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The Rangers are all but assured to be naming BU’s David Quinn as their next coach. The official announcement hasn’t come yet, but trustworthy sources like Bob McKenzie and Elliotte Friedman have said this is basically a done deal.

It looks like Quinn wasn’t their top target. Jim Montgomery turned down a lot more money from the Rangers to go to Dallas. However Quinn does appear to be a nice consolation prize. As per usual, I have some thoughts.

1. First things first, I don’t know anything about the systems Quinn uses or how he prefers to play. So this won’t be that kind of post. If you’re expecting in depth analysis on his systems, that will be in September/October when I get to see what he does.

2. As for the hiring itself, I love that this isn’t just another retread of the wheel of coaches. Quinn is not an “old hockey guy” by any means, and that’s refreshing. It was the one thing I wanted in a coach, and I got it. So, hooray for me.

3. Quinn is a guy who has a good track record at BU. He put together winning teams and developed kids that were destined for the NHL. Sure, there were a lot of sure-fire first rounders in there, but without the right tutelage, they falter. Quinn gave them that tutelage. With so many kids coming up, you need that kind of patience and development.

4. I don’t get how people can hate a hiring of a guy they’ve never watched before they see what he brings. I’m just ignoring the crab people right now. Do I have reservations? Of course I do. But there is no perfect candidate. I get the feeling those upset by Quinn are just people that wanted Sheldon Keefe. That’s fine, but don’t bash Quinn when you know nothing about him.

5. There are talks that Quinn’s hiring will mean the Rangers are targeting Brady Tkachuk in the draft, and may look to trade up to ensure it happens. I don’t see it that way. Yes, Tkachuk played on Quinn’s BU team this year, and had a solid season. However Gordie Clark isn’t going to let a new coach dictate his drafting strategy. The last time that happened, Tom Renney pushed for Hugh Jessiman.

6. Clarifying #5, Tkachuk at ninth overall is great value and a solid pick. Tkachuk at #4 overall while dealing more assets to get him isn’t. Wahlstrom has the higher ceiling and is better value at #4.

7. I’m intrigued to see how this decision impacts the UDFA market for the Rangers. The Blueshirts are always active in this space. It could help the Rangers grab some undrafted guys out of BU, but I have to admit I am not well versed in that space.

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