Filip Chytil skating

The good news for Filip Chytil keeps on coming. as he was practicing with the Rangers in a non-contact jersey. This comes just days after he returned to New York after spending about a month in Czechia. Chytil is a big missing piece for the Rangers and their third line. As much as we love Jonny Brodzinski, he’s not Chytil.

Chytil definitely won’t get game action until after the bye week, but it does look like he will return right around that time.

It’s amazing the roller coaster ride the last month with the Chytil injury. Returning to Czechia was the most doom-and-gloom I’ve been in a while, assuming he was done for the season and the Rangers would need a 3C. This is what happens when you assume. This is also why I try to stay positive. Broke my own rule here, happy I was wrong.

The other news from practice was Nick Bonino’s absence for personal issues. Given the timing, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him sit out the next two games and return after the bye week.