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Three questions for the mailbag this week. As always, use the widget on the right to email your questions for the mailbag.

Felix asks: With the plethora of high end defensemen in this year’s draft, how does Sean Day stack up against these guys, and does it make more sense to draft a forward instead?

This is a two part question, so let me answer the last bit first, and then get to Sean Day. I’ll explain more in a later question, but I don’t think the system status should dictate what the Rangers draft, especially at #9 overall. Take the best player available, no matter what.

As for Sean Day, I have to admit I haven’t watched that much of him. He has elite potential, and was just one of four players (at the time) given exceptional status at 15 years old to play in the CHL. He is a very balanced defenseman with high-end speed, skating, and offensive instincts. He would probably be in the top-ten discussion if he were in the draft this year.

Dave asks: What do you think of the David Quinn hiring?

I wish there was more context to this question. But the short answer is I like that he’s known as a guy who can develop players. From what I’ve heard, I like his high level idea for how to run a team (more carry-in, less dump and chase, more north-south). Other than that, I don’t know much about him.

The long answer you can read here.

Tim asks: Who do you want the Rangers to take at #9?

This is a tough question. Ideally, the Rangers target Ottawa’s #4 pick in a salary dump involving Bobby Ryan (I’ll get into that in a different post). I say this because I am of the belief that Brady Tkachuk will be way over drafted by Montreal at #3 overall, which means one of Zadina or Svechnikov fall to #4. Of course, don’t make this deal until you see Montreal take Tkachuk at #3.

If that doesn’t happen, then BPA is the best approach. Tkachuk at 9 is great value. Adam Boqvist has numbers that rival Erik Karlsson’s at that age/league, and he looks like he might fall. I like Quinn Hughes and Evan Noah Dobson. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer in that “consensus top-nine.”

My only fear is they go off the board for a reach because they really like a guy (think Boston in 2015) that would otherwise fall to them later in the first. I think they learned their McIlrath lesson though.

*Yes – I know that McIlrath was going to be taken by Dallas at 11, however he was far from the best player available at 10 when the Rangers took him.*


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