adam sykora 2024 World Juniors

Slovakia and Team USA have been near perfect throughout round robin play at the 2024 World Juniors. Team USA needed a shootout to dispatch Czechia 4-3, a mild surprise but hopefully a wakeup call for the USA. Slovakia secured their third dominating win of the tournament, crushing Norway 8-4 to hold onto first place in Group B.

Slovakia and Team USA will meet tomorrow to determine the Group B winner. Both will move on to the elimination round, however only Slovakia has a shot at the #1 overall seed. The USA missed out on a critical point by not winning in regulation over Czechia. The best they can finish is the #2 overall seed, if they win Group B.

Gabe Perreault kept the USA alive in the shootout with an absolutely beautiful move in addition to his assist in 14:06 TOI. Drew Fortescue again had a strong game, playing 17:23 TOI. Fortescue has been drawing comparisons to pre-concussion/eye injury Marc Staal, whom if you remember was very good before those injuries.

Slovakia captain Adam Sykora notched an assist in 16:02 TOI in addition to giving one of the better interview quotes after the game. Remember this kid is just 19 years old. He’s looking like a great pick for the Rangers.

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