Per Scott Wheeler at The Athletic, the 2024 Rangers prospect system ranking is 19th in the NHL. This is a bit better than expected, and 3 spots higher than last year’s ranking at #22. Gabe Perreault is a huge jolt to the system, and improvements by Brett Berard and Brennan Othmann fueled their move up three spots.

This is better than expected since the Rangers have spent the last few seasons trading picks for playoff runs to varying degrees of success. They haven’t dealt any prospects of consequence yet, which has been their saving grace. Still, trading picks like this isn’t a recipe for high rankings.

Without giving away the whole article since it’s paid, Perreault was naturally the top prospect with Othmann #2. What did surprise me was Berard at #3 and Adam Sykora as #4. Both are similarly styled players. Will Cuylle rounded out the top five, with Dylan Garand not far behind at #6. All of the top six prospects should see NHL time at some point.

For those wondering, Matthew Robertson was not in the top-10. Not surprising, and it appears the Rangers missed their window to trade him for peak value.

Still, the Rangers have a decent enough prospect system given how many picks they’ve traded away. They’ve drafted better recently as well.


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