In the dynamic realm of hockey, the sport offers a plethora of highlights that linger in our memories. The New York Rangers, a team with a rich history, have contributed numerous moments that resonate with many fans. In this feature titled “Remember When,” we delve into some of these moments—some noteworthy, others less so.

In this particular installment of “Remember When,” we revisit Jaromir Jagr scoring his 600th career goal, and doing it as a member of the New York Rangers. It’s easy to forget that Jagr scored his 600th with the Rangers, especially when he’s still putting up a point per game pace in Czechia as a 51 year old.

After a challenging night in Pittsburgh where Jaromir Jagr struggled, the following evening proved to be a triumphant one as he netted his 600th goal in a dominant 4-1 victory against the Lightning. Jagr, at the time, became the 16th forward to reach the 600-goal milestone.

Jagr’s milestone goal came early in the game, just 1:43 into the game when he skillfully capitalized on a wrist shot against Tampa Bay goalie Johan Holmqvist. The previous night’s setback was swiftly overshadowed by the Rangers’ stellar performance. The team, led by Jagr’s offensive contributions, demonstrated remarkable defensive capabilities, holding the Lightning to 14 shots over the first two periods.

Goalie Henrik Lundqvist played a pivotal role, nearly securing his first shutout of the season until Eric Perrin scored on a breakaway with 2:40 left in the game. Jagr’s impact extended beyond scoring, as he contributed assists to Brendan Shanahan’s goal and a subsequent goal by Martin Straka. Michael Nylander, Jagr, and Straka’s linemate added another goal to secure a strong 4-1 victory at Madison Square Garden.


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