alex belzile rangers

Per Renaud Lavoie, the NY Rangers have signed 31 year old winger Alex Belzile to a two year deal. Belzile played 31 games for the lowly Montreal Canadiens last season, but for the most part isn’t an NHL player. He has 44 games in the NHL over his 10+ professional career, spending most of his time in the ECHL and AHL.

Belzile will be AHL depth in Hartford for the Rangers, notably replacing some of their prior depth –Lauri Pajuniemi, Patrick Khodorenko–that has left the team. The deal is a one-way deal for one year, and a two-way deal for the other. That doesn’t impact waivers, despite what the NHL video games tell you. It just means for the year it’s a one-way deal, Belzile gets a full NHL salary even if he’s in the AHL.


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