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Just Win Baby. That used to be the motto of the 2021-2022 team during that special run to the Eastern Conference Final. Last night was a throw back, as special teams won this game in the end. The Rangers and Canucks both relied on their power plays to bring the offense. The Rangers only even strength goal all night was the overtime winner by K’Andre Miller after a controversial non-call. 4th game on the road trip, 4th win.

Outshot all night, the Rangers also had to call on Igor Shesterkin, who stopped 30 of 33. As with many goalies, it seems the more shots he sees, the crazier the saves become. There were some real beauties on the Canucks power plays, and especially in overtime on Kuzmenko on a partial breakaway. The Rangers aren’t always going to be a machine night in and night out, Igor and the power play might have to save the day every once in a while. Being able to win games in various methods is never a bad thing.

A moment of jubilation that Mika Zibanejad finally has a “1” in his goal column. He has been playing very well these first 8 games of the season, but it was about time he got his first goal of the year. It’s evident that he has become more of a passer and will sometimes go out of his way to try and find Kreider, but the Rangers need their 1C to also score.

Does Zibanejad go on a heater following this goal? Historically, it seems like whenever Zibanejad finally gets his first –either of the season or to break a slump– he opens the flood gates. It will be interesting to see how the game goes in Winnipeg before returning to New York.

No matter what happens against the Jets on Monday, the Rangers have to be thrilled with the outcome of this trip. They’re banking points early on in the season, they are still the division leaders to this point, and Artemi Panarin continues to be red hot, scoring a point in his 8th straight game.

Making it a full five game sweep would just be the best, wouldn’t it?


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