Rangers sign JOnathan Quick

Per Arthur Staple, the Rangers are confirmed to be signing Jonathan Quick to a 1 year deal in the $1.2 million range. This comes after a few days of rumors that the Blueshirts would be inking the 37 year old to be their backup goalie. The outrage is overblown and mostly from an emotional standpoint from the 2014 Stanley Cup Final. There are certainly reasons to be concerned with Quick, but those are legitimate on-ice performance related.

Quick was downright bad with LA last year, posting a .876 SV% before landing in Vegas via Columbus. He did see a spike to a .901 SV% in 10 games for Vegas following the trade, but didn’t play a minute in the playoffs.

If we are going to trust Benoit Allaire, then we are going to trust Benoit Allaire. Clearly they see something that makes Quick viable for 20-25 games this season. Backup goalies are never sexy signings, but we have the trust for a reason.