Matt Rempe has a reputation around the league and among the officials as a goon who can’t play hockey. His only goal is to hit and injure people. We Rangers fans know this isn’t true at all, and we see a kid that has skill that just needs to learn how to control his body. But he’s been targeted all playoffs, and in Game 1 the refs unfair treatment of Matt Rempe has finally gone too far.

Let’s be real, when Bruins fans are starting to rethink how they feel about Rempe, you know something is up. Game 1 was the worst, when it was clear Jordan Staal bumped Rempe into Frederik Andersen, yet Rempe was penalized. Meanwhile, Tony DeAngelo delivered a Lex Luger forearm to Will Cuylle–something Rempe would have received a suspension for–and got just two minutes.

In the Washington series, Rempe was penalized routinely for simply having guys run into him and fall down. The Trevor van Riemsdyk hit was certainly a penalty, but the others were as soft as soft can be. It seems that whenever Rempe is on the ice, the officials are looking to make a call on him.

It’s abundantly clear that he’s being targeted, and the refs unfair treatment of Matt Rempe has simply gone too far. Phantom calls are only one aspect. We know the kid has some learning to do, especially with how to use his size properly, but to penalize him for other players skating into him or pushing him into one of their teammates is patently absurd.

Rempe has more than enough actual talent to make it as a regular NHLer. We’ve seen his ability to drive the net, find open ice, and convert on his chances. He’s got the raw talent that, if fine tuned, can lead to a decent NHL career. But as long as he’s being targeted, he’s a liability to his teammates, especially in the playoffs.

The postseason isn’t the proper time for him to learn. That’s fine. Carolina may not be the best matchup for him. That’s fine too. But to allow this continued targeting of Rempe by supposed impartial officials? That’s not fine.


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