Rangers Pick #19

The draft positions through the top 26 are set, and the Rangers are picking at #19. In a better development, Scott Glennie, whom I really want the Rangers to draft, even by trading up if necessary, is also the #19 ranked prospect for the May ISS Top 30. Will he fall to the Rangers at 19? I doubt it, but I am hoping he does.

There’s not much more I can say about Glennie that adds on to my original post (first link). The kid is lightning quick, and would probably be top 10 in the NHL in terms of pure speed. He has the offensive talent to match his speed, putting up over a point per game in both the regular season (28-42-70 in 58 GP) and the playoffs (3-15-18 in 12 GP) in the WHL. His play was probably overshadowed by linemate Brayden Schenn (ISS #6), but Glennie matched Schenn stride for stride during the season, showing his high potential. His stock just keeps rising, as scouts are seeing his speed and his talent and realizing that he could be a fantastic NHL player. I’m talking first line talent. His shot is lethal, and incredibly under appreciated, especially when he was dishing the puck to Schenn all year.

If this kid falls past the Oilers, who have the #10 pick, the Rangers have to trade up to get him. There hasn’t been a player like him in NY in a long, long time.