New York Rangers defenseman Ryan Lindgren, the only player eligible for arbitration this summer, has filed for arbitration. No date has been set just yet, but it is likely at the end of the month. For Lindgren, this is a normal part of the process. Few players actually make it to arbitration, with contracts being signed in advance. I’d expect this to happen with Lindgren as well.

More importantly, the Rangers will now have a second buyout window once Lindgren’s contract status is settled. He doesn’t need to go to arbitration to open the window, just file, so this is now a guaranteed option for the Blueshirts. The 48-hour second buyout period will open 3 days after Lindgren signs, and is not based on his arbitration date.

The Rangers can’t just buyout anyone during this period. They would need to buyout someone with a cap hit over $4 million. Few Rangers qualify for that, but I think we can all name one who is the most likely to be bought out during this period.

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