Rangers trade Lee Stempniak to Winnipeg

Per Bob McKenzie, the New York Rangers have traded forward Lee Stempniak to the Winnipeg Jets for winger Carl Klingberg. Klingberg has 2 NHL games this season, while Stempniak was a useful bottom line/extra forward. This comes on the heels of the Keith Yandle trade and the rumored Mats Zuccarello extension. One thing’s for sure: Glen Sather is active.

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    • Is he prepared to step in and play right away? This trade scares the hell out of me. Not sure why the Rangers are trading away depth. The fact that this trade leaves Glass as a regular in the lineup is disconcerting.

  • Klingberg is on a two-way contract. Meaning if he’s in the AHL, that NHL cap charge does not apply.

  • Losing Stemp is no big deal at all. Coming through the pipeline Fast, Lindberg, Sjei & Buchnevich so we are going to be just fine thank you. Hey listen I was a big Duclair fan but as I stated on here, Duclair’s performance in the World Juniors was somewhat troubling to me & maybe to management. He seemed to really lack stamina and Groulx gave that line really short shifts. And The Duke was generally the last guy coming back on the backcheck. As I said in January, he’s not NHL ready just yet even if the Rangers kept him around to start the season.

    • I watched the World Juniors and that’s what I thought of Duclair. I kept thinking “this guy doesn’t try very hard”. He hasn’t exactly torn it up since he returned to the juniors either.

  • Stempniak was a useful winger who was effective, unlike TG. JT Miller is not being moved, he is fitting in so well with Hags, and Hayes, Slats would be crazy to move the kid!!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed. JT Miller is finally starting to come into his own. If he really is out of AV’s dog house, he got out of it by hard work. He’s still a kid too. He’s only going to get better and the chemistry he’s shown with Hags and Hayes shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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