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ECF Game 4 goal breakdown

This game sure got ugly fast. The Rangers were playing like they just wanted to get out of New Jersey (let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to get out of that state?). Two first period goals by the Devils and the Rangers never recovered. It was a total team letdown, not one person can be blamed for anything, and it is what it is. It’s a best of three now, move on.

Here’s the goal breakdown, and after the jump we talk about the third period melee as well.

1-0   NJD, Salvador with a seeing eye goal

This goal begins when David Clarkson wins a battle along boards to get puck away from Anton Stralman. The loose puck winds on Alexei Ponikarovsky’s stick in the opposite corner, who moved the puck up to Bryce Salvador at the point. Ryan Callahan bit a little too hard on Poni in the corner, leaving Salvador open at the point with room. The shot itself wasn’t a hard shot, but there were seven bodies in front, and the puck was just a seeing eye shot. It happens sometimes.

2-0   NJD, Zajac scores on a 2-on-1

This play begins when Michael Del Zotto attempts to get the puck to Artem Anisimov, but winds up turning the puck over to Zach Parise. Parise brings the puck up and moves around MDZ, who wrongly stepped up at the blue line.  This left Parise and Travis Zajac on a 2-on-1 rush with Dan Girardi back. Girardi did his usual lay down on the ice schtick, which almost never works, and Hank can’t get across in time. Nothing Hank can do. That goal is on MDZ.

For more on executing and defending odd man rushes, check out The Suit’s post here.

Update: I wanted to update this a bit, as I feel I was lacking on the Girardi play here. Laying down on defense should be used as a last resort when you’re out of position. Girardi was in good position, as he took away the passing lane. By laying down, he took himself out of position. For someone like Parise, who is a gifted passer, that’s a very easy saucer pass to make. Zajac is no slouch either, he will bury that 99 times out of 100. The goal is on MDZ, but Girardi made the wrong play as well.

3-0 NJD, Parise puts it away on the powerplay

After a Derek Stepan penalty, a clean face off win by Dainius Zubrus to the Ilya Kovalchuk at the point with room. Hank can’t swallow up Kovalchuk’s slapper from the point and Parise gets the rebound for the easy goal. Cally and Girardi failed to cover Parise in the slot. They were just caught watching. Sloppy goal.

3-1 NJD, Rangers get on the board

Del Zotto made a good, smart hockey play by keeping the puck away from Kovalchuk and flipping the puck to Richards with a nice backhand saucer pass. Richards hit Ruslan Fedotenko on the other end of the ice with room after Marek Zidlicky was a step out of position. Feds waits for a screen from a returning Zidlicky and fired it past Brodeur stick side.

4-1 NJD, Parise gets the empty net goal

Empty net goal, nothing to really analyze.

I have to touch on that melee in the third period. First, Mike Rupp appeared to leave his feet on the initial hit on Anton Volchenkov, but then again Parise left his feet on his hit on Del Zotto last game. It is what it is. But the shove of Martin Brodeur, while embellished slightly by Brodeur, was unnecessary and uncalled for. Rupp has been one of the best Ranger forwards this series (that doesn’t say much) and that really brought him down a notch. The Rangers can’t be “that team” that cheap shots the opposition when losing.

Be the bigger team, don’t sink down to their level. The series is tied, it’s a best of three.

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    1. Suspension? for what? Yea im upset rupp lost his cool, but the calls were made and thats that. Moving on

      1. too be clear, I don’t think there should be one, but the inconsistent rulings this year, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  1. NYR have had 1 goal all series off a forecheck – the Kreider goal in Game 3. They have 3 ES goals all series (including the garbage time goal tonight). NYR have been slower, weaker, and stupider all series. We can talk about moving on, but the NYR need to find something they haven’t had all series.

  2. I mean torts can say all he wants that the rangers will not tire, but they are tired. The rangers have legs for about 20-25 minutes in each game now. I think the rangers offensively have played maybe 5 good periods this series and we are 2-2. If not for henrik, we are possibly talking about a sweep right now. Bottom line is, we have home advantage and it is anyone’s game.

    As for MDZ, someone on twitter posted and this was retweeted by zipay that his grandmother died on saturday while watching the game. I was absolutely freaking out at his performance, but then when i heard that news it made sense

    We get prust back and i am praying to god dubinsky is also fit. Fedotenko got a garbage goal tonight, but it is a coin flip as to who gets dropped between him and mitchell. I might have to say fedo because he has gotten bigger minutes than mitchell and hasnt shown much offensively.

    Lastly, the inconsistent officiating Suit wrote about last round came back again tonight. The zebras swallowed the whistle on all the ticky tack penalties for 2 periods and then start whistling everything. The two calls on hagelin were extremely soft. As Suit clamored last round, all we can ask for is consistency.

    Really bizarre playoffs. Almost every win has been followed by an extremely disappointing and baffling loss. Really frustrating

    1. Good call Evan. I would just like to see the Devils picks get called once, especially on our dump ins. Its blatant leaving your lane and interfering with the forwards path to the puck. If they are going to call us for every slash or nudge from behind, then they should be calling them for every pick. No consistency.

      Rupp was clearly frustrated and looking to spark his team. It didn’t work. Oh well.

      1. They have called those picks in the NHL for years. The unstated rule appears to be that a d-man can, before he turns and head for the dump in, can move into the lane of the offensive player. He can even put his arms up and make some contact with the player. There was a limited period of time when the NHL called this for the interference it is, but that didn’t last long.

  3. They just dont want to make it easy on themselves do they? In a game where they could really deliver a knockout punch they come out lifeless!?, as usual. I dont get it, why is this a trend this postseason?

    Also, it’s becoming more and more evident the lack of skill this team has. Yeah the lunch-box approach makes for a feel-good story but you can see why Sather was trying to bring in a Nash. The team needs more skill, another difference maker, or they will simply run out of gas.

  4. I don’t think Rupp left his feet. I think the ref just decided to send Rupp off to keep things from getting crazy.

  5. Salvador scores a seeing eye goal, the Devils take off from there, and we play the worst game of this series, if not the entire play-offs.

    It’s time to regroup, come out and play like you mean it, and forget this bull crap game altogether.

    We are starting to sound like broken records, the officals have really stunk out the place, and after the play-offs, both buildings will need airing out for at least a month!

  6. In the end it’s a bad loss. It is what it is. Devils looked like crap in Game 1, Rangers looked like crap in Games 2-4.

    It wouldn’t be the Rangers if they didn’t make us sweat it out.

  7. The NHL wants 7 games. Each game is money in the pocket of the owners and the league. Plus this team is built to go the distance. Deja Vu. A 7 game series of NYR vs NJD is prime for ratings. And let’s face it, Doboer and Torts is fun to watch. I am waiting for Torts to come over to the Devisl bench and start throwing haymakers.

    I am clearly perturbed as to why none of the press has noticed the non-calls. Why are the devils allowed to get away with so much. Case in point, clear tripping of Gabby, never called. A player as fast as him, gets tripped up, its a penalty. Playoffs of not.

  8. Don’t agree about Goal 2. Yes, MDZ screwed up, but if Girardi plays the 2 on 1 correctly, keeping the puck from Zajac, Lundqvist stops Parise 4 times out of 5. Compare with how well Eminger handled MDZ’s later giveaway. Girardi has had a great year, but seems clearly out of gas and has not played adequately on defense this series – good offensive player at times, but that’s it.

    1. I don’t know if you can say he stops Parise four times out of five, but he definitely made the wrong play there. Still, the rush doesn’t happen without the MDZ turnover and ill-advised step up.

      1. Yea that is completely ridiculous Ray to blame a 2 on 1 goal on the defensemen who did not create the 2 on 1. As dave said, if MDZ isnt forcing the puck to a ranger who is clearly covered by a Devil we are not having this discussion about the goal. And are we really going to jump on girardi? You do realize he has 2 game winning goals in this series right and I think has been incredible given his minutes.

  9. There is skill to a degree we are not going to win a cup this year without more scoring gaborik has to wake up cause he has been bad there is so much defense u can play before it bites you in the ass henrik cant walk on watet forever.

  10. Everyone needs to chill out. It’s a best of 3 series with two games in the Garden. Come on folks, 2 wins and we are to a point I never dreamed of in September.

    Watch it, Live it, Love it. Go BlueShirts!

    1. Frankly we are already at a point that I never dreamed of in September, but I do like the sentiment!

  11. Really enjoyed Torts’ press conference last night. He was candid, tempered and respectful, and seemed genuinely optimistic.

    I wonder how this will fit the media narrative that he’s a petulant sore-loser…

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