lesson though.

*Yes – I know that McIlrath was going to be taken by Dallas at 11, however he was far from the best player available at 10 when the Rangers took him.*

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  • Just say no to Bobby Ryan. He’s a piece of human garbage, and a lousy, massively overpaid player to boot.

  • Rangers have to use their available Cap space to target the correct player as an angle to move up in the draft. Not in agreement that Bobby Ryan, at 31, is the right risk to take. Ottawa is definitely the cheap team to approach, but maybe for something else. Would even consider Matt Duchene over Ryan (yes I know he is a center).

    Montreal will need to hit a home-run in this draft, and they definitely will not take an American born player.

    Congrats to the Caps for thoroughly man-handling Tampa Bay.

  • Well we got the strong international presence. Capitals were built

    1st Paragraph:”The core group of players who helped the Washington Capitals reach the Stanley Cup Final were assembled through the NHL Draft”. 14 drafted, 7 in the first round.

    2nd Paragraph:”The Capitals have a strong international presence”…

    3rd Paragraph: The free-agent signings…rounded out their forward group.

  • Please…just take the BPA…do not trade up; use ALL the picks and draft well and build depth and competition. THAT’s what the Caps have in place which is different than prior years. No one on the A roster rests because they have guys coming up who push the pace and intensity. To create that culture is not an overnight sensation.
    One last point. One thing we will get with Quinn ( ok…two things). A….his guys will take risks and if they make a mistake at full speed they will not find themselves in some stupid psychological penalty box; second….the Ranger will have more “abrasion” in their game. Gone are the days when you hit a cheek they are taught to turn the other. With Quinn….you hit a cheek you will get a fist back.

  • Keep the picks and get more in the 1st round…Depth depth depth….We’re going to get 7 good players to add to the cupboard

    Lou Lamirallo is going to bring the Isles back into significance…he won’t trade his picks…he knows you build via the draft….if we don’t build right….watch out

    Sabers and Coyotes will become relevant as soon as next year

    Sean Day without his trials and tribulations would not become what he will become a top 4 defenseman, a player we will be glad that is on our team

    Quinn looks honest….people person, teacher….great selection for where we are as a team right now. He’s going to make mistakes but when the team is ready to compete,,,,so will he to make the right adjustments. Happy with him

    2 players 1 is off the radar for many of you are Howden and Gettinger…they will be on the club by the end of next year.

    • Lamoriello is only as good as his scouts. Most of his Devils guys are tied up or retired, the Isles haven’t drafted well in years.

      His roster construction philosophies make sense in a hard cap environment(even though his success wasn’t in that era): if he goes and does that, he’ll have to get JT to sign first, then will be trading out players at the draft to get a better balance of sophomores & juniors.

      As for Quinn, he’s seen enough of the collegiate cycle to apply that for the Rangers and can help Gorton who needs to go after a season.

      Adam Boqvist can’t play a lick of D: has zero interest in doing so, zero ability to move any body an inch, his backwards skating isn’t that good.

      Sean Day is James Patrick redux.

    • Lou has been pretty much impotent since the introduction of the salary cap. Look at his track record before and after 2005, it’s a pretty stark contrast.

      The Isles made a huge mistake bringing in a bumbling relic that was only given a job in Toronto because the Leafs, understandably, couldn’t run with a 28 year old, Kyle Dubas, as their GM. Now that Toronto has had a few years of success, they feel confident enough to drop the facade, named their young prodigy the GM, and put doddering old Lou out to pasture.

      Predictably, the ridiculously incompetent Isles couldn’t demote their former back up goalie/GM fast enough to replace him with a 75 year old paranoid, control freak. Two personality traits that definitely soften with age are being paranoid and being a control freak!

      Quite a string of GMs the Isles have had since they shockingly pushed out the only competent one, Torrey, in team history. Don Maloney (ha), Mike Milbury (seriously, 11 years for that clown!), Neil Smith (for about six weeks over the summer of 2006), and Garth Snow.

      As for your Rangers points, yeah, Howden and Gettinger look solid. And I agree with you on Day, he should be a solid contributor in NY sooner rather than later. The one new prospect I am most excited to see in NY is Hajek. Let’s hope they all can make the jump to pro hockey and help out the Rangers’ new coach!

      • I wish The Isles would bring back Milbury. He can ruin them for 20 more years and we won’t have to listen to him on NBC anymore…just sayin…

        • And in that 18 years we’ve seen a trip to the playoffs in 10 of the last 12 seasons, a President’s Trophy, three trips to the conference finals, and one trip to the Stanley Cup Finals … short of winning a Cup, what else do you want?

          Lots of people around here can’t detach themselves from Stevie Y’s jock, yet the Rangers have accomplished just as much under Slats as the Bolts have under the Great Stevie Y.

          The key to appreciating Sather’s time in NY is ignoring the pre-lockout years, 2000-2004. Those teams were completely devoid of prospects and youth, and outside of Brian Leetch, talent. Really, go look back at the Rangers draft record from 1995-1999. Neil Smith drafted pretty much nothing in those 5 years. The only players drafted in that era that had meaningful NHL careers were Marc Savard (inexplicably traded away by Smith) and Manny Malhotra. Since there was no salary cap at the time, the Rangers had no choice but to spend like drunken sailors in free agency every summer. As we all know, big ticket Free Agents usually end up to be giant disasters. To expect those aging Rangers with big but aging names to be successful was a fool’s errand. At the 2004 trade deadline the Rangers, finally, decided to change course and clear out everyone. 18 months later, when the lockout finally ended, the Rangers had tons of kids in the system, including a future HOF goalie and another future HOFer to be the new captain.

          Now, possibly for the first time ever, we’ve been able to witness waves, not just one every couple years, but waves of good prospects joining the Rangers roster every season. And while all that youth was joining the big club each season, the team, up until this season, has been one of the top teams in the league.

          tl;dr version – the Rangers have been pretty great during the Sather years.

          • If the rangers didn’t get lucky with the 205th pick in 2000, you’re singing a very different tune about the glorious Glen Sather years on Broadway. Rangers drafting under Sather was been average at best. Trading average at best. Free agent signing.. let’s not go there 🙂

          • I go back to a statement that Sather made when he was the Oilers GM: “If I had the Rangers financial budget then I would win multiple Stanley Cups.”

            I’m paraphrasing but that’s basically what he said. Oops, did not happen. And the fact of the matter is that Sather performed better here with a hard cap than without a hard cap.

            In a similar “fact of the matter” type of thing, just like AV benefited from having the best goalie of this era, so did the GM, for an even longer period of time, as a matter of fact.

            Sather missed badly on draft picks over the years. He traded away first rounders like they were candy. His big “coup” was trading for McD, in a total heist.

            But he also got taken to the cleaners, specifically on the Nash, St. Louis, and Stepan deals. The first 2 deals, those players specifically demanded that they be traded to the Rangers. Those GMs had no other team to deal with, other than the Rangers. And yet, both teams got major hauls for their respective players. I wanted both players for the Rangers but given the circumstances, the Rangers gave up too much, like they were bidding against themselves (they were doing just that).

            Not re-signing Stralman but giving the exact same per year $$ to a washed up Dan Boyle was ridiculous. Dan tried really hard but could not physically do it anymore, and then Orpik slammed him in the playoffs with a disgusting headshot (no penalty of course) that really did Dan in at the end.

            Contracts to Girardi, Staal, and Smith were misguided, the first 2 being awful (I could justify the Smith deal a little more). But kudos for the Zuc, Kreider, and Zib deals.

            And of course there were the totally delusional signings like Tanner Glass that tells of the dinosaur-like thought process that still exists within his cranium.

            Overall, on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I give him a 7. They had a good run for a while but too many bad personnel mistakes that kept the Rangers from doing even better.

            Just like individual games, Lundqvist tends to mask a lot of flawed seasons.

          • Agree to mostly agree. Really we only differ on how much to credit Sather with success that derived from Lundqvist. I just think without that piece of the puzzle, the rangers were never more than a wildcard team in any one of those seasons, and that only rarely, and I don’t see Sather based on his track record here as someone who could have transcended that through superior general management.

  • Good commentary and I particularly like your call on Howden. I think he will surprise us out of camp and make the team as the 4C. Time will tell. As I liked a bit closer at him he is like Brayden Point JR. I think he has a good shot at being the best pieces in the deal.

  • Would have been nice if just one of the reporters had asked Gorton to better define our rebuild strategy since it seems to mean different things to different people. Of course the rebuild needs to be flexible, but I would have liked to hear if the basic plan (subject to change) was to add to the draft picks, trade for younger already drafted prospects, etc.

    • Why?

      Why should the GM give out the team’s strategy going forward? I don’t see how that would give the Rangers any advantage in the future.

      • Chris, I said I would have liked to see a reporter ask that question. That doesn’t mean it would get answered, or that it would get answered in any truly meaningful way (i.e., GM speak). That said, whatever the “plan” is, it’s always subject to change. One can’t predict the offers we may get come draft time for players like Namestikov, Spooner, Zucc, etc. … nor can we predict who might be available when we draft in the 20’s or in the 2nd round, etc. Heck, no one can even be sure about who the best player available at 9 will be.

        Regardless, talking about a general strategy doesn’t give other teams a grand leg up on us come draft day, UFA day or in any specific trade.

  • Just hearing the word rebuild was encouraging…things are pointing towards that. Very curious as to what Lundqvist will decide. He can really create a win win win situation by moving on. He really is no longer a fit on this team.

    I was on the Lundqvist train too from his start to 2014. 2014 I got off of that train and every year since he has made me correct in my thinking. I really don’t hate him however a majority of his fans, I do. How he is defended is irrational and hypocritical that in my opinion caused a huge divide among True Blue fans.
    He will fetch a first and we can eat half of his salary, Staal same boat. If we have a large roster composed of ELC contracts next 4 years then doable it is with ease.

    Rangers need to select high and hope Tampa wins the Cup next year. I have a feeling the #1 center for the Rangers is going to be drafted next year.

    Step by step the vision is getting clear and a few anchors remain but after today I am quite confidant listening to the presser that this is a rebuild and not retool. If those anchors are lifted we’ll transition from a sail boat to a speed boat

    • He was already given that option at the deadline and declined it. What makes you think he’s going to agree now (and he has to – NMC you know)?

      • For the 1st round pick…Lundqvist, Spooner, Namestnikov, Skjei, Zuccarello, Vesey, O’Gara, Gilmour, Smith, Brigas and Belesky are names that could be used to trade for a 1st
        Staal for a 4th round pick
        Even throw in Zibinejad…not sold on him…too soft

        Need to open roster spots to allow experience to be gained by the younger players. Experience will be a key factor to develop these young lads

        Between Day, Lindgren, Hajak. Crowley, Pedrie…great depth at LD
        between D’Angelo, Pionk, most logical at 9 Dobson, most likely Lundkvist, Woo or Bahl you gain good depth there…trade into 1st Wilde?

        In the system Gettinger, Howden, Ronning, Hajak, Lindgren, Rykov, Viirta, Gropp, Maskanen and Lindqvist

        Dellandrea Kotkeniemi, Bokk and Kaut, Kotkov, Grloux, McBain, Ylonen, Regula, Hall. Clark and suddenly we have depth

        Dellandrea is a must pick…he’ll be a player hybrid of Giroux/Couturier 3rd or 4th line center who can easily move up to 2nd line
        Turcotte,Lavoie, Foote and if luck has it Jack Hughes a center we select next year….Shestyorkin, Wall, Georgiev, Huska, Dostal (3rd round pick) suddenly this team is deep with talent all over and depth with all players growing together as a team

        • You’re not talking a rebuild, you’re talking about selling the old car and buying a totally new one. Half of these prospects probably won’t be full time NHL players, you need a mix.

          More importantly, you can’t sell all your assets at about the same time. No reason to move Z (at least you left out Hayes) … Bigras and Beleskey have little value, Smith as well for the moment … same for o’Gara.

    • with the expansion draft looming again in 2020 Staal is not going anywhere. With his NMC he needs to be protected. I can’t imagine there’s a team in the league not thinking about that on some level.

      As for Hank. It’s a tough one, again because he has an NMC. If the stories are true and he told management he wants to stay; I think the only chance you have of moving Hank is if the team is so bad and his stats are getting so hurt that he asks for mercy. I also have a hard time seeing that happening. I am not advocating for moving him or keeping him. If the right offer comes along everyone should be available considering the state of the team.

      If we go with a rooster mostly filled out with ELC contracts we made need to keep both these guys around to hit the cap floor.

  • I am all for sucking next year…but we need to protect Lias and Chytil…I would sign 3 of the following players….Greg Pateryn, Brandon Manning, Luke Scheen, Ian Cole on defense. On Offense, Patrick Maroon,Chris Stewart, Ryan Reeves.

    All would be cheap and all would offer varying degrees of grit, protection and comfort.

    • There’s a very good chance L Schenn & Stewart won’t be playing in the NHL next season,Maroon coming off post season back surgery,need to be careful there,the rest should be considered for the right price on short term deals.

  • We were very lucky to get Sean Day in the third round when we did. He was slated to be a first rounder, but due to family issues, he fell like a lead balloon. The kid is going to be at least a top four, if not top pair guy. He, along with Hajek, and Lindgren are going to knock our socks off when they get to the show.

    Howden is a leader, 200 foot player, and will be a very good 3rd line center, behind Chytle, and Hayes down the road. Zib will be made a winger while Andersson will man the fourth line, all sound centers. This could change between Howden, and Andersson, in either case both will be good, and both have leadership qualities.

    This draft we go after the best athlete, hopefully a forward that is a sniper, only because of all the defensmen we have currently. With 5 picks in the first two rounds, and two additional in the third, we will stock up on some very god players.

    Dave Quinn is a breath of fresh air, especially after having the clown we had for five seasons. Watch and see he will teach the game well, get us tougher to play against us, and will give every player accountability. He won’t be playing guys because they are long of tooth. I see kids playing important rolls due to having earned the ice time, not because 45years ago another player was decent. This is going to be a fun season, even if we miss the PO’s, we will be improving game, by game!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah Walt… Those defensive prospects Hajek, Lingren, Day and Yegor move the needle a lot better and sound better than Calle Anderson, Alexi Beregezelov, Kampfer, Gilmour and others from the barren past.

    • I think Hayes is going to really excel to become one of the better 2c’s of the league under Quinn, someone who can do it at a high level. If Zib has to stay at center then the NYR might have a couple of 20+ centers who can put up 60+ points per year.

  • Chris A,
    One trip to the finals in 20 years despite having $ to spend in the no cap era ….
    Draft choices over the past 20 years??????? Mostly Terrible…….
    Look at our current team, lack elite, high end or even average talent…..
    Look at the contracts of girardi, stall, lunquist …….not to mention holik, etc
    Give me Yzerman, McPhee , who built the 2 teams in the finals……..
    Sorry, cant think of anything Sather has done except be lucky to have gretzky and messier on his edmonton team….years ago…..

    • Rich, If you think the Rangers, a competitive, mostly homegrown team for the past decade, haven’t drafted well, you’re expecting far too much from the draft.

      Funny you mention McPhee. McPhee had more to work with in Washington, Ovi/Backstrom, playing in the worst division in the NHL most seasons, and yet, they never made it past the second round. Also, he gave away one of the better scorers in the league, Filip Forsberg, for absolutely nothing.

      Yzerman? He has two generational talents in Stamkos and Hedman, along with Kucherov and a deep offensive lineup … and zero cups. And he foolishly brought in Girardi who was playing … wait for it … on the top pair these playoffs. Girardi sure looked great last night. That was one genius move by Stevie Y!

    • Rich

      Sorry my friend but this past series we saw how Stralman, Gerardi, Calle, JT Miller, and of course Mac Truck didn’t hold up as well as you may have thought. Could it be that JG knew what he was doing trading these guys? I suspect he made some great deals, and some of your boys may just have played their better years, and are on a slippery slope now!!!!!!!!! Chris is on to something here……………

      • My friend and I were joking that TB had too many ex-Rangers to win, lol.

        Hell, TB didn’t even score a goal for 2 and half games. Against a suspect playoff goalie. Brutal.

    • Rich you suffer from the grass is always greener syndrome … we’ve been one of the top 4-5 teams for almost a decade, you should be more appreciative. Anyway, Sather is at most an adviser now … the Quinn hiring is purely Gorton, he’s in control.

      • And thank goodness. It is more than fair to say its JG’s team now. The trades he made this year are super considering what went out (money and age) and what came back in (ELC and youth),not including Spooner and Vlads. Freed up cap space and ability to grab some talent. What I want to see is a hockey club that competes and wears its pride in the jerseys crest!
        Good job JG and trust Gordy!

  • No way that Dahlin, Svechnikov, and Zadina are not 1,2,3. No way. Dahlin is a given and Svechnikov is being touted as another franchise, can’t miss player. Zadina is goal scorer that the Habs need.

    Tkachuk goes no higher than #4, and if he does, then that GM that picks Brady should be fired immediately. After #3, then it’s a crapshoot. D men could go because Ottawa and the Yutes will need them after Karlsson and OEL leave their respective teams, hence the Rangers targeting the very gettable #5 pick with their favorite trading partners, AZ. Talks happening as we speak.

    Tkachuk is a typical Ranger pick, which is not good IMO. Too many high talented players passed on because the Rangers are looking for “200 foot” players. That’s all well and good in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, or even at the back end of the first round, but not in the top 10 of the draft.

    I like Andersson a lot, but geez, they traded their #1 center and Raanta for the 7th pick, in picking a 3rd line center that plays a 2 way game (Chytil is the high end talent, and picking him at 21 may make him the steal of the draft). As opposed to Owen Tippet who may be the best pure goal scorer in that draft. Lias may become a strong player, not saying he won’t, but since the Rangers do not pick in the top 10 that often, you have to maximize the pick and get a potential high impact player. Tkachuk, IMO, does not accomplish that goal, and in trading assets to get him will make it a disaster.

    Sean Day? Big year for him this year, like last year was for Gropp, who I fear is a bust. Another valuable Ranger traded to get Gropp (Hagelin) when Daniel Sprong, who was billed as having the best wrist shot in the draft, was sitting there for the taking.

    The Rangers need to stop overthinking these picks and wasting their own assets. The Rangers do not need Tkachuk, they have Howden. They need a player who has high end talent, no matter the position, IMO.

    Bad draft picks, bad contracts (Girardi, Staal, and now Smith), wasting of their own assets, letting good players go (Stralman) etc. That’s why they are where they are now.

    Hopefully Gorton changes the course for the whole organization. It appears he did the right thing at the trade deadline and Quinn, if nothing else, checks the boxes for what the next Ranger coach should be. So far, so good.

    • Agreed, my take is that you take the best overall player in the first couple of rounds and draft projects in the last ones. As to Tkachuk, he’s a good pick at 9, but anywhere higher and its a reach. That’s not to say he will be a bad player, he could be really good. I could see a trade with Arizona being something like Hayes/Zucc/9th overall for 5th/Domi/something else type trade.

      I don’t hate the Andersson pick, but I wish they went with the more upside like Tippet or Middlestadt. I’m always worried about the Rangers at the draft, hopefully this year things are different.

      • Ranger fans don’t like to hear this but the fact is that the Rangers suck at drafting, to this point anyway.

        Chytil could be the elite player they finally draft that is not a goalie. He looks like the real deal and could be the steal of the 2017 draft.

        But otherwise, who else? Other than Lundqvist? Kreider is a top 6 player and is top line on a weak team regarding forwards (he should be a 2nd liner on a good team). So let’s give the Rangers that pick.

        Go all the way back to the 90s when Amonte, Weight, Kovalev, and Zubov were Ranger draft choices.

        When you get the rare chance of drafting in the top 10 then you have to maximize the pick as opposed to the “safe pick” that will end playing on your bottom 6 lines.

        I love Lias as well, but Tippet should have been the pick at #7, IMO. Just like Sprong should have been the pick over Gropp.

        • if they plan on using the same parlay strategy with these 3 firsts… just clean house of all management. we lack quality wingers in the system…. GABE VILARDI was sitting there. if his skating is a concern… andersson isn’t exactly grabner out there.

          • He’s a guy that certainly slipped down in the draft, for sure. Do not know why (did he have an injury?).

            You trade your #1 center and a very good back up goalie for amounts to a 3rd line center, then I guess you cannot claim victory on that deal.

            So the AZ GM is salivating at the possibility that the Rangers will come calling again for the 5th pick. Uh-oh, lol.

          • Agreed the return for Stepan should have closer to the Duchene return. Arizona viewed him as the top center and all we got was DeAngelo and the 7th overall?

        • Tony

          Hindsight is always 20/20. Andersson will be a very good player in the very near future, he is for real. I agree with the rest of your post, but I have to disagree on Lias!!!!!!!

          • Hey bro, I’m not disliking the Lias pick at all. He will be a good NHLer for sure.

            And I know how you feel about Stepan but he was our #1 center, whether you think so or not. He and Raanta were traded to get that #7 pick to select Andersson, with Mittlestat (also a lefty center) and Tippet on the board.

            Andersson is slated for middle 6 playing time, while the other 2 were being touted for top line projections. That doesn’t mean that it will all work out this way but, once again, the Rangers went the “safe” route at an extremely high cost to make that pick.

            My view is not 20/20, I would have gone with one of the other 2, probably Tippet, because of his goal scoring ability.

  • Lundqvist lovers…..I do believe his days are over

    He’ll waive and go to play for another team

    This presser made it clear….it’s a rebuild, this coach points the needle again to a rebuild

    I wonder how many of his fans bolt with him….good riddance

    You all should realize, Lundqvist is no different than Gump Worsley, J VBK, Ed G, John Davidson when it comes to his status…well below Kerr, Johnny Roach, Richter, Rayner

    You all need to realize his time is done as a Ranger….he came….he played, didn’t win a cup and his window closed with this team….window is still open to win a Cup…just not here….you all should want him to move on and win one…more so he should want that

    • Bro, you keep trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It doesn’t work.

      And if you listened to Quinn, he clearly said that the goalie can play a lot longer based on the position and that he was happy that Lundqvist will be his goalie for the forseeable future and that the Rangers will build a team around him.

      I think you keep thinking that if you say this enough then it will happen. It ain’t happening.

      • It’ll happen….sooner than you may think….Lundqvist is the square peg in the round hole….if you really think about it. Situation has drastically changed for him.
        If I were the GM and he decided he wanted to stay I would play him 20 games a year as the back up goalie. He’d get the message and then realize that if he wants to win…it’s not happening in New York.
        Heck even Bobby Orr, Brian Leetch and Gordie Howe who are far greater legends played on different teams, so yeah…it will happen.

        He’ll see the writing on the wall. His NMC means nothing. Even his salary means nothing thanks to of all the teams the Penguins.

          • Everyone in that meeting stated clearly….rebuild…young players….development…rebuild….Gorton saying that they had great years but it was time to move me its quite clear….this is a rebuild as it should be….you win the cup by drafting well…you are relevant because you develop your kids….when we became prevalent it was because of our home grown talent….then we started to trade them away….to where our well ran dry….we had no depth left…we became weak….a facade and now here we are

          • There is no question that players like Lias, Chytil, Pionk, etc. will be in the line up.

            But there’s also no question that players like Kovy, Zuc (if not traded), Shatty, and maybe some mystery acquisition(s) who will be vets, will also be in the line up as well.

            It will be a mix, not a complete rebuild like you keep repeating. They are looking to make the playoffs next year and Lundqvist will be the key, as usual, for them to do so.

            I do not know what you are interpreting that says that Lundqvist’s Ranger career is over. Far from it, sorry to tell you. You will just have to persevere my friend, lol.

          • He’s the vegan in the room, you know your talking about carpentry and the third guy in has to tell you he’s vegan even though it has nothing to do with the conversation?

            Absolutely no one brought up Henrik Lundqvist but him, but he’s complaining that all anyone else does is talk about Lundqvist.

          • I think so John.

            I heard the interview with Quinn on Francesa’s show yesterday and all indications are that Lundqvist is his goalie not only for next year but for the next few years, or as long as Henrik can play the position effectively.

            Quinn even made a point to say that goalies have longer careers and can stay sharper for a longer period of time.

            Playoffs next season, book it.

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