Rangers recall Brennan Othmann

The NY Rangers 2023 Development Camp roster has been released, and it contains no surprises in terms of attendees. The two most hyped prospects –Gabe Perreault and Brennan Othmann— will be in attendance. As will speedy pests Adam Sykora and Brett Berard. This quartet represents the four prospects most likely to have a significant role with the Rangers in the future.

The invitees include other high ceiling but lower probability prospects like Brody Lamb and Jaro Chmelar, plus some potential sleeper picks like Kalle Vaisanen, Oliver Tarnstrom, and Maxim Barbashev. You’ll notice that the list is rather underwhelming outside of the forwards, though.

Of the non-drafted invitees, Sahil Panwar is very intriguing.

While I don’t personally know this person providing this information, Panwar was noted as one of the higher-end skill players in his OHL draft but struggled to put it all together. I don’t know if I consider 31-38-69 a “monster” season as a 21 year old in the OHL, but that’s subjective. Looks like the Rangers are taking a low risk, high ceiling swing with Panwar at camp. I wouldn’t mind seeing him get an ELC or an AHL deal to try to continue his progress.


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