Rangers acquire Keith Yandle – organisation at crossroads?

UPDATE: Darren Dreger has confirmed details of trade: Yandle and Summers and a 4th for Anthony Duclair, John Moore, a 1st (2016) and a 2nd in 2015. Yotes retain 50% of Yandle’s salary.

This trade has massive implications for both the short and long term folks. Sit tight and hope for a cup this summer.

Glen Sather certainly isn’t gun shy. In a stunning move Sunday afternoon the Rangers have acquired Arizona Coyotes offensive defenseman Keith Yandle and in return have sent arguably the best prospect in the system, Anthony Duclair, defenseman John Moore and a 2016 1st round pick back to the Coyotes. As part of the deal and to make it cap workable, the Coyotes have retained 50% of the Yandle contract while the Rangers also receive Chris Summers (2006 first round pick and defenseman) in the trade.

Yandle is a strong offensive defenseman and is a clear upgrade. In fact he’s a huge upgrade for this team. The big concern is the cost to obtain him. Yandle has 41 points in 63 games, 26 of which are on the powerplay. He is -32 (yes you read that right) but that will likely be in part because he’s on a horrible team. We’ll discuss fancy stats at a later date.

Glen Sather is clearly going for the Cup. He thinks the team is close and doesn’t want to miss out. This trade could really go to both extremes. If the team win the Cup Sather will be justified but several moves over the past 12 months have started to give the feeling of the late 90’s early ‘00 Rangers who loaded up on brand names but eventually became a league laughing stock.

What will happen this time? This time is relatively young, has a strong core and an elite goaltender still in his prime but the pipeline is really starting to look bare. How this franchise fares long term really does now depend on the development of Kreider, Stepan and the kids. Whatever happens moving forward, Glen Sather has no problem with putting his neck on the line. The Yandle move is an incredibly bold move.

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  • Ridiculous trade, we don’t need another defenseman that can’t clear the crease, and we give up Duclair, shoot me now.

  • I like it. Sure you gave up a lot…like they did last season…but sports is about windows to win. With Hank in this prime and the mix of young/old talent they have now, they are going for it.

    Win one this year or next and we can worry about prospects/picks at a later date.

  • Don’t like losing Duclair at all… but, I’ll keep telling myself that stealing Hayes from Chicago makes amends for dealing away Duclair. And Yandle is going to make an immediate impact. Our D just solidified as a real force to be reckoned with (assuming players play by on their skill sets).

  • You said it, Chris: “bold”. Moreover though, the Yandle trade carries with it a far deeper resonance than “the window” notion.

    It says Dan Boyle’s game is in severe and regrettable decline. Reflexively, Keith Yandle comes to us to clearly patch that ever burgeoning blue-line hole.

    And yes, Dave; Boyle for Stralman looks particularly, jarringly awful viewed through the prism of March 1st.

    To quote Colonel Kurtz, in “Apocalypse Now”: “The horror… the horror.”

  • Another first round pick gone!
    Another D that couldn’t move a peewee player out of the crease!

    What a waste.

    • Agreed that the 1st / 2nd round picks can’t keep getting doled out like peanuts, but come on, tell me again how much crease clearing J. Moore / Hunwick were doing. Any way you look at it, Yandle’s a huge, immediate upgrade.

      • I never said Moore and/or Hunwick clear the crease. Colectively Moore and Hunwick aren’t a minus 30-something.

        I have a problem with another first round pick that’s gone.

        • Yea I’m concerned about the pick as well. But Yandle not being a crease clearer in no offsets the fact that he’s a HUGE upgrade over Moore / Hunwick.

          As for +/-, it’s a garbage indicator for individual players, and Arizona has the second worst goal differential in the league, so I’d hardly put this on Yandle.

  • So once again Sather screws us again by giving away youth for age. Not only that but another year (4th in a row) without a first round pick. !5 years of his BULLSHIT!!!! and he still has a job. We are stuck with this piece of SH** until he dies or retires. This is worse then the Middleton for Hodge deal. OUR TOP PROSPECT? You have to be kidding me

    • LOL…whether Duke becomes another Middleton remains to be seen (I do love the reference though) and I wouldn’t rank him as our top prospect. Also a 28 y/o Yandle is not 34 y/o Ken Hodge or a year away from retirement.

      Relax man. The Rangers have made worse deals and far worse signings in the past year. If you expend all of your disbelief over this deal you won’t have any left if they deal Zucc of Tyler Prozak. LOL

  • As I’ve said we need to upgrade the D to have a shot at the Cup. Losing Duclair is a shocker but if I had to choose between The Duke & Buchnevich, I keep the latter. Duclair will score a lot of goals but Buchnevich is going to be special. Sather is not averse to giving up 1st rounders is he. So once again we don’t draft till the third round. Oh well that worked out pretty good in 2013,

  • Hey here’s an idea, why don’t we just allow Bettman to skip us when it comes to first round picks.

    It’s inexcusable to continue to give away our first round picks. There isn’t a Hayes floating around every year

    Look at Yabdles plus/minus he’s a – 30something.

    Another freakeb D-man who knows nothing about crease clearing.

    I’m disgusted!

    Don Maloney won this trade hands down.

    • Actually Don Maloney conducted some of the worst drafts in Rangers history. Remember Jessiman & Korpikoski?

  • I’m going to reserve judgement until I see Yandle play but I agree with the sentiment that this is the result of not retaining Stralman and signing Boyle, who’s been terrible, instead. I sure hope that those fancy stats on Yandle will somehow explain that -32 in a way that justifies giving up a very promising prospect just entering his prime years for a guy not too far away from his decline phase and who will not likely be signed again once his contract expires. If Buchenevich pans out then losing Duclair might not hurt too much going forward but there are no guarantees there either.

  • I swear as soon as last night’s game ended, I said to myself, he’s gonna go after Yandle but what would it take? I thought for a moment and said to myself, I would give up a first and either J.Moore or JT.Miller, but NEVER did the Duke come to mind! I feel we definitely spent too much, but definitely made the club better right now for sure. To those who havnt seen Yandle play, you’re in for a treat. Im sure he will do what Boyle hasn’t been able to do so far. Arizona is eating half the contract so this makes more room under the cap to make it easier to sign Zuuc. So I’m happy who we got, but feel we overpaid…..again.

      • I’ve watched Duclair a bunch this season. He impressed me in the pre-season, but everything I’ve seen of him since has made me think he’s over-rated. Now I *really* hope I’m right about that.

  • A first round pick is NEVER a sure thing, and neither is Duclair. That being said, Yandle is. Top 10 in D scoring in the entire NHL the last 3 years (this year included), and tied for the lead in PPP.

    Like the balls. We have a great, great young core in Hayes, Kreider, Zucc etc, with guys like Skjei and Buch as prospects.

    Let’s get out there and win a cup in a few months.

    • A bird in hand…

      Picks are a crap shoot in all but the rarest cases unless you’re talking about deep draft years or a top 5-10 pick. It would be different if Slats was dealing those types of picks or prospects. Once you get past the top few picks you can do just as well with a 7th rounder if you’ve got good scouting. Remember, Duclair was a 3rd rounder.

  • I like it. Split up McD and Girardi and tell them to play DEFENSE. Let Boyle and Yandle move then puck, get in on the rush and shoot from the point. Hanks not the only one getting older. I’m in win now mode too.

  • The key to this trade was getting Arizona to retain half his cap hit. That’s why it cost Duclair.

  • 1st round pick is a conditional pick, I’m hearing. Don’t know what the conditions are, but probably linked to whether Rangers make a deep run or Yandle resigning.

  • At the end of the day, the window for this team is now. Moves like this also show the players that management is doing its best to give them a shot to win a Cup, which adds some intangible benefit as well. The picks concern me less as picking from the end of each draft round is far from a guarantee. Good scouting will unearth good players later in the draft.

    Having said all that, trading Duclair seems unnecessary. Two top picks and a mid range prospect along with Moore should have been enough, but I’m not in those negotiations, so what do I know. I just know that cheap top 6 talent is a very valuable commodity.

    Let’s take this thing down, the Cup is there for the taking.

  • Keith Yandle at a reduced salary for a first round pick that will be 25 or lower (hopefully last) is a great deal. Hayes and Buchnevich have to develop into top 6 forwards to soften the blow of losing Duclair.

  • Please, spare me the whining and lamenting of the loss of “The Duke.” In this city we love to proclaim every new player a “sure-thing” the minute he shows a little promise. Why, we even give them cute little nicknames!. He’s a prospect, nothing more—an asset. Sather used an asset to get something we need—right now! Not 5 years from now when Hank is done. We got Hayes for nothing but money; basically a first round pick for us. Buchnevich, if we are to believe what we’ve been told, has the chance to be something special. Kreider, Stepan, Hagelin, McD are all still young. Its not like we’re a retirement home. Sather feels that the window for a championship is wide open—NOW!! He owes it to the guys on the Team to help them get there without sacrificing what makes them tick. Losing Duclair, while somewhat regrettable, does not harm this group. Now try and get a serviceable centerman that can win a faceoff by tomorrow at 3pm—-and I’ll go to war with this group.

    • Well said, Joe719. I’m glad somebody finally covered these points, instead of focusing on the negative and whining about what we lost. If anything, the naysayers should take a look at the possibility of Sather retiring in short time. Maybe that’s part of why he’s really going for it now. Admittedly, I became a NYR fan the second MSL got traded there last season, but in general, I think focusing on what the team will look like way down the road is a waste of energy. I think the point that trumps every other one is the fact that Hank is no spring chicken anymore. Might as well bet the farm now and make a freaking run while we have arguably the best goalie in the world in his prime. Would those of you who think these moves signal the start of the apocalypse rather Sather just half-assed everything and took a chance that the current roster was “good enough” for a cup run? Let’s go for it! Life is short.

  • The core of this team is in their prime, or just coming into it. We win now, or it may be years before we get another chance. Duclair showed flashes this year, but who knows if he’s capable of taking it the to next level. Same with Buchnevich, who we still have. Tambellini is showing a lot of offense in the minors, too. I don’t hate the trade, nor do I totally love it, but I see the logic behind it.

  • Can we remember that only one! roster player was involved, and not an integral one at that…

    Will Duclair turn out to be a good NHL forward? Mostly likely. Elite? Who knows… but is Yandle elite now? You betcha. Oh, and hes only 28.

    John Moore? potential yet to be realized, and the kid is still young, but will I miss him? Not even a little bit.

    The 2016 First? With the way this team is constructed? will be a late 20s pick, meh Lets try and remember who is coming the other way. The 2nd? Keith.Yandle.

    This team has a real chance this year, and a pretty deep system, so good on Slats to bring in a difference maker on the blue without giving up a meaningful roster player.

    Curious what the D pairings will look like. and if Slats were only able to move Boyle…

    • I’ll miss Moore. I think he’ll be a very good player given the chance. The problem was that on this team he was never going to get that chance. With Ryan, Dan, Mark and Kevin locked up for years and (unfortunately) Boyle signed for another year, it was a good move for him to go to Arizona where he’ll have a chance to get the playing time to reach his potential.

  • Two things come to mind…

    1) More than anything, this seems like a heavy condemnation of Boyle.
    2) Slats will be retiring soon. Could it be that he has no regard for the future?

  • One thing I think people are forgetting is that Yandle is not a rental. He’s signed through the end of the 16-17 season and if the rumors are true then half of his 5.3 mil cap hit is being picked up by Arizona. The Rangers are getting a proven offensive D-man in his prime for less then they are paying Boyle or would have paid Strahlman.

    Yandle *SHOULD* improve their power play and if a guy like Kevin Klein can be a productive offensive force under AV, then Yandle *SHOULD* be the upgrade the Rangers tried to address when they signed Boyle.

  • Here’s a thought…now that the Rangers have Yandle, how about Dan Boyle to Florida for some picks. They seem to be interested in old players and they’re ranked 20th in defense. Or how about Boyle to Philly? Their defense is a mess and it would give Streit someone to play Canasta with on road trips. LOL

    • Or maybe package up Boyle and glASS to Philly? Philly still seems to like worthless thugs, so glASS seems like a great fit.

  • GOOD TRADE for the Rangers.They did not give up a roster player and received a Top4 defenseman for half price.I can see aCUP this year..GO RANGERS.

  • A few thoughts:
    – D. Boyle was supposed to be the PP QB we are now hoping Yandle will be. Now we have paid up big twice.

    – At least Sather is trending in the right direction, if you’re going to overpay for top talent, do it for young talent, not aging. Signing Nash to $$$ is much better than Gaborik or Richards. Yandle is almost 10 years younger than Boyle.

    – Boyle missed almost a month at the beginning of the season due to a broken hand, and I’m willing to bet he’s still not 100% recovered from that. His hesitancy to shoot is probably related to that, and he might have less confidence in his passes too. Anyone else notice how often he seems to lose his glove from that hand while he’s on the ice?

    – Sucks not having 1st round draft pickups, but those are huge question marks. Duclair was a 3rd rounder, Hagelin and Fast were 6th. McIlrath and DelZotto were 1st. You never know.

  • Like it or hate it, it is what it is. Yandle can help right now, Duke can not. If we choose wisely, our 2nd- 6th round picks should help us in 2018. Not next year anyway.

    We have some youth on the team and some youth chomping at the bit. The NYR will be just fine. You have to go “all in” with Nash and Hank in their prime.

    I said Slats could pull another rabbit out of his hat, the only question is, was the cost to the future too high? Not if we get to the finals, it isn’t.

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