Rangers vs. Bruins, Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown: Free Ticket Giveaway!

As a part of the Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown, which will have the Rangers and the Bruins kick off NBC’s national NHL coverage for the season on Friday 11/29, I was contacted to do a bit of promo. Usually I don’t do this kind of stuff, but they are giving me two separate pairs of tickets to giveaway to you folks. I have to admit, that’s kind of awesome, especially when both pairs will also include a pair of tickets for a behind-the-scenes tour of the NBC production truck before the Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown. Technically one pair of tickets was for me, but I can’t get to Boston for the game, so I’m giving those tickets away as well.

For the ticket giveaway, I’m going to create a little contest. You will need to email me (link at the side) a quick paragraph or two (I don’t like to read, keep it short, get to the point) about how you became a Rangers fan, how you heard about the blog, what you like about the blog, and what you hate about the blog (if you say nothing here, I know you’re lying, because I’m kind of arrogant. Same with Suit. Just being honest). Entries must be received by this Sunday, 11/24.  Only enter if you can actually go to the game, which is Friday 11/29.

The entries will be circulated to all five of us here at BSB (names/emails will be removed so we can make an impartial decision), and we will pick two winners to receive a pair of tickets to the game and a pair of tickets to the production truck tour. I’m going to ask that the winners provide me with a quick summary of their experience at the game afterwards, as a part of the agreement with Discover.

I have to include the below disclaimer for legal reasons. I did the promo to give back to you guys for sticking with us for five years, not for the “payment” provided.

I am a paid brand Blogger for Discover Products Inc. My views are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Discover Products Inc. and its affiliates.