Rangers Penguins
Rangers Penguins

While we do expect today to be relatively quiet for the Rangers, we will still hear a few rumors about their draft day strategy. Per Rob Rossi, one of those strategies may be moving up from #23 to #14, trading with the Penguins to do so. It would seem odd for the two division rivals to engage in such a discussion, but this is likely just kicking tires.

As a draft outside, I have no idea how these trade up scenarios materialize. However with some educated guessing, I think it’s safe to say teams gather some what-if scenarios and trade possibilities to move up, and then see how the draft unfolds. Our own Will Wright would hope that, if this does materialize, the target is Oliver Moore.

The odd thing about this rumor is the Rangers don’t have a second round pick to include to move up 9 spots, which is likely the expected cost (in addition to the #23, of course). Maybe a B level prospect is enough? It makes sense that Drury is exploring moving up in the right scenario, but how he does it will be interesting.


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