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NY Rangers Rumor: Rangers to go after Steven Stamkos


Per John Shannon and Elliotte Friedman on the NHL Network broadcast, the Rangers will be heavy players for Steven Stamkos. The salary cap is going to be a problem, and even with the summer cap the Rangers will need to clear space. But both Shannon and Friedman said that Stamkos will be presented with a big offer from Rangers brass when the negotiating window opens after the draft.

We’ve discussed Stamkos a lot, and while he is a big upgrade on the powerplay, he produces the same at even strength as Derek Stepan. Stamkos will require a huge contract, something that may not be a smart idea for the Rangers.

If the Rangers land Stamkos, they will need to trade a lot of cap space. Stepan, Marc Staal, probably Rick Nash. Remember, they need to sign their RFAs as well.

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  • Hi everyone! Been a few weeks but unfortunately, between the awful triple tragedies in Orlando and the coverage I was involved with, as well as the sad passing of my father-in-law right at the same time….I just didn’t have the time or desire to post. Just too many awful things to deal with personally and professionally. But I have been reading most of what has been written here. (So, no Walt, I haven’t disappeared because the Rangers were ousted as you suggested the other day….heck, I posted a number of times after they were eliminated and a number of times prior to the start of the SCF!….just clearing up the record. :)).

    Taking some much needed time off for the next few weeks before the conventions so I hope to have more time with some fun discussions over the next few weeks with the smartest hockey fans out there…even if we don’t always agree.

    On Stamkos, I find myself more in PaulRonty’s camp. First of all, this is NYC. Look at what the Knicks just did with Rose….making a splash. The Rangers have always been about going after the brightest, shiniest object and winning the off-season..for better or for worse, I have no idea if the Rangers can find a way to make Stamkos fit under the cap. I have no idea what trades can be made to make room. But I have no doubt that they will make every effort to do so.

    Other thoughts….

    Sorry to see Yandle go, but hardly a surprise. The deal, in my mind anyway, was a short term play that was simply about getting that final piece to win the Cup. It was a steep price to pay, and losing him is indeed a huge loss. We are a substantially weaker team without Yandle, but there’s no way we could have done that deal. Panthers are all in now for the next few seasons, no doubt. Losing Yandle certainly suggests to me that a big deal is coming to mitigate the loss.

    I’m no expert on the draft. In fact, I find the draft (in every sport) to be the most overrated day of the year. In many cases, teams draft first rounders that are busts, and every so often, 7th rounders who surprise and become stars. Bottom line, who knows, and we won’t be hearing from any of these guys for several years yet anyway. As a Rangers fan, I simply hope they’ve done their homework and hopefully, these guys won’t be busts, or at best, more “component piece” players as we have seen far too often in the past. Thus, the need for an elite player in his prime like Stamkos, because other than Hank, we haven’t drafted a true elite player since Brian Leetch.

    That being said, what I’m hearing about Day is both exciting and concerning. On the one hand, tremendous talent…great upside. All good. But the downside….big questions about his conditioning and work ethic. Does he have that “motor that doesn’t go off” that champions have? How badly does he want to be great? Unknown at the moment, but isn’t this a similar theme that we heard with Miller (significant work ethic issues), Hayes (last year same deal as Miller the previous year) and Kreider (fell to back half of the 2009 draft because scouts questioned whether he had that special “motor” that separates the truly great ones from the good ones). It does seem that the Rangers have an affinity for those kind of guys who have the skill set but perhaps lack the maturity or drive.. Not saying that’s the wrong approach, but the results in terms of performance have been uneven.

    As I said before, while clearly last year was a disappointment, I still maintain we were not outcoached, We have, without a doubt, been badly “out-GMed”. Not a great beginning for Gorton in year one, but he has a chance to change the narrative this summer with bold moves. The question is, with a good but hardly great stable of players, how interested are any GMs in any of our guys? The only name I hear is there is interest in Stepan…and the Rangers won’t deal him unless they get a big haul back in return (doesn’t sound like such a deal is out there) OR, in order to sign Stamkos, then you simply dump him and others for future pieces to free up cap space. I do not want Stepan traded unless it’s to make room for Stamkos.

    As for AV, it was obviously preposterous to suggest that a coach of AV’s ilk, coming off the two best back to back Rangers seasons in over 40 years, should even be considered to be fired. No sane organization or sane GM operates that way. But now, we are entering year four. He was brought in to win the Cup. Even though to me, the roster has not been as good as the team’s they have been defeated by, facts are facts. I think AV will clearly be on the hot seat. The life span of most coaches that don’t win it all is usually around 4 years. If the Rangers struggle, or wind up transitioning into a youth movement, I can see him being canned. Not because he isn’t a great coach…he clearly is because his record says he is. But he will have to prove he’s the right coach for this “next phase”.

    Hope you are all well and having a great summer!

  • Oh, one other point….the vacant asst coach position. Obviously, the Hurricanes must not agree that Ulfie somehow “failed” with the Rangers. He has a great opportunity now to be an AHL head coach. Who’s to say that, with the right talent, that he doesn’t have a similar career path as Sully? Every team in the league for ten years steered clear of Sully as an NHL head coach…then he steps into the perfect situation with elite level players. Suddenly, he goes from the guy on no one’s short list to SC Champion coach..,thanks to the brilliance of Rutherford building an amazing roster in the fly.

    Anyway, I like Ulfie and wish him well.

    As for the vacancy, it’s somewhat surprising that the Rangers have not hired a replacement yet. Does it mean they view Bueke more as a minor league development guy and not necessarily an NHL caliber asst coach? Obviously, just because Beuke was part of the ’94 team and also was instrumental in helping McIlrath and Skjei grow does not necessarily mean he’s the right guy to fix the PK and manage an NHL defensive scheme.

    Maybe Bueke will get the job and shine. But what he did in ’94 is meaningless to that decision. And while developing young players on he AHL level is nice, it doesn’t mean he will be successful as an NHL asst coach.

  • Interesting move in acquiring Holden. Decent player at a reasonable cap hit. Does it mean Klein will be dealt? Or possibly Staal if he agrees to waive his NMC?

  • First of all, sorry for your loss.

    As for your novel, I disagree on all counts. Now how’s that for a reply?????

    I’m pulling for the team to let AV walk about three weeks into the season, so that we can recover in time for at least a chance to make the PO’s !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Walt, I appreciate it.

      Well, I certainly expected you to disagree with most of what I wrote. I would have returned to an alternate universe if we were in agreement! 🙂

      So, let me get this straight, you’re hoping AV is canned three weeks into the season so we can hire someone to do what AV does pretty much every year anyway….make the playoffs? That makes sense.

      • I find it ironic that all the fertilizer you spread over the season about the veterans, and their value, seems to run 180 degrees from what management wants to do. They let Boyle go, can’t wait to find suckers to take both Girardi, and Staal , as well as Nash off of our hands. Great calls on all counts. Now that makes sense ????????

        • Walt-

          Get a hold of yourself. So if we don’t agree then what I’m spreading is fertlizer? I think you’re better than that. I could dig up multiple posts where you have been way, way off base as well. And for the record, what was I saying that was “fertlizer” and contrary to what management wants to do?

          I’m re-reading your post and I have no idea what you are talking about. Of course they let Boyle go…why would they re-sign him? They acquired him to help the power play two years ago. He took less money to be a Ranger….other teams would have likely signed him for more. Didn’t work, he’s 39, he’s done…it’s over…so what’s your point?

          Pat Leonard just tweeted that the Rangers aren’t dangling Girardi and Staal despite initially reporting they are. We have no idea obviously, but based on last year, it’s more than reasonable to examine if they can be moved. But I also believe that if they are not, they have a good chance of bouncing back. Maybe not all the way back to where they were two years ago, but I still believe they will be much better. But sure, IF they can be dealt, why not look at that?

          As for Nash, again, you seem to be just ranting. What is your point? He was hurt last year. He has a big contract. He may be moveable. If your management, you explore moving him right? I’m fine if they move Nash, but again, depends on what they get back and what other moves accompany it. Pro sports are fluid….few players are untouchable and everyone…players, coaches and management, have an expiration date. So I truly have no idea what you are spewing about here.

          As for spreading “fertilizer”, you need to look in the mirror. This anti-verteran thing you try to push is laughable…not to mention trying to somehow tie it in to the Canadiens of a bygone era where virtually every element of the rules governing player movement and acquisition were completely different. No team in modern pro sports wins a championship with just youth. You win with a blend of young players (hopefully acquired in the draft), trades, and free agent signings. And quite often, the latter two involve picking up veterans and giving up some of that youth.

          You and others are right to question whether the Rangers swung the pendulum too far in terms of trading futures. That’s more than fair. But take a look at the Pens roster and tell me that they weren’t right to go get a Matt Cullen, or to continue with Chris Kunitz, or to sign Eric Fehr to a three year deal, or trading a younger Simon Despres to re-acquire a much older Ben Lovejoy (the kind of moves that would have made you cringe if the Rangers had done something similar).

          And while he’s not yet 30, I remember how you basically said that Kessel would be a cancer on the Pens, who gave up some young players to get him. Some cancer! Talk about spreading fertlizer!!!!!

          Come on Walt….we can agree to disagree it seems to me without going over the top.

  • I hear fans worrying about that big contract but if Nash is the one that goes to clear space then it’s not that much more for Stankos. I mean 2 mill more isn’t a drop in the bucket either but when you add the cap increase it helps a little too. I just keep thinking when have we had a chance at a guy like this at age 26. This isn’t the guy at the end of his career. Having said that I’m really not into giving up Stepan cause he’s also 26 n is coming off a good first year of his new contract n I wouldn’t want to mess with the core guys so much. Nash will be gone in 2 years anyway. I would love to have a sniper lIke Stamkos but it still comes down to what we do about the D. So many things comes down to timing n with the situation the Rangers have now this may not be the best time to go for Stamkos. But who knows what’s going on behind the curtain. So basically what I’m saying is if it doesn’t cost us Stepan, Zucc, or Brassard n they can get it done then go for it. It also depends on how many years though. I’m sure he wants 400 years like e eryone else. That’s where they have to be careful the most I think. This guy will score is foals for several years but not 400 years.

    • I essentially agree with you. But I can’t see how they can sign Stamkos AND keep Stepan and Brass. One would have to go. I’d rather trade Brassard, because I doubt he will exceed his output next year. Deal him now while he has max value. Stepan is younger and in my mind has more upside. I like his overall game much better than Brass’s. All depends on the return.

  • I’m not in the sign Stamkos camp. It never works out well when the Rangers throw out big long term contracts out like the one Stamos is about to get. Likely North of $10.5 mil per season.
    However, if Jeff Gorton were able to unload a big contract like Nash, at least there’s only 1 or 2 of those floating around. You can’t afford to have $20 mil invested in 3 players and remain competitive. If Nash or Stepan were gone, the coast is a lot clearer. The Rangers can afford 1 ridiculously overpaid forward right?

    • I think every team that is a contender has one or more ridiculously overpaid player they wish they didn’t have. Cost of doing business in the NHL. Hard to win it all if you don’t have at least one elite player beyond the goalie–and elite players break the bank.

      Stamkos to me is different. He’s way younger than the average UFA. He hasn’t even hit his prime yet. Yes, the Rangers FA history is not good, but neither is their drafting history when it comes to landing stars. You certainly must learn from past mistakes but you can’t be paralyzed by them either. Otherwise, you are nothing more than the borderline playoff team we were most years pre-AV. NY is a win now city that wants stars. Stamkos, if the cap hit works, is a natural fit for this organization that is desperate for a star besides Hank.

  • Lol. Same as Stepan at ES. Statistically maybe, but at least Stammer evokes fear in the opposition to help his linemates.

    Absolutely if u can get him, u do it. No question.

  • this blog doesnt believe in the powerplay so of course stamkos is useless. stats can be manipulated to tell any narrative. just like here. to equate stamkos and stepan… just crop out the powerplay. what a joke.

  • I would like it if you go after stamkos and you know where I would put him play him with brass and Zucc it would be a perfect fit

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