Gabriel Perreault Team USA

With their first round pick in the 2023 NHL Draft, the NY Rangers selected Gabriel Perreault from the USNDTP. Perreault slipped a bit, and this was a steal by the Rangers at 23rd overall. Perreault was one of Will Wright’s top choices and is a disciple of current assistant coach Dan Muse. This is a fantastic pick by the Rangers in a draft loaded with talent.

Some will say the Minnesota Wild saved the Rangers from themselves by taking Charlie Stramel two picks earlier. That’s fine. We will never know if the Rangers were planning on taking him. No point in worrying about who they were going to pick. They got a good prospect in Perreault.

Will has something prepped for tomorrow on his thoughts, and I will defer to him for his opinion. The only thing I will say is that yes, he’s a winger and not a center, but you draft best player available. Don’t draft for position, or you wind up with Dylan McIlrath. Gabriel Perreault was the best player available.

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