filip chytil non contact injury?

Filip Chytil can’t catch a break, can he? Chytil was skating at today’s morning skate and had to be helped off the ice after an apparent non-contact injury. According to reports, he was down for at least 5-7 minutes before Zac Jones and Jake Leschyshyn were able to help him off the ice. It was reported he could not put weight on his left leg.

This appears to be a non-contact injury since reports had Chytil mostly skating on his own, even though both Jones and Leschyshyn were out there.

This appears to be non-contact given the limited numbers of guys on the ice and the very wide berth they were giving Chytil as he was skating up and down the ice. Morning skates aren’t exactly known for intensity and situations that result in accidental collisions, but crazier things have happened.

Larry Brooks is reporting this is related to his concussion. Concussions do lead to numbness, which could be the cause of his fall and explain why he couldn’t put weight on his leg.

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