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Rangers place many on waivers, players to participate in camp

The Rangers have placed Sean Collins, Michael Haley, Chad Kolarik, Kris Newbury, Logan Pyett, Brendon Segal, Mike Vernace and Tommy Grant on waivers today. They will clear tomorrow, and some will join the club for the rest of minicamp before the NHL season starts. These moves likely address who will replace Arron Asham in the lineup on opening day, as he still needs to serve the final game of his four game suspension.

This was move #3 on the list of things to expect from the Rangers during minicamp. Move #4 may be adding a depth forward, as Suit discussed earlier this week.

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  • All teams will have to do the same thing So they will not want other teams picking off their players as well.

  • In a season where 48 games are going to be played in the space of 99 days (almost a game every ither day) the odds are very high there will be a lot of injuries.
    If cap space is available I’d go get 2 depth forwards for insurance. I’d sign Sykora (21 goals w/ devs) and Dominic Moore. great PK and face-offs.
    Yes, I know Torts doesn’t like extra players around. TOUGH. This is no ordinary year. If those 2 are willing to come, I’d sign them in a heartbeat. BTW, both are great shootout scorers.
    Slats GO GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!
    And if they are signed, I’d put Rupp on waivers.

    • It would be difficult to put Rupp on waivers now – no Prust around. You need Rupp’s fighting reputation here. Asham alone is not enough.

  • The end of the lockout creates a confusing situation, but I think you’ve misunderstood this move. Had this been a normal year, these eight players would have had to be placed on waivers in order to send them down to Connecticut back in October. Apparently, in the current environment, despite the fact that these guys are already playing for Connecticut, the rules are the same (as I guess they should be). The NHL is regarding the players as though they are already in camp and the Rangers have to put them on waivers before sending them down.

    Of course, a player can clear waivers, play a game or two and then get sent down, but I’m guessing that Bickel will replace Asham in Game 1. The Rangers and Whale have remarkably few forwards between them at this time.

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