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NY Rangers Rumor: Thomas Vanek could be on the radar

Vanek (Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images)
Vanek (Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images)

Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers intend on touching base with Thomas Vanek, recently bought out by the Minnesota Wild, on a one-year deal. The Wild bought out the final year of Vanek’s deal that would have paid him $6.5 million. It wasn’t that Vanek wasn’t productive, 18-23-41 last season, it’s that Minnesota needed the space.

Vanek on a one-year deal is something I can see the Rangers doing if they are indeed clearing room for Steven Stamkos. In this scenario, Rick Nash likely needs to be traded to clear the room, and Vanek is someone who could –at least in the extremely short term– try to fill that gap.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for this scenario, as Nash is still the superior player to Vanek. But in this scenario where Stamkos appears to be the target, looking at Vanek would be the next logical step on offense.

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  • A no risk 1 year deal for a 20 goal scorer? I could think of worse things….. Like committing 80 million to a player who’s goal scoring has declined the last few years.

  • Oh God please, this guy is done, he won’t score goals in NY and he won’t backcheck, and he won’t sign for 1 million.

    • That’s the thing. I don’t think he’ll sign for only 1 Mill neither.

      However, the one thing he does very well that everybody’s been clamoring for is his ability to score goals from in front of the net. He’s very crafty in the perimeter.

      It all comes down to price. At a certain cost (not sure what), he can be very useful.

      Left Wingers: Nash, Kreider, Hayes, Vanek, Hrivik.

  • Anyone know how much Vanek is getting from Minny for his buyout? I think it’s about $2.2M but haven’t seen anything to confirm it.

    Vanek for 1 year at $1M to $2M is a steal for the Rangers.

    • Buyouts are always two thirds of salary. Since he was supposed to get $7.5M on a backloaded contract, he get $5M. Minnesota only has a $4M cap hit spread over two years.

      • Thanks Ray, so if Vanek signed for $1M in NY, he still makes $6M for the year, and the Rangers can cut Vanek with minimal impact ($50k) to their cap.

        Why isn’t he signed already?

        ** Also, I found out that when players under 27 get bought out, they only get 1/3 of their remaining salary.

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