Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown: Ticket giveaway reminder

This is just a reminder to get your submissions to me (email on the right) for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the 11/29 game in Boston. You can see all the details here, but I must reiterate that you should only submit an entry if you can actually go to the game.

Discover was kind enough to provide some interesting stats regarding watching hockey versus going shopping on Black Friday:

If hockey fans were forced to choose between shopping on Black Friday or watching the Discover-NHL Thanksgiving Showdown, 73 percent would watch the game, according to new data released by Discover. Just 11 percent would go shopping and 9 percent would record the game while they shop. Even more surprising, 48 percent of hockey fans would choose to see their favorite team play its biggest rival live and miss Thanksgiving dinner—if such a game was happening on Turkey Day. Thirteen percent would even move Thanksgiving dinner to the next day to accommodate their fandom.

Entries must be submitted by midnight tonight.