Lineup Changes

Matt Puempel to play today, Oscar Lindberg the scratch

matt puempel

From practice yesterday, Matt Puempel will make his Rangers debut, playing on the fourth line with Josh Jooris and Jesper Fast. Oscar Lindberg will sit while the Rangers look at what they have in Puempel. As Josh wrote, there’s potential for this to be a steal, as Puempel was never really put in a position to succeed with the Senators, playing mostly with Chris Kelly and Chris Neil this year.

Here’s the full lineup for today:

Michael Grabner-Derek Stepan-Rick Nash
Chris Kreider-Kevin Hayes-Mats Zuccarello
Jimmy Vesey-Brandon Pirri-J.T. Miller
Matt Puempel-Josh Jooris-Jesper Fast

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  1. Great news, the rangers are working on a contract extension for AV. I think it’s only 2 years.

        1. Hi Joe, again, sorry for the misunderstanding, I don’t like when that happens. Hope you had a great Holiday my friend.

  2. let’s see what this new guy can do the rangers need to physical today against the flyers good luck today boys

  3. anyone hearing anything abut Miller’s ice time last game? I didn’t see him in the third really?


    Philly the day after the bird, this is a great hockey day!

    Enjoy All!


    1. Hi Pas!

      Miller played 16:07 last game, higher than his ATOI this season.

      Once the blow out happened in the second, I wouldn’t read much into who played or didn’t play in the third.

        1. I think they are realizing that he isn’t physically capable, at least not fully. I’m no doctor, but hip surgery could have lingering effects, possibly for the rest of the season. If he plays at all, it will be sheltered minutes until he’s healthy.

          And again, other then what, a 4-6 week stretch at the start of last season, he’s proven very little on the NHL level thus far.

  4. Sure, lets put Matt Puempel in the lineup and take a look at him. Gorton ran the table with his off seasons signings, so perhaps Matt is another diamond in the rough.
    Unfortunately, Oscar sits, to me he looks like he still hasn’t fully recovered from his injuries. He was contributing last season when he was playing with JT and Hayes. Hopefully he gets his stride back, as I see lots of potential in his play.

    1. Totally agree about Lindberg. He is a real good player and maybe still recovering, or he is on AV’s list…ya know, the one that included McIIlrath.

      1. Except that there is no “list”. It’s a myth. McIlrath didn’t play because he wasn’t good enough and the rest of the league concurs with that evaluation. Lindberg hasn’t been close to being a good player since last Novermber, likley because of the hip issues.

  5. Once again, Miller and Hayes on different lines and sticking to the lines that haven’t worked out.

    G no longer a precautionary scratch on back-to-backs.

    Clendening and Oscar are AV’s new scapegoats.

    Eddie, your boy is up to his old tricks again my friend, lol.

    1. Hey Richter! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

      Some valid points and concerns as usual but if I may offer a different perspective…..

      Miller/Hayes–I get the concern and I agree to an extent. But remember, the Rangers have lost two key pieces of the puzzle with Mika and Buch out. So part of the challenge is, how do you structure your lines to compensate? Do you keep Miller and Hayes together, strengthening that line while possibly weakening your four line approach? Or do you spread the talent around a bit more? I’m with you on this one, in that I’d rather see them play together. But I understand the rationale for AV’s approach–especially at this point of the season where you have banked some points and you want to try a few things.

      Girardi–I did find it curious that Girardi played in the first Pens game one day after the Panthers game. But in fairness, the Rangers won, and I thought he played one of his best games of the season in that one helping to shutdown the Pens big guns. Last game? Stink bomb for him and the whole team. Today? This isn’t a back to back situation. It does bear watching though, no doubt.

      Clendening/Lindberg–on this one, I disagree and vehemently take issue with the whole “scapegoat” thing that comes up often on this board. Why would he “scapegoat” players that have hardly played? The very definition of the word, which is “a person who is blamed for something others have done” simply does not apply here.

      What is fair to say is that, for whatever reason, AV does not believe at the present time that either player is a better option than what he has. And really, I can’t blame him. As I’ve said before, Clendening has played for six organizations in 2+ years. As we learned last year with McIlrath, it’s dangerous to draw conclusions about a player based on limited playing time. Lindberg is coming off significant hip surgery. He wasn’t good after his hot start last year and hasn’t shown much this year. I don’t think one can really conclude that either would truly be a better option than what they have.

      Didn’t we hear that scapegoat stuff about McIlrath last year? Turned out, once he was waived, there was no league wide interest. Same narrative about Lindberg. Turned out he was hurt and needed surgery. Care to wager what might happen if Lindberg or Clendening were waived? I’m not sure many if any teams would bite.

      Enjoy the game today!

      1. Hey bro, hope you had a Happy TG (not Tanner Glass, lol) as well.


        Anything wrong with that?

        I will address the rest when I have more time. Enjoy the game as well.

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